Technology in Action

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  • Edition: 3rd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2007-01-01
  • Publisher: Pearson College Div
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"For introductory courses in computer concepts or computer literacy often including instruction in Microsoft Office." A Computer Concepts Text Focused on Today's Student! "Technology in Action "engages students by combining a unique teaching approach with rich companion media.

Table of Contents

Why Computers Matter to You: Becoming Computer Fluentp. 2
Becoming a Savvy Computer User and Consumerp. 4
Being Prepared for Your Careerp. 5
Computers in Business: Working in a Data Mine?p. 6
Computers in Retail: Let Me Look That Up for Youp. 6
Computers in Shipping: UPS Data on the Gop. 7
Computers in the Arts: Shall We Dance?p. 7
Computers in the Medical Field: Fact or Science Fiction?p. 9
Computers in Law Enforcement: Put Down That Mouse-You're Under Arrest!p. 10
Computers in the Legal Fields: Welcome to the Virtual Courtroomp. 12
Computers in Education: And on the Left, You See the Mona Lisap. 12
Computers and the Sciences: Programming the Perfect Stormp. 14
Computers in Sports: Bend Your Elbow Another Two Degrees?p. 15
Computer Gaming Careers: Now Bigger Than Hollywood!p. 16
Computers at Home: Just Program It and Forget Itp. 16
Getting Ready for the Technology of Tomorrowp. 17
Nanoscience: The Next "Big" Thingp. 17
Biomedical Chip Implants: Combining Humans with Machines?p. 18
Artificial Intelligence: Will Computers Become Human?p. 19
Understanding the Challenges Facing a Digital Societyp. 20
Trends in it: Ethics: Knowledge Is Power: Bridging the Digital Dividep. 21
Becoming Computer Fluentp. 22
Computers Are Data Processing Devicesp. 22
Bits and Bytes: The Language of Computersp. 22
Computer Hardwarep. 24
Computer Softwarep. 25
Computer Platforms: PCs and MACsp. 26
Specialty Computersp. 26
Dig Deeper: What Can You Do with a Digital Home?p. 28
Looking at Computers: Understanding the Partsp. 40
Your Computer's Hardwarep. 42
Input Devicesp. 42
Keyboardsp. 42
Mice and Other Pointing Devicesp. 45
Inputting Soundp. 47
Output Devicesp. 48
Monitorsp. 48
Printersp. 50
Dig Deeper: How Ink-Jet and Laser Printers Workp. 53
Outputting Soundp. 54
The System Unitp. 54
On the Front Panelp. 55
On the Backp. 58
Inside the System Unitp. 60
Setting It All Up: Ergonomicsp. 62
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Tomorrow's Displaysp. 64
Technology in Focus: The History of the PCp. 76
Using the Internet: Making the Most of the Web's Resourcesp. 88
Internet Basicsp. 90
The Origin of the Internetp. 90
The Web Versus the Internetp. 90
The Internet's Clients and Serversp. 91
Connecting to the Internetp. 92
Dial-Up Connectionsp. 92
Broadband Connectionsp. 93
Choosing the Right Internet Connection Optionp. 96
Finding an Internet Service Providerp. 96
Choosing an ISPp. 97
Navigating the Web: Web Browsersp. 97
Getting Around the Web: URLs, Hyperlinks, and Other Toolsp. 98
URLsp. 99
Hyperlinks and Beyondp. 100
Favorites and Bookmarksp. 100
Tabbed Browsingp. 101
Searching the Web: Search Engines and Subject Directoriesp. 102
Search Enginesp. 102
Dig Deeper: Refining Your Web Searches: Boolean Operatorsp. 104
Subject Directoriesp. 106
Evaluating Web Sitesp. 106
Communicating Through the Internet: E-Mail and Other Technologiesp. 107
E-Mailp. 107
Weblogs (Blogs)p. 108
Chat Roomsp. 109
Instant Messagingp. 110
Newsgroupsp. 110
Listservsp. 111
Managing Online Annoyancesp. 111
Pop-Upsp. 112
Cookiesp. 113
Spywarep. 113
Phishing and Internet Hoaxesp. 114
Trends in it: Ethics: What Can You Borrow from the Internet?p. 115
Conducting Business Over the Internet: E-Commercep. 116
E-Commerce Safeguardsp. 116
Web Entertainment: Multimedia and Beyondp. 117
The Future of the Internetp. 119
Application Software: Programs That Let You Work and Playp. 130
The Nuts and Bolts of Softwarep. 132
Productivity Softwarep. 132
Word Processing Softwarep. 132
Spreadsheet Softwarep. 134
Presentation Softwarep. 136
Database Softwarep. 137
Personal Information Manager (PIM) Softwarep. 137
Productivity Software Toolsp. 138
Integrated Software Applications vs. Software Suitesp. 138
Dig Deeper: Speech-Recognition Softwarep. 140
Financial and Business-Related Softwarep. 143
Personal Financial Softwarep. 143
General Business Softwarep. 145
Specialized Business Softwarep. 146
Graphics and Multimedia Softwarep. 146
Desktop Publishing Softwarep. 146
Image-Editing Softwarep. 147
Drawing Softwarep. 148
Computer-Aided Design Softwarep. 149
Video-Editing Softwarep. 149
Web Page Authoring Softwarep. 150
Educational and Reference Softwarep. 151
Educational Softwarep. 151
Reference Softwarep. 152
Entertainment Softwarep. 152
Digital Audio Softwarep. 154
Communications Softwarep. 154
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Is It Real or Is It Virtual?p. 155
Getting Help with Softwarep. 156
Buying Softwarep. 157
Standard Softwarep. 157
Discounted Softwarep. 158
Freeware and Sharewarep. 158
Software Versions and Systems Requirementsp. 160
Installing/Uninstalling and Opening Softwarep. 160
Trends in it: Ethics: Can I Borrow Software That I Don't Own?p. 163
Technology in Focus Digital Entertainmentp. 174
Using System Software: The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Managementp. 190
System Software Basicsp. 192
Operating System Categoriesp. 192
Real-Time Operating Systemsp. 193
Single-User Operating Systemsp. 193
Multiuser Operating Systemsp. 194
Desktop Operating Systemsp. 194
Microsoft Windowsp. 195
Mac OSp. 196
UNIXp. 196
Linuxp. 196
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Open-Source Software-Why Isn't Everyone Using Linux?p. 197
What the Operating System Doesp. 198
The User Interfacep. 199
Processor Managementp. 200
Memory and Storage Managementp. 201
Hardware and Peripheral Device Managementp. 201
Software Application Coordinationp. 202
The Boot Process: Starting Your Computerp. 203
Activating BIOSp. 204
Performing the Power-On Self-Testp. 204
Loading the Operating Systemp. 204
Checking Further Configurations and Customizationsp. 205
Handling Errors in the Boot Processp. 205
The Desktop and Windows Featuresp. 207
Organizing Your Computer: File Managementp. 209
Organizing Your Filesp. 209
Viewing and Sorting Files and Foldersp. 211
Naming Filesp. 212
Working with Filesp. 214
Utility Programsp. 214
Display Utilitiesp. 216
The Add or Remove Programs Utilityp. 216
File Compression Utilitiesp. 217
System Maintenance Utilitiesp. 218
System Restore and Backup Utilitiesp. 219
Dig Deeper: How Disk Defragmenter Utilities Workp. 220
The Task Scheduler Utilityp. 222
Accessibility Utilitiesp. 222
Understanding and Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your Systemp. 234
To Buy or to Upgrade: That Is the Questionp. 236
What Is Your Ideal Computer?p. 237
Assessing Your Hardware: Evaluating Your Systemp. 238
Evaluating the CPU Subsystemp. 239
Upgrading Your CPUp. 240
Evaluating RAM: The Memory Subsystemp. 242
Virtual Memoryp. 243
Adding RAMp. 244
Evaluating the Storage Subsystemp. 245
The Hard Disk Drivep. 245
Dig Deeper: How a Hard Disk Drive Worksp. 246
Portable Storage Options: The Floppy and Beyondp. 248
Upgrading Your Storage Subsystemp. 252
Evaluating the Video Subsystemp. 252
Video Cardsp. 252
Trends in it: Ethics: CD and DVD Technology: A Free Lunch-or at Least a Free Copyp. 253
Monitorsp. 254
Evaluating the Audio Subsystemp. 256
Speakersp. 256
Sound Cardsp. 256
Evaluating Port Connectivityp. 258
Adding Ports: Expansion Cards and Hubsp. 260
Evaluating System Reliabilityp. 262
Trends in it: Computers in Society: How to Donate Your Old Computer Safelyp. 263
Making the Final Decisionp. 264
Technology in Focus: Computing Alternativesp. 276
Networking and Security: Connecting Computers and Keeping Them Safe from Hackers and Virusesp. 290
Networking Fundamentalsp. 292
Network Architecturesp. 293
Describing Networks Based on Network Controlp. 293
Describing Networks Based on Distancep. 294
Network Componentsp. 294
Transmission Mediap. 294
Network Adaptersp. 295
Network Navigation Devicesp. 295
Networking Softwarep. 295
Types of Peer-to-Peer Networksp. 296
Wired Ethernet Networksp. 296
Wireless Ethernet Networksp. 300
Power-Line Networksp. 302
Phoneline Networksp. 303
Choosing a Peer-to-Peer Networkp. 304
Configuring Software for Your Home Networkp. 305
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Grid Computing: Fighting Bioterrorism with Your Computerp. 308
Keeping Your Home Computer Safep. 308
Computer Threats: Hackersp. 309
What Hackers Stealp. 310
Trojan Horsesp. 310
Trends in it: Computers In Society: Identity Theft: Is There More Than One You Out There?p. 311
Denial of Service Attacksp. 311
How Hackers Gain Accessp. 312
Computer Safeguards: Firewallsp. 314
Dig Deeper: How Firewalls Workp. 314
Types of Firewallsp. 316
Is Your Computer Secure?p. 316
Securing Wireless Networksp. 317
Computer Threats: Computer Virusesp. 318
Types of Virusesp. 320
Virus Classificationsp. 321
Computer Safeguards: Antivirus Softwarep. 321
Other Security Measuresp. 322
Trends in it: Careers: Cybercops on the Beat: Computer Security Careersp. 323
Mobile Computing: Keeping Your Data on Handp. 334
Mobile Computing: Is it Right for You?p. 336
Mobile Device Limitationsp. 336
Mobile Computing Devicesp. 338
Paging Devicesp. 338
Cellular Phonesp. 339
Cell Phone Hardwarep. 339
How Cell Phones Workp. 341
Cell Phone Features: Text Messagingp. 341
Cell Phone Internet Connectivityp. 342
MP3 Playersp. 343
MP3 Hardwarep. 345
MP3 Flash Memory and File Transferp. 345
MP3 Ethical Issues: Napster and Beyondp. 346
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Why Carry Your Data When You Can Wear It?p. 347
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)p. 348
PDA Hardwarep. 348
PDA Operating Systemsp. 349
PDA Memory and Storagep. 350
PDA File Transfer and Synchronizationp. 351
PDA Internet Connectivityp. 352
PDA Software and Accessoriesp. 353
PDA or Cell Phone?p. 353
Dig Deeper: The Power of GPSp. 354
Tablet PCsp. 354
Tablet PC Hardwarep. 356
Tablet Softwarep. 357
Tablet or PDA?p. 357
Trends in it: Ubiquitous Networking: Wherever You Go, There You Arep. 358
Laptopsp. 359
Laptop Hardwarep. 359
Laptop Operating Systems and Portsp. 359
Laptop Batteries and Accessoriesp. 360
Laptop or Desktop?p. 361
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Nanotubes: The Next Big Thing Is Pretty Darn Small!p. 362
Technology in Focus Protecting Your Computer and Backing Up Your Datap. 374
Behind the Scenes: A Closer Look at System Hardwarep. 386
Digital Data: Switches and Bitsp. 388
Electronic Switchesp. 388
The Binary Number Systemp. 389
Dig Deeper: Advanced Binary and Hexadecimal Notationsp. 391
The CPU: Processing Digital Informationp. 393
The CPU Machine Cyclep. 395
The Fetch Stagep. 396
The Decode Stagep. 397
The Execute Stagep. 398
The Store Stagep. 398
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Printable Processors: The Ultimate in Flexibilityp. 399
RAM: The Next Level of Temporary Storagep. 399
Types of RAMp. 400
Buses: The CPU's Data Highwayp. 401
Making Computers Even Faster: Advanced CPU Designsp. 403
Pipeliningp. 404
Specialized Multimedia Instructionsp. 405
Multiple Processing Effortsp. 406
Trends in it: Emerging Technologies: Computer Technology Changing the Face of Medicinep. 407
Glossaryp. 419
Indexp. 439
Creditsp. 455
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