You Bet Your Tomatoes! Fun Facts, Tall Tales, and a Handful of Useful Gardening Tips

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  • Copyright: 2002-02-23
  • Publisher: Rodale Books
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"What great tomato-growing ideas! I've been 'container gardening' my Big Boys in old abandoned refrigerators in the front yard for years now, but next season, I'll take Mike's advice and trellis them up the side of our double-wide!"--Martha Slewart,Martha Slewart's Lying "Did I write this book? So many of the jokes just seem so...familiar."--Garrison Keelover,A Prairie Home Tomato "Aren't these things poisonous to eat?"--Thomas Jefferson, farmer and framer "Forget basketball! I'm retiring again to grow heirloom tomatoes! Now, what kind of shoes am I gonna need . . . ?"--Michael Jardin, tall guy "This is just the kind of 'hidden message' book I expect from you left-leaning, liberal-compost-applying, communal gardening, card-carrying organic types! Well, you don't fool me one bit-- enticing the youth of America to experiment with PINK tomatoes! RED fruits! Arkansas TRAVELER-- or is that Arkansas FELLOW TRAVELERS??? I'm sticking with my red, white, and blue potatoes!"--Rush ToJudgement,The Rush ToJudgement Show

Author Biography

Mike McGrath is editor-at-large for Organic Gardening and is the former editor-in-chief. He writes a monthly column, "Mike McGrath's Tall Tales," and answers questions on the magazine's website. McGrath's "You Bet Your Garden" airs weekly on National Public Radio. He has made frequent guest appearances on NBC's Weekend Today and NPR's "All Things Considered."

Table of Contents

Why Am I Doing This instead of Enjoying My Summer??? 6(4)
``Picking'' Your Tomatoes
(Do all of these things have funny, rude, or mysterious names?)
The Joy of Germination
(Or, Killing Your Own Tomatoes from Seed)
The Art of Tomato Planting
(You want me to BURY them? You MONSTER!!)
Staking and Caging
(No, not ``or,'' ``AND''! Got it?! ``Staking AND Caging''!!!)
Food, Water, and Basic Keeping-Alive Skills
(Oops-you mean I shouldn't have watered them each and every day?)
Pest Control...
(Am I the only creature around here NOT eating my tomatoes???)
Dealing with Disease
(Can't we just take them to the hospital?)
The Harvest and Beyond
(Aren't they supposed to stop being green at some point?)
(So this one here cost me about 40 bucks, right?)
(Can the kids use the green ones to play Mr. Tomato Head?)
Cool-Stuff Sources 94(1)
Acknowledgments 95(1)
Index 96

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