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Applied Marketing Resrch : An Applied Orientation,9780130830449
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Applied Marketing Resrch : An Applied Orientation



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  • Marketing Research and SPSS 10.0 SE
    Marketing Research and SPSS 10.0 SE
  • Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
    Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
  • Marketing Research An Applied Orientation
    Marketing Research An Applied Orientation
  • Tech Manual for SPSS, Excel and SAS for Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
    Tech Manual for SPSS, Excel and SAS for Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
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    Marketing Research and SPSS 11. 0 Package
  • Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
    Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation
  • International Business : An Asian-Pacific Perspect
    International Business : An Asian-Pacific Perspect


Appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing Research, this text presents a comprehensive look at both the principles and practices of marketing research with balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative material. Written from the perspective of marketing research users, the Third Edition reflects current trends in international marketing, ethics, and the continuing integration of technology. It strives to build on the success of previous editions by being even more current, contemporary, illustrative and user-friendly.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. xxvii
Prefacep. xxix
About the Authorp. xxxvii
Introduction And Early Phases Of Marketing Researchp. 1
Introduction to Marketing Researchp. 3
Objectivesp. 3
Overviewp. 3
What Does Marketing Research Encompass?p. 4
The Nature of Marketing Researchp. 9
Definition of Marketing Researchp. 11
A Classification of Marketing Researchp. 12
The Role of Marketing Research in MIS and DSSp. 14
Marketing Research Suppliers and Servicesp. 16
Selecting a Research Supplierp. 20
Careers in Marketing Researchp. 21
Marketing Research Processp. 24
The Department Store Patronage Projectp. 26
International Marketing Researchp. 27
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 28
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 28
Defining the Marketing Research Problem and Developing an Approachp. 33
Objectivesp. 33
Overviewp. 33
Importance of Defining the Problemp. 35
The Process of Defining the Problem and Developing an Approachp. 36
Tasks Involvedp. 37
Environmental Context of the Problemp. 42
Management Decision Problem and Marketing Research Problemp. 45
Defining the Marketing Research Problemp. 46
Components of the Approachp. 49
International Marketing Researchp. 57
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 59
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 59
Professional Perspectives for Part Ip. 65
The Industry Perspectivep. 65
The Profession of Marketing Research: A Strategic Assessmentp. 67
The Marketing Research Problem: From the DM's Desk to Study Executionp. 70
Cases for Part Ip. 73
Life in the Fast Lane: Fast Food Chains Race to Be Number Onep. 73
Nike Sprints Ahead of the Competition, Yet Has a Long Way to Runp. 75
Lexus: Imparting Value to Luxury or Luxury to Value?p. 76
Marketing Research Lights the Way for Electric Utilitiesp. 77
Research Design Formulationp. 79
Research Designp. 81
Objectivesp. 81
Overviewp. 81
Research Design: Definitionp. 83
Research Design: Classificationp. 83
Exploratory Researchp. 85
Descriptive Researchp. 87
Causal Researchp. 94
Relationships Among Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal Researchp. 96
Potential Sources of Errorp. 97
Budgeting and Scheduling the Projectp. 102
Marketing Research Proposalp. 102
International Marketing Researchp. 103
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 104
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 105
Exploratory Research Design: Secondary Datap. 109
Objectivesp. 109
Overviewp. 109
Primary versus Secondary Datap. 112
Advantages and Uses of Secondary Datap. 112
Disadvantages of Secondary Datap. 113
Criteria for Evaluating Secondary Datap. 113
Classification of Secondary Datap. 117
Internal Secondary Datap. 117
Published External Secondary Sourcesp. 120
Computerized Databasesp. 122
Syndicated Sources of Secondary Datap. 124
Syndicated Data from Householdsp. 125
Syndicated Data from Institutionsp. 132
Combining Information from Different Sources: Single-Source Datap. 134
Computer Mappingp. 136
International Marketing Researchp. 137
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 138
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 139
Exploratory Research Design: Qualitative Researchp. 145
Objectivesp. 145
Overviewp. 145
Primary Data: Qualitative versus Quantitative Researchp. 147
Rationale for Using Qualitative Researchp. 148
A Classification of Qualitative Research Proceduresp. 149
Focus Group Interviewsp. 149
Depth Interviewsp. 157
Projective Techniquesp. 161
International Marketing Researchp. 167
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 169
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 170
Descriptive Research Design: Survey and Observationp. 176
Objectivesp. 176
Overviewp. 176
Survey Methodsp. 178
Survey Methods Classified by Mode of Administrationp. 179
A Comparative Evaluation of Survey Methodsp. 187
Selection of Survey Method(s)p. 194
Observation Methodsp. 196
Observation Methods Classified by Mode of Administrationp. 197
A Comparative Evaluation of Observation Methodsp. 202
A Comparison of Survey and Observation Methodsp. 203
International Marketing Researchp. 204
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 206
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 207
Causal Research Design: Experimentationp. 212
Objectivesp. 212
Overviewp. 212
Concept of Causalityp. 214
Conditions for Causalityp. 214
Definitions and Conceptsp. 217
Definition of Symbolsp. 218
Validity in Experimentationp. 219
Extraneous Variablesp. 219
Controlling Extraneous Variablesp. 222
A Classification of Experimental Designsp. 223
Preexperimental Designsp. 224
True Experimental Designsp. 226
Quasi-Experimental Designsp. 228
Statistical Designsp. 230
Laboratory versus Field Experimentsp. 233
Experimental versus Nonexperimental Designsp. 234
Limitations of Experimentationp. 234
Application: Test Marketingp. 235
Determining a Test Marketing Strategyp. 238
International Marketing Researchp. 238
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 239
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 240
Measurement and Scaling: Fundamentals and Comparative Scalingp. 246
Objectivesp. 246
Overviewp. 246
Measurement and Scalingp. 248
Primary Scales of Measurementp. 248
A Comparison of Scaling Techniquesp. 254
Comparative Scaling Techniquesp. 255
Verbal Protocolsp. 259
International Marketing Researchp. 260
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 260
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 261
Measurement and Scaling: Noncomparative Scaling Techniquesp. 266
Objectivesp. 266
Overviewp. 266
Noncomparative Scaling Techniquesp. 268
Continuous Rating Scalep. 268
Itemized Rating Scalesp. 270
Noncomparative Itemized Rating Scale Decisionsp. 275
Multiitem Scalesp. 278
Choosing a Scaling Techniquep. 285
Mathematically Derived Scalesp. 285
International Marketing Researchp. 285
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 286
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 287
Questionnaire and Form Designp. 292
Objectivesp. 292
Overviewp. 292
Questionnaires and Observation Formsp. 293
Questionnaire Design Processp. 295
Specify the Information Neededp. 295
Type of Interviewing Methodp. 296
Individual Question Contentp. 298
Overcoming Inability to Answerp. 299
Overcoming Unwillingness to Answerp. 301
Choosing Question Structurep. 302
Choosing Question Wordingp. 305
Determining the Order of Questionsp. 309
Form and Layoutp. 312
Reproduction of the Questionnairep. 313
Pretestingp. 315
Observational Formsp. 318
International Marketing Researchp. 318
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 319
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 320
Sampling: Design and Proceduresp. 326
Objectivesp. 326
Overviewp. 326
Sample or Censusp. 328
The Sampling Design Processp. 329
A Classification of Sampling Techniquesp. 334
Nonprobability Sampling Techniquesp. 335
Probability Sampling Techniquesp. 338
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 349
Sampling: Final and Initial Sample Size Determinationp. 354
Objectivesp. 354
Overviewp. 354
Definitions and Symbolsp. 356
The Sampling Distributionp. 356
Statistical Approaches to Determining Sample Sizep. 358
The Confidence Interval Approachp. 359
Multiple Characteristics and Parametersp. 365
Other Probability Sampling Techniquesp. 366
Adjusting the Statistically Determined Sample Sizep. 366
Nonresponse Issues in Samplingp. 368
International Marketing Researchp. 373
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 374
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 375
The Normal Distributionp. 381
Professional Perspectives for Part IIp. 383
Secondary Datap. 383
Syndicated Data Collection and Applicationsp. 385
Qualitative Research: Is Our Creativity Going Too Far?p. 388
Cases for Part IIp. 391
The Forecast Is Sunny for the Weather Channel!p. 391
Who Is the Host with the Most?p. 392
Candy Is Dandy for Hersheyp. 394
Fragrances Are Sweet, but Competition Is Bitterp. 397
Is Super Bowl Advertising Super Effective?p. 400
Data Collection, Preparation, And Analysisp. 401
Field Workp. 403
Objectivesp. 403
Overviewp. 403
The Nature of Field Workp. 405
Field Work/Data Collection Processp. 405
Selection of Field Workersp. 405
Training of Field Workersp. 407
Supervision of Field Workersp. 410
Validation of Field Workp. 412
Evaluation of Field Workersp. 412
International Marketing Researchp. 412
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 414
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 416
Data Preparationp. 418
Objectivesp. 418
Overviewp. 418
The Data Preparation Processp. 420
Questionnaire Checkingp. 421
Editingp. 421
Codingp. 422
Transcribingp. 425
Data Cleaningp. 427
Statistically Adjusting the Datap. 429
Selecting a Data Analysis Strategyp. 433
A Classification of Statistical Techniquesp. 434
International Marketing Researchp. 437
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 438
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 439
Frequency Distribution, Cross-Tabulation, and Hypothesis Testingp. 444
Objectivesp. 444
Overviewp. 444
Frequency Distributionp. 448
Statistics Associated with Frequency Distributionp. 450
Introduction to Hypothesis Testingp. 454
A General Procedure for Hypothesis Testingp. 454
Cross-Tabulationsp. 459
Statistics Associated with Cross-Tabulationp. 465
Cross-Tabulation in Practicep. 469
Hypotheses Testing Related to Differencesp. 469
Parametric Testsp. 470
Nonparametric Testsp. 477
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 481
Analysis of Variance and Covariancep. 488
Objectivesp. 488
Overviewp. 488
Relationship among Techniquesp. 490
One-Way Analysis of Variancep. 492
Statistics Associated with One-Way Analysis of Variancep. 492
Conducting One-Way Analysis of Variancep. 492
Illustrative Applications of One-Way Analysis of Variancep. 497
Assumptions in Analysis of Variancep. 499
N-Way Analysis of Variancep. 501
Analysis of Covariancep. 506
Issues in Interpretationp. 507
Relative Importance of Factorsp. 508
Repeated Measures ANOVAp. 510
Nonmetric Analysis of Variancep. 511
Multivariate Analysis of Variancep. 511
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 512
Correlation and Regressionp. 519
Objectivesp. 519
Overviewp. 519
Product Moment Correlationp. 521
Partial Correlationp. 525
Nonmetric Correlationp. 527
Regression Analysisp. 527
Bivariate Regressionp. 528
Statistics Associated with Bivariate Regression Analysisp. 528
Conducting Bivariate Regression Analysisp. 529
Multiple Regressionp. 538
Statistics Associated with Multiple Regressionp. 539
Conducting Multiple Regression Analysisp. 539
Stepwise Regressionp. 546
Multicollinearityp. 548
Relative Importance of Predictorsp. 549
Cross-Validationp. 549
Regression with Dummy Variablesp. 550
Analysis of Variance and Covariance with Regressionp. 550
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 552
Discriminant Analysisp. 559
Objectivesp. 559
Overviewp. 559
Basic Conceptp. 561
Relationship to Regression and Anovap. 561
Discriminant Analysis Modelp. 562
Statistics Associated with Discriminant Analysisp. 563
Conducting Discriminant Analysisp. 563
Multiple Discriminant Analysisp. 572
Stepwise Discriminant Analysisp. 579
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 581
Estimation of Discriminant Function Coefficientsp. 584
Factor Analysisp. 585
Objectivesp. 585
Overviewp. 585
Basic Conceptp. 586
Factor Analysis Modelp. 587
Statistics Associated with Factor Analysisp. 588
Conducting Factor Analysisp. 588
Applications of Common Factor Analysisp. 601
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 604
Fundamental Equations of Factor Analysisp. 608
Cluster Analysisp. 610
Objectivesp. 610
Overviewp. 610
Basic Conceptp. 612
Statistics Associated with Cluster Analysisp. 614
Conducting Cluster Analysisp. 614
Applications of Nonhierarchical Clusteringp. 624
Clustering Variablesp. 627
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 629
Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysisp. 633
Objectivesp. 633
Overviewp. 633
Basic Concepts in Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)p. 636
Statistics and Terms Associated with MDSp. 636
Conducting Multidimensional Scalingp. 637
Assumptions and Limitations of MDSp. 644
Scaling Preference Datap. 644
Correspondence Analysisp. 646
Relationship among MDS, Factor Analysis, and Discriminant Analysisp. 647
Basic Concepts in Conjoint Analysisp. 647
Statistics and Terms Associated with Conjoint Analysisp. 648
Conducting Conjoint Analysisp. 648
Assumptions and Limitations of Conjoint Analysisp. 659
Hybrid Conjoint Analysisp. 659
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 660
Professional Perspectives for Part IIIp. 667
Cross-Tabulationp. 667
Data Analysis: Multivariate Techniquesp. 670
Cases for Part IIIp. 675
Danger! Celebrity in Usep. 675
The Demographic Discovery of the Decadep. 677
The Magic Wand of PepsiCop. 680
Matsushita Retargets the United Statesp. 682
Pampers Develops a Rash--A Rash of Market Sharep. 684
Daimler/Chrysler Seeks a New Imagep. 687
Communication, International And Ethical Dimensions With Applicationsp. 691
Report Preparation and Presentationp. 693
Objectivesp. 693
Overviewp. 693
Importance of the Report and Presentationp. 695
The Report Preparation and Presentation Processp. 695
Report Preparationp. 696
Oral Presentationp. 705
Reading the Research Reportp. 706
Research Follow-Upp. 707
International Marketing Researchp. 708
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 709
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 710
International Marketing Researchp. 714
Objectivesp. 714
Overviewp. 714
Marketing Research Goes Internationalp. 716
A Framework for International Marketing Researchp. 718
Survey Methodsp. 722
Measurement and Scalingp. 726
Questionnaire Translationp. 727
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 729
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 729
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 732
Objectivesp. 732
Overviewp. 732
Importance of Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 734
Stakeholders in Marketing Researchp. 735
Guidelines for Ethical Decision Makingp. 740
An Ethical Frameworkp. 743
Ethics and the Marketing Research Processp. 746
International Marketing Researchp. 747
Internet and Computer Applicationsp. 749
Professional Perspectives for Part IVp. 753
Preparing and Presenting the Marketing Research Reportp. 753
International Researchp. 756
Ethics in Marketing Researchp. 758
Cases for Part IVp. 761
Will KFC Fry the Competition in China?p. 761
Can Whirlpool Whirl Itself in Europe?p. 762
Appendixp. A1
Notesp. N1
Indexesp. I1
Subject Indexp. I1
Company Indexp. 18
Name Indexp. 110
Creditsp. C1
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