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Rewards for Renting Textbooks

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Benefits of Renting Textbooks

  • It's cheap! Save hundreds of dollars each semester.
  • Choose a due date that fits your schedule.
  • Free economy shipping on all orders over $35.
  • Return shipping is easy and always free.

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Why Rent College Textbooks Online?

Renting a textbook isn't for everyone. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when renting a textbook:

Advantages of Textbook Rental

  • Lower Cost
  • Convenience
  • Extensions Allow Flexibility for Returns
  • Avoid Collecting "Outdated" Books
  • Free Return Shipping

Disadvantages of Textbook Rental

  • Temporary Access to Material You May Need Later
  • Limited Ability to Take Notes In-Book
  • No Cash Back from Buybacks
  • Damage & Loss Liability
  • Supplemental Materials or Access Codes Not Guaranteed

Online vs On-Campus Book Rental

Many college bookstores also offer on-campus textbook rental programs. However, by shopping online you can find the exact ISBN you need, at the rental duration you require, and have the advantage of competitive pricing. This way, the correct book arrives at your door when you need it, for the best possible price. You can also manage your rental online directly from your account, allowing you to get an extension, purchase your rental, and more.

How to Rent Textbooks

  1. Search for your textbook. Search by ISBN to make sure you find the correct textbook.
  2. Compare Used, New, & Rental prices. You can also compare textbook prices from other sellers on our marketplace.
  3. Choose your rental term. We offer 3 rental terms to choose from; quarter, semester, and short-term.
  4. Create your account. Create your new account or log in here.
  5. Complete your checkout. We frequently offer coupons, and some items have free standard shipping.
  6. Inspect your textbooks upon arrival. Since there is a good chance someone else has rented the same book before you, we suggest inspecting your new textbook for damage. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, let us know and will send you a replacement for free.
  7. Use your rental. We allow some highlighting (up to 1/3 of the book) and writing in the book, but be careful. We do charge for excessive damages that make the book unable to be rented again.
  8. Return your rental. You can return the book in any ordinary box, such as a shoebox. We will provide return shipping labels.

College Book Rental Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find an ISBN number for a book? The ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit number found on the back cover next to the barcode. Sometimes it can also be found near the copyright page by publisher information.
  • Is renting textbooks a good idea? Usually. However, there are some cases where a used book can be bought and resold for less than the cost of a rental. Some students also prefer to refer to certain textbooks during the course of their education. Rentals are NOT for people who tend to take copious amounts of notes or highlighting.
  • Where can I rent textbooks for college? Since you are likely doing this online, we suggest ordering from your living room in your pajamas or some other cozy spot.
  • Can a book still be the same if they have different ISBN numbers? No. Different ISBNs are issued for each unique edition of a book. These can include hardcover vs paperback version, new editions, revisions, etc.
  • Will my rental textbook come with supplemental materials? Probably not. Extra materials are not guaranteed in either rentals or used items.
  • Can I choose my rental term? Yes. In fact, eCampus offers more rental term options than most sites - giving you up to 3 terms to choose from.
  • Will my rental textbook come with access codes? Probably not. Access codes may only be used once and therefore are not guaranteed in either used or rental items.
  • Can I highlight in my rental? Yes. We allow moderate highlighting of no more than 1/3 of the book.
  • Can I write in my rental? Yes, however, if we deem the writing is excessive and makes the book unable to be rented out again, you may be charged for the damages.
  • What if I want to keep the book when I'm finished with it? You can purchase your rental by contacting our customer service team before your due date. We also allow you to request extensions online in your account.

eTextbook Rental

We have partnered with VitalSource to be able to provide you with the largest selection of eTextbooks anywhere. Just like physical book rentals, eTextbooks can be rented for a variety of durations:

  • 120 Days
  • 180 Days
  • 365 Days
  • Lifetime

Your digital bookshelf provides full access to online textbooks or you can download them to your device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Textbook Price Comparison

In addition to offering you great discounts on used, new, and rental items, we make it easy for you to compare prices from 70,000+ marketplace sellers! Just find the book you want and click "See Prices" next to the Marketplace option.