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For over 20 years, has worked directly with textbook publishers with one goal - to provide the cheapest new & used textbooks anywhere online! We have also partnered with thousands of other sellers in the textbook marketplace to offer an even larger selection of used and new textbooks at discounted prices. Just enter your ISBN, book title, or author in the search bar to find the best prices on millions of titles from hundreds of publishers and thousands of sellers.

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  1. Search for your textbook. Search by ISBN to make sure you find the correct textbook.
  2. Determine if you need the supplemental materials. Your textbook may come with extras like CDs, access codes, loose-leafs, etc. If you think you will need these materials, you'll want to look at purchasing the item new. Used items are not guaranteed to have any supplemental materials (and probably won't).
  3. Compare textbook pricing. You may be able to find a book cheaper from our online marketplace. However, be aware that you are purchasing this item from a 3rd party vendor, meaning you can be charged for shipping on each individual item and our normal coupon codes & discounts may not apply.
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How Do I Find my ISBN Number?

  • Your ISBN is either 10 or 13 digits and unique to a specific item. Our search bar can accept both formats.
  • The ISBN is often located on the back cover, next to the barcode.
  • Professors will typically supply this in the course syllabus. If not, we suggest asking them for it.
  • Books with the same title often have different ISBN numbers.
  • Different editions have different ISBNs as well.

New & Used Textbook FAQs

  • Is there a fee to use PayPal? No. There is no fee to use PayPal.
  • Why are textbooks so expensive? The biggest reason for expensive textbooks is that new editions limit the sale of used textbooks. That's why we have spent 20 years working with publishers to get you the best price possible, whether it's a new edition, used textbook, or eTextbook.
  • Where is the access code on a textbook? Access codes can usually be found on the first few pages of the textbook, or bound together with the book in a separate kit. Used books will not have access codes.
  • When is the best time to buy textbooks? Textbook prices are the most economical during non-rush times. Try to order between February - July or October - November.
  • What books are worth money as a buyback? There isn't a rule on which books are worth the most. We suggest checking the price on any book you are finished with. You may be surprised how much cash you have laying around!

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