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eTextbooks - Instant Access to Thousands of Textbooks

eTextbooks are digital versions of print textbooks enhanced with features such as high-speed search and electronic note-taking. These eTextbooks contain the same content as a print textbook.

eTextbooks are available as a subscription and are accessible for up to 360 days. We carry over one hundred thousand electronic textbooks and electronic books available for purchase. If an etextbook is available it will appear as a purchase option for a particular textbook. Once you purchase an etextbook from, you will receive an email with a link to access your etextbook.
  • Pages identical to print textbook with same pagination
  • Easy navigation with linked Table of Contents
  • Take notes and hightlight text
  • Copy and paste text
  • Search on specific topics
  • Print pages
  • Send information to classmates
  • Read on mobile devices with a browser
  • Read on Android devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with CourseSmart Apps
  • Get Free Apps