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Free Movement in the European Union : Cases, Commentaries and Questions,9788757409994
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Free Movement in the European Union : Cases, Commentaries and Questions



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Author Biography

Nina Holst-Christensen is the Head of the European Community and Human Rights Law Division at the Danish Ministry of Justice and a Visiting Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Copenhagen Morten Broberg is Associate Professor in Community Law at the University of Copenhagen

Table of Contents

Implementation of EU Rules
Case C-29/95, Pastoors, [1997] ECR I-285p. 15
Case C-403/98, Azienda Agricola Monte Arcosu, [2001] ECR I-103p. 25
Case C-91/92, Faccini Dori, [1994] ECR I-3325p. 33
Case C-334/92, Miret, [1993] ECR I-6911p. 40
Joined Cases C-74/95 and C-129/95, Criminal proceedings against X, [1996] ECR I-6609p. 45
Joined Cases C-46/93 and C-48/93, Brasserie du Pecheur, [1996] ECR I-1029p. 51
EU Rules Regulating the Member States' Administrations
Case 188/84, Commission v France (Woodworking machines), [1986] ECR 419p. 73
Case 104/75, de Peijper, [1976] ECR 613p. 82
Case 222/86, Heylens, [1987] ECR 4097p. 90
Free Movement of Goods
The concept of goods
Case 7/78, Thompson, [1978] ECR 2247p. 97
Case C-2/90, Commission v Belgium (Walloon Waste Case), [1992] ECR I-4431p. 104
Duties, charges and tax provisions
Case C-213/96, Outokumpu Oy, [1998] ECR I-1777p. 109
Case C-47/88, Commission v Denmark (Registration duties on cars), [1990] ECR I-4509p. 118
Case 171/78, Commission v Denmark (the Schnapps Case), [1980] ECR 447p. 124
Quantitative import restrictions
Case 34/79, Henn and Darby, [1979] ECR 3795p. 135
Case C-324/93, Evans Medical, [1995] ECR I-563p. 142
Who is bound by the provisions?
Case C-325/00, Commission v Germany (Markenqualitat), [2002] ECR I-9977p. 152
Measures having equivalent effect - The concept of restrictions on trade
Case 8/74, Dassonville, [1974] ECR 837p. 160
Case 120/78, Rewe-Zentral (the Cassis de Dijon Case), [1979] ECR 649p. 164
Case C-362/88, GB-INNO, [1990] ECR I-667p. 169
Case C-23/89, Quietlynn, [1990] ECR I-3059p. 174
Joined Cases C-267/91 and C-268/91, Keck, [1993] ECR I-6097p. 178
Case C-320/93, Eurim-Pharm, [1994] ECR I-5243p. 184
Case C-391/92, Commission v Greece (The Infant Milk Formula Case), [1995] ECR I-1621p. 189
Case C-405/98, Gourmet International, [2001] ECR I-1795p. 194
Case C-368/95, Familiapress, [1997] ECR I-3689p. 204
Case C-265/95, Commission v France (The Strawberry Case), [1997] ECR I-6959p. 212
Case C-44/98, BASF v Prasident des Deutschen Patentsamts, [1999] ECR I-6269p. 223
Case C-383/01, Danske Bilimportorer, judgment of 17 June 2003p. 230
Purely internal situations
Case C-448/98, Guimont, [2000] ECR I-10663p. 240
Discriminatory barriers to trade
Case 113/80, Commission v Ireland (Irish Souvenirs), [1981] ECR 1625p. 249
Case 249/81, Commission v Ireland (Buy Irish), [1982] ECR 4005p. 254
Case C-67/97, Bluhme (Brown Bees), [1998] ECR I-8033p. 262
Case C-379/98, PreussenElektra, [2001] ECR I-2099p. 272
Quantitative export restrictions
Case C-5/94, Lomas, [1996] ECR I-2553p. 280
Case C-203/96, Dusseldorp, [1998] ECR I-4075p. 288
Case 45/87, Commission v Ireland (Dundalk), [1988] ECR 4929p. 300
Case 178/84, Commission v Germany (German Beer), [1987] ECR 1227p. 305
Case 302/86, Commission v Denmark (The deposit-and-return Case), [1988] ECR 4607p. 318
Case C-17/93, Van der Veldt, [1994] ECR I-3537p. 324
Exhaustion of intellectual property rights
Case 187/80, Merck, [1981] ECR 2063p. 333
Case C-61/97, Laserdisken, [1998] ECR I-5171p. 339
Joined Cases C-427/93 and others, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others, [1996] ECR I-3457p. 346
Case C-379/97, Upjohn, [1999] ECR I-6927p. 367
Case C-337/95, Parfums Christian Dior, [1997] ECR I-6013p. 379
Case C-355/96, Silhouette, [1998] ECR I-4799p. 390
The Technical Standards and Regulations Directive
Case C-194/94, CIA Security International, [1996] ECR I-2201p. 401
Case C-226/97, Lemmens, [1998] ECR I-3711p. 415
EU Citizenship
Case C-370/90, Singh, [1992] ECR I-4265p. 425
Case C-85/96, Sala, [1998] ECR I-2691p. 433
Case C-184/99, Grzelczyk, [2001] ECR I-6193p. 446
Case C-224/98, D'Hoop, [2002] ECR I-6191p. 459
Case C-413/99, Baumbast, [2002] ECR I-7091p. 467
Case C-348/96, Donatella Calfa, [1999] ECR I-11p. 489
Case C-100/01, Olazabal, [2002] ECR I-10981p. 497
Free Movement of Workers
Who is bound by the provisions?
Case C-281/98, Roman Angonese, [2000] ECR I-4139p. 511
The concept of worker
Case 53/81, Levin, [1982] ECR 1035p. 522
Case 196/87, Steymann, [1988] ECR 6159p. 533
Case C-292/89, Antonissen, [1991] ECR I-745p. 538
Case C-350/96, Clean Car Autoservice, [1998] ECR I-2521p. 544
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-64/96 and C-65/96, Jacquet, [1997] ECR I-3171p. 554
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-415/93, Bosman, [1995] ECR I-4921p. 560
Restrictions on the free movement of workers
Case C-279/93, Schumacker (Limited Taxation), [1995] ECR I-225p. 575
Case C-237/94, O'Flynn, [1996] ECR I-2617p. 586
Case C-15/96, Schoning-Kougebetopoulou (Greek Doctor), [1998] ECR I-47p. 593
Case C-190/98, Volker Graf, [2000] ECR I-493p. 600
Freedom of Establishment
The concept of establishment
Case C-55/94, Gebhard, [1995] ECR I-4165p. 609
Case C-212/97, Centros, [1999] ECR I-1459p. 618
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-54/88 and others, Nino and others, [1990] ECR I-3537p. 629
Case C-61/89, Bouchoucha, [1990] ECR I-3551p. 633
Case C-108/96, Mac Quen, [2001] ECR I-837p. 638
Discriminatory barriers
Case 2/74, Reyners, [1974] ECR 631p. 648
Case C-337/97, Meeusen, [1999] ECR I-3289p. 656
Case 71/76, Thieffry, [1977] ECR 765p. 665
Case 221/85, Commission v Belgium (Clinical Biology Services), [1987] ECR 719p. 671
Case C-351/90, Commission v Luxembourg (Secondary Place of Business), [1992] ECR I-3945p. 675
Case C-19/92, Dieter Kraus, [1993] ECR I-1663p. 680
Case C-254/97, Societe Baxter, [1999] ECR I-4809p. 695
Case C-70/95, Sodemare, [1997] ECR I-3395p. 701
Free Movement of Services
The concept of services
Case 186/87, Cowan, [1989] ECR 195p. 707
Case C-20/92, Hubbard, [1993] ECR I-3777p. 712
Case C-158/96, Kohll, [1998] ECR I-1931p. 718
Case C-385/99, Muller-Faure, Judgment of 13 May 2003p. 730
Case C-60/00, Carpenter, [2002] ECR I-6279p. 754
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-17/92, Cinematograficos, [1993] ECR I-2239p. 765
Case C-224/97, Ciola, [1999] ECR I-2517p. 771
Case 33/74, van Binsbergen, [1974] ECR 1299p. 777
Case C-353/89, Commission v Netherlands (Mediawet), [1991] ECR I-4069p. 783
Case C-204/90, Bachmann, [1992] ECR I-249p. 795
Case C-55/98, Bent Vestergaard, [1999] ECR I-7641p. 805
Case C-113/89, Rush Portuguesa, [1990] ECR I-1417p. 814
Case C-124/97, Laara, [1999] ECR I-6067p. 821
Marketing rules
Case C-159/90, SPUC v Grogan (Information about Abortion Clinics), [1991] ECR I-4685p. 831
Case C-384/93, Alpine Investments, [1995] ECR I-1141p. 839
Circumvention of national legislation
Case C-23/93, TV 10, [1994] ECR I-4795p. 849
Free Movement of Capital
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-515/99, C-519/99, C-524/99 and C-526/99 - C-540/99, Reisch and others, [2002] ECR I-2157p. 859
The concept of capital movement
Joined Cases C-358/93 and C-416/93, Bordessa, [1995] ECR I-361p. 869
Joined Cases C-163/94 and others, Sanz de Lera, [1995] ECR I-4821p. 876
Case C-35/98, Verkooijen, [2000] ECR I-4071p. 884
Case C-503/99, Commission v Belgium (Golden Shares), [2002] ECR I-4809p. 897
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-484/93, Svensson, [1995] ECR I-3955p. 912
Case C-54/99, Scientology, [2000] ECR I-1335p. 917
Table of Cases (chronological)p. 925
Table of Cases (alphabetical)p. 931
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