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Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating, and Thermal Design, Third Edition,9781439849903
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Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating, and Thermal Design, Third Edition

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CRC Press
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This is the 3rd edition with a publication date of 3/1/2012.
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This third edition of the bestselling textbook presents a systematic treatment of the selection, rating, and thermal-hydraulic design of various types of heat-exchanging equipment. Explaining the fundamentals of the design method, the authors include more than 40 solved examples to illustrate their assertions regarding design and rating of heat exchangers. In addition, every chapter now includes thermal design problems that graduating undergraduate students can use in selecting capstone design projects. The book includes a new chapter on micro-heat exchangers and a revised solution manual, which is available with qualifying adoption.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xiii
Classification of Heat Exchangersp. 1
Introductionp. 1
Recuperation and Regenerationp. 1
Transfer Processesp. 6
Geometry of Constructionp. 8
Tubular Heat Exchangersp. 8
Double-Pipe Heat Exchangersp. 8
Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangersp. 9
Spiral-Tube-Type Heat Exchangersp. 12
Plate Heat Exchangersp. 12
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangersp. 12
Spiral Plate Heat Exchangersp. 14
Lamella Heat Exchangersp. 15
Extended Surface Heat Exchangersp. 17
Plate-Fin Heat Exchangerp. 17
Tubular-Fin Heat Exchangersp. 18
Heat Transfer Mechanismsp. 23
Flow Arrangementsp. 24
Applicationsp. 25
Selection of Heat Exchangersp. 26
Referencesp. 30
Basic Design Methods of Heat Exchangersp. 33
Introductionp. 33
Arrangement of Flow Paths in Heat Exchangersp. 33
Basic Equations in Designp. 35
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 37
LMTD Method for Heat Exchanger Analysisp. 43
Parallel- and Counterflow Heat Exchangersp. 43
Multipass and Crossflow Heat Exchangersp. 47
The ¿NTU Method for Heat Exchanger Analysisp. 56
Heat Exchanger Design Calculationp. 66
Variable Overall Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 67
Heat Exchanger Design Methodologyp. 70
Nomenclaturep. 73
Referencesp. 78
Forced Convection Correlations for the Single-Phase Side of Heat Exchangersp. 81
Introductionp. 81
Laminar Forced Convectionp. 84
Hydrodynamically Developed and Thermally Developing Laminar Flow in Smooth Circular Ductsp. 84
Simultaneously Developing Laminar Flow in Smooth Ductsp. 85
Laminar Flow through Concentric Annular Smooth Ductsp. 86
Effect of Variable Physical Propertiesp. 88
Laminar Flow of Liquidsp. 90
Laminar Flow of Gasesp. 92
Turbulent Forced Convectionp. 93
Turbulent Flow in Smooth Straight Noncircular Ductsp. 99
Effect of Variable Physical Properties in Turbulent Forced Convectionp. 103
Turbulent Liquid Flow in Ductsp. 103
Turbulent Gas Flow in Ductsp. 104
Summary of Forced Convection in Straight Ductsp. 107
Heat Transfer from Smooth-Tube Bundlesp. 111
Heat Transfer in Helical Coils and Spiralsp. 114
Nusselt Numbers of Helical Coils— Laminar Flowp. 116
Nusselt Numbers for Spiral Coils— Laminar Flowp. 117
Nusselt Numbers for Helical Coils— Turbulent Flowp. 117
Heat Transfer in Bendsp. 118
Heat Transfer in 90° Bendsp. 118
Heat Transfer in 180° Bendsp. 119
Nomenclaturep. 120
Referencesp. 125
Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop and Pumping Powerp. 129
Introductionp. 129
Tube-Side Pressure Dropp. 129
Circular Cross-Sectional Tubesp. 129
Noncircular Cross-Sectional Ductsp. 132
Pressure Drop in Tube Bundles in Crossflowp. 135
Pressure Drop in Helical and Spiral Coilsp. 137
Helical Coils— Laminar Flowp. 138
Spiral Coils— Laminar Flowp. 138
Helical Coils— Turbulent Flowp. 139
Spiral Coils— Turbulent Flowp. 139
Pressure Drop in Bends and Fittingsp. 140
Pressure Drop in Bendsp. 140
Pressure Drop in Fittingsp. 142
Pressure Drop for Abrupt Contraction, Expansion, and Momentum Changep. 147
Heat Transfer and Pumping Power Relationshipp. 148
Nomenclaturep. 150
Referencesp. 155
Micro/Nano Heat Transferp. 157
Part A— Heat Transfer for Gaseous and Liquid Flow in Microchannelsp. 157
Introduction of Heat Transfer in Microchannelsp. 157
Fundamentals of Gaseous Flow in Microchannelsp. 158
Knudsen Numberp. 158
Velocity Slipp. 160
Temperature Jumpp. 160
Brinkman Numberp. 161
Engineering Applications for Gas Flowp. 163
Heat Transfer in Gas Flowp. 165
Friction Factorp. 169
Laminar to Turbulent Transition Regimep. 173
Engineering Applications of Single-Phase Liquid Flow in Microchannelsp. 177
Nusselt Number and Friction Factor Correlations for Single-Phase Liquid Flowp. 179
Roughness Effect on Friction Factorp. 185
Part B— Single-Phase Convective Heat Transfer with Nanofluidsp. 186
Introduction of Convective Heat Transfer with Nanofluidsp. 186
Particle Materials and Base Fluidsp. 187
Particle Size and Shapep. 187
Nanofluid Preparation Methodsp. 188
Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluidsp. 188
Classical Modelsp. 189
Brownian Motion of Nanoparticlesp. 191
Clustering of Nanoparticlesp. 193
Liquid Layering around Nanoparticlesp. 196
Thermal Conductivity Experimental Studies of Nanofluidsp. 203
Convective Heat Trasfer of Nanofluidsp. 207
Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluidsp. 212
Constant Wall Heat Flux Boundary Conditionp. 212
Constant Wall Temperature Boundary Conditionp. 214
Experimental Correlations of Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluidsp. 216
Nomenclaturep. 224
Referencesp. 228
Fouling of Heat Exchangersp. 237
Introductionp. 237
Basic Considerationsp. 237
Effects of Foulingp. 239
Effect of Fouling on Heat Transferp. 240
Effect of Fouling on Pressure Dropp. 241
Cost of Foulingp. 243
Aspects of Foulingp. 244
Categories of Foulingp. 244
Particulate Foulingp. 244
Crystallization Foulingp. 245
Corrosion Foulingp. 245
Biofoulingp. 245
Chemical Reaction Foulingp. 246
Fundamental Processes of Foulingp. 246
Initiationp. 246
Transportp. 246
Attachmentp. 247
Removalp. 247
Agingp. 248
Prediction of Foulingp. 248
Design of Heat Exchangers Subject to Foulingp. 250
Fouling Resistancep. 250
Cleanliness Factorp. 256
Percent over Surfacep. 257
Cleanliness Factorp. 260
Percent over Surfacep. 260
Operations of Heat Exchangers Subject to Foulingp. 262
Techniques to Control Foulingp. 264
Surface Cleaning Techniquesp. 264
Continuous Cleaningp. 264
Periodic Cleaningp. 264
Additivesp. 265
Crystallization Foulingp. 265
Particulate Foulingp. 266
Biological Foulingp. 266
Corrosion Foulingp. 266
Nomenclaturep. 266
Referencesp. 270
Double-Pipe Heat Exchangersp. 273
Introductionp. 273
Thermal and Hydraulic Design of Inner Tubep. 276
Thermal and Hydraulic Analysis of Annulusp. 278
Hairpin Heat Exchanger with Bare Inner Tubep. 278
Hairpin Heat Exchangers with Multitube Finned Inner Tubesp. 283
Parallel-Series Arrangements of Hairpinsp. 291
Total Pressure Dropp. 294
Design and Operational Featuresp. 295
Nomenclaturep. 297
Referencesp. 304
Design Correlations for Condensers and Evaporatorsp. 307
Introductionp. 307
Condensationp. 307
Film Condensation on a Single Horizontal Tubep. 308
Laminar Film Condensationp. 308
Forced Convectionp. 309
Film Condensation in Tube Bundlesp. 312
Effect of Condensate Inundationp. 313
Effect of Vapor Shearp. 317
Combined Effects of Inundation and Vapor Shearp. 317
Condensation inside Tubesp. 322
Condensation inside Horizontal Tubesp. 322
Condensation inside Vertical Tubesp. 327
Flow Boilingp. 329
Subcooled Boilingp. 329
Flow Patternp. 331
Flow Boiling Correlationsp. 334
Nomenclaturep. 353
Referencesp. 356
Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangersp. 361
Introductionp. 361
Basic Componentsp. 361
Shell Typesp. 361
Tube Bundle Typesp. 364
Tubes and Tube Passesp. 366
Tube Layoutp. 368
Baffle Type and Geometryp. 371
Allocation of Streamsp. 376
Basic Design Procedure of a Heat Exchangerp. 378
Preliminary Estimation of Unit Sizep. 380
Rating of the Preliminary Designp. 386
Shell-Side Heat Transfer and Pressure Dropp. 387
Shell-Side Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 387
Shell-Side Pressure Dropp. 389
Tube-Side Pressure Dropp. 390
Bell-Delaware Methodp. 395
Shell-Side Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 396
Shell-Side Pressure Dropp. 407
Nomenclaturep. 419
Referencesp. 425
Compact Heat Exchangersp. 427
Introductionp. 427
Heat Transfer Enhancementp. 427
Plate-Fin Heat Exchangersp. 431
Tube-Fin Heat Exchangersp. 431
Heat Transfer and Pressure Dropp. 433
Heat Transferp. 433
Pressure Drop for Finned-Tube Exchangersp. 441
Pressure Drop for Plate-Fin Exchangersp. 441
Nomenclaturep. 446
Referencesp. 449
Gasketed-Plate Heat Exchangersp. 451
Introductionp. 451
Mechanical Featuresp. 451
Plate Pack and the Framep. 453
Plate Typesp. 455
Operational Characteristicsp. 457
Main Advantagesp. 457
Performance Limitsp. 459
Passes and Flow Arrangementsp. 460
Applicationsp. 461
Corrosionp. 462
Maintenancep. 465
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Calculationsp. 466
Heat Transfer Areap. 466
Mean Flow Channel Gapp. 467
Channel Hydraulic Diameterp. 468
Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 468
Channel Pressure Dropp. 474
Port Pressure Dropp. 474
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficientp. 475
Heat Transfer Surface Areap. 475
Performance Analysisp. 476
Thermal Performancep. 481
Nomenclaturep. 484
Referencesp. 488
Condensers and Evaporatorsp. 491
Introductionp. 491
Shell and Tube Condensersp. 492
Horizontal Shell-Side Condensersp. 492
Vertical Shell-Side Condensersp. 495
Vertical Tube-Side Condensersp. 495
Horizontal in-Tube Condensersp. 497
Steam Turbine Exhaust Condensersp. 500
Plate Condensersp. 501
Air-Cooled Condensersp. 502
Direct Contact Condensersp. 503
Thermal Design of Shell-and-Tube Condensersp. 504
Design and Operational Considerationsp. 515
Condensers for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioningp. 516
Water-Cooled Condensersp. 518
Air-Cooled Condensersp. 519
Evaporative Condensersp. 519
Evaporators for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioningp. 522
Water-Cooling Evaporators (Chillers)p. 522
Air-Cooling Evaporators (Air Coolers)p. 523
Thermal Analysisp. 525
Shah Correlationp. 526
Kandlikar Correlationp. 528
Güngör and Winterton Correlationp. 529
Standards for Evaporators and Condensersp. 531
Nomenclaturep. 536
Referencesp. 540
Polymer Heat Exchangersp. 543
Introductionp. 543
Polymer Matrix Composite Materials (PMC)p. 547
Nanocompositesp. 551
Application of Polymers in Heat Exchangersp. 552
Polymer Compact Heat Exchangersp. 563
Potential Applications for Polymer Film Compact Heat Exchangersp. 567
Thermal Design of Polymer Heat Exchangersp. 570
Referencesp. 573
p. 577
p. 583
Indexp. 607
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