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Progressions, with Readings : Paragraph to Essay,9780321433169
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Progressions, with Readings : Paragraph to Essay



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  • Progressions
  • Progressions: With Readings
    Progressions: With Readings
  • Progressions with Readings
    Progressions with Readings
  • Progressions with Readings : From Paragraph to Essay
    Progressions with Readings : From Paragraph to Essay
  • Progressions with Readings : From Paragraph to Essay (with MyWritingLab Student Access Code Card)
    Progressions with Readings : From Paragraph to Essay (with MyWritingLab Student Access Code Card)
  • Progressions, with Readings : Paragraph to Essay
    Progressions, with Readings : Paragraph to Essay
  • Progressions, with Readings (with MyWritingLab Student Access Code Card)
    Progressions, with Readings (with MyWritingLab Student Access Code Card)


Progressions with Readings helps students learn the characteristics of effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays through unusually extensive support for the student by specifically showing what to do in every step of the writing process. New to the seventh edition: More focus on mixing rhetorical patterns has been added. New attention to student success is highlighted with "Succeeding in College" sections that focus on student achievement across the curriculum. Approximately one-third of the readings throughout the text are new selections. Greater essay coverage is provided, including more discussion of the thesis. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Checklists, Writing Process Tips, Editing Strategies, Strategies for Succeeding in Collegep. xv
Prefacep. xvii
The Writing Process
Planning and Writingp. 1
Planning Your Writing: Generating Ideasp. 2
Listingp. 2
Brainstormingp. 4
Clusteringp. 6
Freewritingp. 9
Journalingp. 10
Working Together: Generating Ideasp. 11
Planning Your Writing: Establishing Your Audience and Purposep. 12
Kinds of Detailsp. 13
Vocabularyp. 13
Approachp. 13
Planning Your Writing: Ordering Your Ideasp. 14
Chronological Orderp. 14
Spatial Orderp. 15
Emphatic Orderp. 16
Combining Ordersp. 17
Making a Scratch Outlinep. 18
Writing Your First Draftp. 20
Writing at the Computerp. 21
Observing a Student Writer at Workp. 22
Planning: Generating Ideasp. 22
Planning: Establishing Audience and Purposep. 23
Planning: Ordering Ideasp. 23
Writing the First Draftp. 23
Writing Assignmentp. 24
Writing Process Tips for Planning and Writing Your Paragraphp. 25
Succeeding in Collegep. 26
Rewritingp. 27
Rewriting: Revising Your First Draftp. 27
Get a Different Perspectivep. 28
Work in Stagesp. 29
Get Reader Responsep. 29
Trust Your Instinctsp. 31
Rewriting: Editing Your Draftp. 32
Get a Fresh Perspectivep. 33
Work Slowlyp. 34
Work in Stagesp. 34
Learn the Rulesp. 34
Trust Your Instinctsp. 34
Rewriting: Proofreading Your Final Copyp. 35
Writing at the Computerp. 36
Observing a Student Writer at Workp. 36
Rewriting: Considering Reader Responsep. 36
Rewriting: Revising the First Draftp. 37
Revising and Editing the Draftp. 39
Writing Assignmentp. 41
Writing Process Tips for Rewriting Your Paragraphp. 41
Succeeding in Collegep. 42
The Paragraph
Paragraph Basicsp. 45
A Sample Paragraphp. 45
The Topic Sentencep. 47
Writing Effective Topic Sentencesp. 49
Considering Your Writing Process: Planning, Writing, and Rewriting Your Topic Sentencep. 53
The Supporting Detailsp. 54
Adequate Supporting Detailp. 55
Specific Supporting Detailp. 57
Use Specific Wordsp. 58
Follow General Statements with Specific Statementsp. 62
Relevant Supporting Detailp. 65
Transitions and Repetition for Coherencep. 66
Considering Your Writing Process: Planning, Writing, and Rewriting Your Supporting Detailsp. 72
The Closingp. 72
Considering Your Writing Process: Planning, Writing, and Rewriting Your Closingp. 73
Writing Assignmentp. 74
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Paragraphp. 75
Succeeding in Collegep. 76
Narrationp. 78
A Sample Narrative Paragraphp. 78
The Topic Sentencep. 79
Supporting Detailsp. 80
Order and Transitionsp. 81
Writing Dialoguep. 82
The Closingp. 82
Writing Assignmentsp. 85
Combine Narration and Descriptionp. 85
Respond to a Photographp. 85
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Narrative Paragraphp. 86
Succeeding in Collegep. 87
Descriptionp. 88
A Sample Descriptive Paragraphp. 88
The Topic Sentencep. 89
Supporting Detailsp. 90
Order and Transitionsp. 91
The Closingp. 92
Writing Assignmentsp. 94
Combine Description and Cause and Effect Analysisp. 94
Respond to a Photographp. 94
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Descriptive Paragraphp. 95
Succeeding in Collegep. 96
Illustrationp. 97
A Sample Illustration Paragraphp. 97
The Topic Sentencep. 98
Supporting Detailsp. 99
Order and Transitionsp. 100
The Closingp. 102
Writing Assignmentsp. 104
Combine Illustration and Descriptionp. 104
Respond to an Advertisementp. 104
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Illustration Paragraphp. 105
Succeeding in Collegep. 106
Process Analysisp. 107
A Sample Process Analysisp. 107
The Topic Sentencep. 108
Supporting Detailsp. 109
Order and Transitionsp. 110
The Closingp. 111
Writing Assignmentsp. 113
Combine Process Analysis and Illustrationp. 113
Respond to a Photographp. 113
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Process Analysis Paragraphp. 114
Succeeding in Collegep. 115
Definitionp. 116
A Sample Definition Paragraphp. 116
The Topic Sentencep. 117
Supporting Detailsp. 118
Order and Transitionsp. 118
The Closingp. 120
Writing Assignmentsp. 122
Combine Definition and Illustrationp. 122
Respond to a Photographp. 123
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Definition Paragraphp. 123
Succeeding in Collegep. 124
Comparison and Contrastp. 125
Sample Comparison and Contrast Paragraphsp. 125
The Topic Sentencep. 126
Supporting Detailsp. 128
Order and Transitionsp. 128
The Closingp. 129
Writing Assignmentsp. 133
Combine Comparison and Contrast and Process Analysisp. 134
Respond to a Photographp. 134
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Comparison and Contrast Paragraphp. 134
Succeeding in Collegep. 135
Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 137
Sample Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 137
The Topic Sentencep. 138
Supporting Detailsp. 139
Order and Transitionsp. 141
The Closingp. 142
Writing Assignmentsp. 145
Combine Cause-and-Effect Analysis and Descriptionp. 145
Respond to an Advertisementp. 145
Writing Process Tips For Composing Your Cause-and-Effect Analysis Paragraphp. 146
Succeeding in Collegep. 146
Classificationp. 148
A Sample Classification Paragraphp. 148
The Topic Sentencep. 149
Supporting Detailsp. 150
Order and Transitionsp. 154
The Closingp. 154
Writing Assignmentsp. 157
Combine Classification and Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 157
Respond to a Photographp. 157
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Classification Paragraphp. 158
Succeeding in Collegep. 159
Argumentp. 160
A Sample Argument Paragraphp. 160
The Topic Sentencep. 161
Supporting Detailsp. 163
Order and Transitionsp. 164
The Closingp. 165
Writing Assignmentsp. 169
Combine Argument and Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 170
Respond to a Photographp. 170
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Argument Paragraphp. 171
Succeeding in Collegep. 171
The Essay
Writing an Essayp. 173
The Parts of an Essayp. 173
A Sample Essay: "No Degree Required"p. 174
The Introductionp. 176
The Thesisp. 176
The Qualities of an Effective Thesisp. 177
The Lead-Inp. 180
Supporting Paragraphsp. 181
The Topic Sentencep. 181
Supporting Detailsp. 182
A Supporting Paragraph to Studyp. 183
The Conclusionp. 185
Planning Your Essay with an Outline Mapp. 187
Student Essays to Studyp. 189
Narration: "A Deadly Afternoon"p. 190
Description: "My Place of Solitude"p. 191
Illustration: "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back"p. 191
Process Analysis: "Making Money with a Garage Sale"p. 192
Definition: "Runner's High"p. 193
Comparison and Contrast: "Identical but Different"p. 194
Cause-and-Effect Analysis: "What Happened When I Quit Smoking"p. 195
Classification: "Different Kinds of Shoppers"p. 196
Argument: "Let's Pay College Athletes"p. 197
Writing Assignmentsp. 198
Combine Description and Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 199
Respond to a Photographp. 199
Writing Process Tips for Composing Your Essayp. 199
Succeeding in Collegep. 200
Effective Sentences
Diagnostic Self-Assessment for Part Fourp. 203
Identifying Subjects and Verbsp. 206
Subjects and Verbsp. 207
Identifying Verbsp. 207
Action Verbsp. 208
Linking Verbsp. 208
Helping Verbsp. 209
Sentences with More Than One Verbp. 211
Identifying Subjectsp. 213
Sentences with Prepositional Phrasesp. 214
Sentences with Inverted Orderp. 216
Sentences with More Than One Subjectp. 217
Succeeding in Collegep. 220
Using Coordination and Subordinationp. 222
Identifying Clausesp. 223
Two Kinds of Clausesp. 224
Coordinationp. 225
Joining Main Clauses with Coordinating Conjunctionsp. 225
Joining Main Clauses with Conjunctive Adverbsp. 230
Subordinationp. 236
Joining a Main Clause with a Subordinate Clausep. 237
Joining a Main Clause with a Relative Clausep. 241
Succeeding in Collegep. 246
Avoiding Sentence Fragmentsp. 247
Identifying Sentence Fragmentsp. 248
Missing Subject Fragmentsp. 248
Incomplete Verb Fragmentsp. 251
Missing Subject and Verb Fragmentsp. 253
Subordinate Clause Fragmentsp. 255
Succeeding in Collegep. 260
Avoiding Run-On Sentences and Comma Splicesp. 262
Identifying Run-On Sentences and Comma Splicesp. 263
Correcting Run-Ons and Comma Splices with a Period and Capital Letterp. 263
Correcting Run-Ons and Comma Splices with a Comma and Coordinating Conjunctionp. 264
Correcting Run-Ons and Comma Splices with a Semicolonp. 266
Warning Words and Phrasesp. 268
Succeeding in Collegep. 270
Writing Sentences with Variety and Parallelismp. 272
Sentence Varietyp. 273
Begin with One or Two -ly Wordsp. 273
Begin with an -ing Verb or Phrasep. 275
Begin with an -ed Verb or Phrasep. 278
Begin with a Prepositional Phrasep. 280
Parallelism: Words in Series and Pairsp. 283
Parallelism: Pairs of Conjunctionsp. 287
Succeeding in Collegep. 289
Choosing Words Carefullyp. 291
Wordinessp. 292
Double Negativesp. 295
Slangp. 296
Clichesp. 297
Vocabulary Buildingp. 298
Succeeding in Collegep. 300
Comprehensive Post Test for Part Fourp. 302
Grammar and Usage
Diagnostic Self-Assessment for Part Fivep. 307
Using Verbs Correctlyp. 311
Verb Formsp. 312
Regular Verbsp. 313
Present Tense Forms for Regular Verbsp. 313
Past Tense Forms for Regular Verbsp. 316
Past Participle Forms for Regular Verbsp. 317
Irregular Verbsp. 318
Present Tense Forms for Irregular Verbsp. 321
Present Tense Forms for Be, Have, and Dop. 323
Past Tense Forms for Irregular Verbsp. 325
Past Tense Forms for Bep. 326
Past Participle Forms for Irregular Verbsp. 327
Subject-Verb Agreementp. 330
Compound Subjectsp. 333
Collective Noun Subjectsp. 334
Indefinite Pronoun Subjectsp. 335
Phrases between the Subject and Verbp. 336
Inverted Orderp. 337
Who, Which, Thatp. 338
Tense Shiftsp. 340
Succeeding in Collegep. 343
Using Pronouns Correctlyp. 345
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreementp. 346
Compound Subject Antecedentsp. 348
Collective Noun Antecedentsp. 349
Indefinite Pronoun Antecedentsp. 350
Nonsexist Usagep. 352
Phrases after the Antecedentp. 353
Pronoun Referencep. 355
Unclear Referencep. 355
Unstated Referencep. 356
Subject, Object, and Possessive Pronounsp. 360
Subject Pronounsp. 360
Object Pronounsp. 361
Possessive Pronounsp. 362
Who and Whomp. 362
Subject and Object Pronouns in Compoundsp. 364
Subject and Object Pronouns Paired with Nounsp. 366
Subject and Object Pronouns in Comparisonsp. 367
Person Shiftp. 368
Succeeding in Collegep. 374
Using Modifiers Correctlyp. 376
Adjectives and Adverbsp. 377
-ly Adverbsp. 378
Good/Wellp. 380
Comparative and Superlative Formsp. 381
Dangling Modifiersp. 384
Misplaced Modifiersp. 386
Succeeding in Collegep. 389
Using Capital Letters and Punctuation Correctlyp. 390
Capital Lettersp. 392
The Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Point to End Sentencesp. 398
The Periodp. 398
The Question Markp. 398
The Exclamation Pointp. 399
Commasp. 400
Commas with Datesp. 400
Commas with Places and Addressesp. 400
Commas with Words, Phrases, and Clauses in a Seriesp. 401
Commas with Coordinationp. 403
Commas with Introductory Elementsp. 404
Commas with Interruptersp. 405
Commas with Coordinate Modifiersp. 407
Commas with Direct Addressp. 408
Semicolonsp. 409
Semicolons to Separate Main Clausesp. 409
Semicolons with Items in a Seriesp. 410
Colons, Parentheses, and Dashesp. 412
The Colonp. 412
Parenthesesp. 413
The Dashp. 413
Apostrophesp. 414
Apostrophes for Possessionp. 414
Apostrophes with Contractionsp. 417
Other Uses for the Apostrophep. 419
Quotation Marksp. 420
Quotation Marks with Exact Spoken or Written Wordsp. 420
Quotation Marks with Titles of Short Published Worksp. 423
Succeeding in Collegep. 425
Eliminating Problems with Frequently Confused Words and Spellingp. 427
Frequently Confused Wordsp. 428
A/Anp. 428
Accept/Exceptp. 428
Advice/Advisep. 429
Affect/Effectp. 430
All Ready/Alreadyp. 431
All Right/Alrightp. 431
Among/Betweenp. 431
Been/Beingp. 432
Beside/Besidesp. 433
Can/Couldp. 434
Fewer/Lessp. 435
Good/Wellp. 435
It's/Itsp. 436
Of/Havep. 437
Passed/Pastp. 437
Quiet/Quit/Quitep. 438
Suppose/Supposedp. 439
Then/Thanp. 440
There/Their/They'rep. 441
Through/Though/Threwp. 442
To/Too/Twop. 443
Use/Usedp. 444
Where/Were/We'rep. 444
Will/Wouldp. 445
Whose/Who'sp. 446
Your/You'rep. 447
Spellingp. 448
Spelling Rulesp. 448
Frequently Misspelled Wordsp. 453
The Hyphenp. 454
Succeeding in Collegep. 457
Comprehensive Post Test for Part Fivep. 459
Sentence Skills Workshop
Editing for One Kind of Errorp. 463
Editing for Multiple Kinds of Errorsp. 477
From Reading to Writing
Writing in Response to Readingp. 487
Active Readingp. 487
Surveyingp. 488
Reading without Interruptionp. 489
Reading and Studyingp. 489
Testing Yourselfp. 489
A Sample Active Readingp. 489
"Students in Shock"p. 490
Narrationp. 494
"Did I Save Lives or Engage in Racial Profiling?"p. 494
Descriptionp. 498
"A Link to the Living"p. 498
Illustrationp. 501
"Words that Wound"p. 501
Process Analysisp. 505
"Dumpster Diving"p. 505
Definitionp. 508
"Supermodel?"p. 508
Comparison and Contrastp. 512
"They Shut My Grandmother's Room Door"p. 512
Cause-and-Effect Analysisp. 515
"Sometimes Honesty Is the Worst Policy"p. 515
Classificationp. 518
"Mother Tongue"p. 518
Argumentp. 524
"Money for Morality"p. 524
Succeeding in Collegep. 527
Writing Summaries and Essay Examination Answersp. 528
Writing a Summaryp. 528
The Characteristics of a Summaryp. 528
How to Write a Summaryp. 531
A Sample Summaryp. 532
"How Bingeing Became the New College Sport"p. 533
Writing Essay Examination Answersp. 535
How to Take Essay Examinationsp. 535
Test-Taking Strategiesp. 537
Two Answers to Studyp. 538
Succeeding in Collegep. 539
Ten Tips for ESL Studentsp. 541
Answers to Diagnostic Self-Assessments and Pretestsp. 545
Creditsp. 551
Indexp. 552
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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