The American Past A Survey of American History, Volume II: Since 1865

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  • Edition: 8th
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006-03-16
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
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Now in its Eighth Edition, Conlin's introductory American history text continues to offer a colorful and engaging look at the individuals, events, and ideas that have shaped our nation's past. Accessible and lively, it sets the story in political context, while providing balanced coverage of social, cultural, economic, intellectual, constitutional, diplomatic, and military events. Consistent scholarship and a unique organization make this book comprehensive and manageable. The text benefits from Conlin's literary prose style, which lends a unifying voice that captures and holds students' interest. Conlin's text is available in the following volume options: THE AMERICAN PAST: A SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY, Comprehensive, (Chapters 1-51), ISBN: 0495050148; VOLUME I:TO 1877, (Chapters 1-25), ISBN: 0495050571; VOLUME II: SINCE 1865, (Chapters 25-51), ISBN: 0495050598.

Table of Contents

List of Mapsp. xv
How They Livedp. xvii
Prefacep. xix
Aftermath: Reconstructing the Union; Failing the Freedmen 1865-1877p. 408
The Reconstruction Crisisp. 408
1866: The Critical Yearp. 413
Radical Reconstructionp. 415
How They Lived: Gullahp. 416
Grant's Troubled Administrationp. 420
The Twilight of Reconstructionp. 421
Further Readingp. 423
Key Termsp. 423
Online Sources Guidep. 423
Parties, Patronage, and Pork: Politics in the Late Nineteenth Centuryp. 424
How the System Workedp. 425
Presidents and Personalitiesp. 429
How They Lived: A District Leader's Dayp. 432
Issuesp. 436
Politics in the Citiesp. 437
Further Readingp. 440
Key Termsp. 441
Online Sources Guidep. 441
Technology, Industry, and Business: Economic Revolution in the Late Nineteenth Centuryp. 442
A Land Made for Industryp. 442
Conquering the Wide-Open Spacesp. 448
The Transcontinental Linesp. 452
How They Lived: Building the Transcontinentalp. 452
The Organizersp. 455
Further Readingp. 45
Key Termsp. 460
Online Sources Guidep. 460
Living with Leviathan: Big Business and Great Wealthp. 461
Regulating Railroads and Trustsp. 462
Social Criticsp. 465
Defenders of the Faithp. 467
How They Lived: The Last Dance of the Idle Richp. 468
How the Very Rich Livedp. 470
Further Readingp. 473
Key Termsp. 474
Online Sources Guidep. 474
We Who Built America: Factories and Immigrantsp. 475
A New Way of Lifep. 475
Who Were the Workers?p. 477
Organize!p. 479
Nation of Immigrantsp. 483
Ethnic Americap. 485
How They Lived: Crossing the Atlanticp. 486
Further Readingp. 490
Key Termsp. 490
Online Sources Guidep. 491
Urban America: The Growth of Big Cities and Big City Problemsp. 492
Cities as Alien Enclavesp. 492
Of the Growth of Great Citiesp. 496
How They Lived: Sweatshopsp. 500
The Evils of City Lifep. 501
Further Readingp. 504
Key Termsp. 505
Online Sources Guidep. 505
The Last Frontier: Winning the Last of the West 1865-1900p. 506
The Last Frontierp. 506
The Cattle Kingdomp. 515
How They Lived: Punching Cowsp. 516
The Wild West in American Culturep. 518
The Mining Frontierp. 520
Further Readingp. 522
Key Termsp. 522
Online Sources Guidep. 522
Stressful Times Down Home: American Agriculture 1865-1896p. 523
Farming in a Dry Landp. 524
Southern Farmersp. 527
Protest and Organizationp. 529
The Money Questionp. 530
How They Lived: The Cigarette Kingdomp. 531
The Populistsp. 533
Further Readingp. 536
Key Termsp. 537
Online Sources Guidep. 537
The Days of McKinley: The United States as a World Power 1896-1903p. 538
The Landmark Election of 1896p. 538
Jim Crow Segregationp. 542
An American Empirep. 544
The Spanish-American Warp. 546
How They Lived: Avenging the Mainep. 549
Empire Confirmedp. 550
Further Readingp. 555
Key Termsp. 555
Online Sources Guidep. 556
The World of Teddy Roosevelt: Society and Culture in Transition 1890-1917p. 557
Symbol of an Agep. 558
The New Middle Classp. 560
A Lively Culturep. 563
Americans at Playp. 566
How They Lived: Coney Island: Democratic Amusementp. 566
Sportsp. 570
Further Readingp. 572
Key Termsp. 573
Online Sources Guidep. 573
Age of Reform: The Progressivesp. 574
The Progressivesp. 574
Progressivism Down Homep. 578
Making People Betterp. 581
How They Lived: Bindlestiffs, Tramps, and Bumsp. 582
Left of Progressivismp. 585
Further Readingp. 587
Key Termsp. 588
Online Sources Guidep. 588
The Progressive Presidents: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson 1901-1916p. 589
T. R. Takes Overp. 589
Roosevelt's Reformsp. 592
A Conservative President in a Progressive Erap. 594
How They Lived: The Mann Actp. 595
Democratic Party Progressivismp. 598
Further Readingp. 601
Key Termsp. 601
Online Sources Guidep. 601
Over There: The United States and the First World War 1914-1918p. 602
Wilson, the World, and Mexicop. 602
The Great Warp. 605
How They Lived: The Tin Lizziep. 611
America Goes to Warp. 612
Further Readingp. 617
Key Termsp. 618
Online Sources Guidep. 618
Over Here: World War I at Home 1917-1920p. 619
The Progressive Warp. 619
Social Changesp. 622
Conformity and Repressionp. 625
Wilson and the League of Nationsp. 628
How They Lived: "They Dropped Like Flies": The Great Flu Epidemicp. 628
Further Readingp. 634
Key Termsp. 635
Online Sources Guidep. 635
Troubled Years: America after the Great War 1919-1923p. 636
"The Worst President"p. 637
Postwar Tensions: Labor, Reds, Immigrantsp. 639
Racial Tensionsp. 642
How They Lived: The National Pastime Businessp. 645
Prohibition and Fundamentalismp. 646
Further Readingp. 649
Key Termsp. 650
Online Sources Guidep. 650
Calvin Coolidge and the New Era: When America Was Business 1923-1929p. 651
The Coolidge Yearsp. 651
Prosperity and Business Culturep. 654
Get Rich Quickp. 659
How They Lived: Fads, Sensations, and Ballyhoop. 660
Further Readingp. 664
Key Termsp. 664
Online Sources Guidep. 664
Hard Times: The Great Depression 1930-1933p. 665
The Face of the Creaturep. 665
The Failure of the Old Orderp. 668
How They Lived: Weeknights at Eightp. 671
Responses to Hard Timesp. 672
The Election of 1932p. 676
Further Readingp. 677
Key Termsp. 678
Online Sources Guidep. 678
Rearranging America: FDR and the New Deal 1933-1938p. 679
The Pleasant Man Who Changed Americap. 679
The Hundred Daysp. 682
New Deal-Failures and Successesp. 685
How They Lived: Not Feeling Sorry for the Richp. 687
Populist Spellbindersp. 688
The Legacy of the New Dealp. 690
Further Readingp. 693
Key Termsp. 693
Online Sources Guidep. 694
The Second Great War: America and the World 1933-1942p. 695
New Deal Foreign Policyp. 695
The World Goes to Warp. 698
The United States and the Warp. 701
America Goes to Warp. 703
How They Lived: Rationing and Scrap Drivesp. 706
Further Readingp. 710
Key Termsp. 710
Online Sources Guidep. 710
World War II: The Pinnacle of Power 1942-1945p. 711
Stopping Japanp. 711
Defeating Germany Firstp. 716
The Twilight of Japan, the Nuclear Dawnp. 721
How They Lived: Amphibious Landingp. 722
Further Readingp. 726
Key Termsp. 727
Online Sources Guidep. 727
Cold War: The United States and the Nuclear Age 1946-1952p. 728
The Shadow of Cold Warp. 728
Domestic Politics Under Trumanp. 733
Success in Japan, Conflict with Chinap. 736
Years of Tensionp. 740
How They Lived: The Negro Leaguesp. 740
Further Readingp. 745
Key Termsp. 745
Online Sources Guidep. 746
"Happy Days": Popular Culture in the Fifties 1947-1963p. 747
Let the Good Times Rollp. 747
Suburbiap. 753
Dissentersp. 758
How They Lived: The World of Fashionp. 759
Further Readingp. 761
Key Termsp. 762
Online Sources Guidep. 762
Cold War and Civil Rights: The Eisenhower and Kennedy Years 1953-1963p. 763
The Middle of the Roadp. 763
How They Lived: Answer the Door, Somebody's Ringing the Bellp. 768
1960: Changing of the Guardp. 769
Kennedy Foreign Policyp. 771
Civil Rights: The Battle in the Courtsp. 773
Civil Rights: From the Courts to the Streetsp. 777
Further Readingp. 780
Key Termsp. 780
Online Sources Guidep. 781
Johnson's Great Society: Reform and Conflict 1961-1968p. 782
LBJp. 782
The Great Societyp. 784
Vietnam! Vietnam!p. 787
Mr. Johnson's Warp. 789
Troubled Yearsp. 790
How They Lived: The Drug Culturep. 792
The Election of 1968p. 795
Further Readingp. 798
Key Termsp. 799
Online Sources Guidep. 799
The Presidency in Crisis: The Nixon, Ford, and Carter Administrations 1968-1980p. 800
The Nixon Presidencyp. 800
Nixon and Vietnamp. 804
Nixon-Kissinger Foreign Policyp. 806
Watergate and Gerald Fordp. 808
How They Lived: Sex: From No-No to Everybody's Doing Itp. 810
Quiet Crisisp. 814
Further Readingp. 816
Key Termsp. 817
Online Sources Guidep. 817
Morning in America: The Age of Reagan 1980-1993p. 818
The Ayatollah and the Actorp. 818
The Reagan Revolutionp. 821
Foreign Policy in the Eightiesp. 824
The Bush Presidencyp. 827
Further Readingp. 832
Key Termsp. 832
Online Sources Guidep. 833
The Millennium Years: Decadence? Renewal? 1993-2006p. 834
Cultural Dissonancep. 835
Clinton and the Worldp. 838
Clintonian Americap. 841
Catastrophe, Renewal, Warp. 847
Further Readingp. 852
Key Termsp. 853
Online Sources Guidep. 853
Appendixp. 1
Key Termsp. 1
Photo Creditsp. 1
Indexp. 1
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