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Our Logo

The official logo of

Usage of the official logo of

Logo with tagline is shown above.
Print minimum width 2.00''
On screen minimum width 200 pixels

Logo without tagline is shown above.
Print minimum width 1.38''
On screen minimum width 100 pixels

The official logomark of - the "e"

Usage of the official logomark of

Either versions of the logomark are acceptable in space restricted design situations. For example, the logomark is used as's social media avatar.

Our Brand Colors

The official colors

HEX #0055A3
RGB 0/85/163
CMYK 98/74/3/0

RGB 255/221/0
CMYK 2/9/99/0

Pantone Color Application

When applying the official Pantone blue to print materials, if using coated stock, the blue option is Pantone 300C and for uncoated stock, Pantone 300U.

If Pantone color implementation is not available because of production costs, please refer to the CMYK color breakdown equivalents.

Digital Color Application

When selecting the official blue and yellow for web-based materials, use the HEX and RGB equivalents.


The official typeface of is FSAlbert

FSAlbert Thin FSAlbert Bold
FSAlbert Light FSAlbert Extra Bold

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About Us

If you are linking to in a news article and wish to include more information about us, please use the following about section: is a premier online retailer of new, used and electronic textbooks for sale or rent, study materials and book buyback services. The website launched on July 2nd, 1999, the birthday of original investor, Dave Thomas of Wendy's, and pioneered selling used textbooks online. Unlike other dot-com companies at the time,'s executive team brought with them invaluable experience in the textbook industry. The company has repeatedly found success in their ability to be agile and innovative, adapting to the ever-changing textbook market.'s mission is to set online bookstore industry standards for savings, selection, convenience and customer service as expressed in its slogan "Textbooks Easy. Fast. Cheap!"


Always use a lowercase 'e' and capital 'C' when referencing
Example: saves college students up to 90% on textbooks.

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