Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

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  • Edition: 5th
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 1992-05-01
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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First published in 1965, the Sixth Edition of Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals has been fully updated to include current science and terminology (specifically neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, and reproductive physiology). A chapter on Body Defenses has been added, including information on vaccination. In addition, information on the domestic chicken has been added throughout the book. This book maintains a strong reputation for use in academic concentrations in animal and agricultural sciences, as well as reaching into veterinary fields.

Author Biography

R. D. Frandson, BS, DVM, MS: Professor Emeritus, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University Fort Collins W. Lee Wilke, DVM, PhD: Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University Fort Collins Anna Dee Fails, DVM, PhD: Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University Fort Collins

Table of Contents

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiologyp. 1
Descriptive Terms Useful in the Study of Anatomyp. 3
Microscopic Anatomy: Animal Cells and Tissuesp. 4
The General Plan of the Animal Bodyp. 11
Anatomy and Physiology of the Cellp. 14
Properties of Lifep. 15
Chemical Composition of the Cellp. 16
Microscopic Study of the Cellp. 21
The Cell Membranep. 24
Transport Across Cell Membranesp. 27
Membrane Potentials and Excitable Cellsp. 32
Membrane Receptors and Intracellular Signalingp. 33
Cytoplasm and Cytoplasmic Organellesp. 35
Nucleusp. 38
Cell Divisionp. 44
Regulation of Cell Growth and Replicationp. 46
Embryologyp. 47
Development of Germ Layersp. 47
Neurulationp. 49
Differentiation of Other Tissuesp. 49
The Skeletal Systemp. 54
Functions of Bonesp. 54
Terminologyp. 57
Classification of Bones According to Gross Appearancep. 59
Axial Skeletonp. 59
Appendicular Skeletonp. 65
Microscopic Anatomy and Growth and Development of Bonep. 72
Microscopic Anatomy and Formation of Bonep. 72
Ossificationp. 73
Physiology of Bonep. 76
Fractures and Fracture Healingp. 77
Other Pathologic Conditionsp. 79
Jointsp. 81
Classification of Jointsp. 81
Movements of Jointsp. 84
Types of Synovial Jointsp. 85
Joints of the Axial Skeletonp. 85
Joints of the Appendicular Skeletonp. 86
Pathology of Joints and Related Structuresp. 91
Anatomy of the Muscular Systemp. 94
Types of Muscle Tissuep. 94
Functions of the Muscular Systemp. 95
Skeletal Muscle Organizationp. 95
Muscles of the Thoracic Limbp. 101
Muscles of the Pelvic Limbp. 107
Muscles of the Headp. 110
Muscles of the Trunk and Neckp. 111
Microscopic Anatomy and Physiology of Musclep. 115
Skeletal Musclep. 115
Smooth Musclep. 125
Cardiac Musclep. 129
Anatomy of the Nervous Systemp. 130
Microscopic Neuroanatomyp. 131
Embryologyp. 133
Central Nervous Systemp. 136
Peripheral Nervous Systemp. 143
Autonomic Nervous Systemp. 147
Enteric Nervous Systemp. 151
Physiology of the Nervous Systemp. 153
Physiology of the Nerve Impulsep. 153
Synaptic Transmissionp. 154
Neurotransmittersp. 156
Neural Control of Skeletal Musclep. 157
Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous Systemp. 161
Regeneration and Repair in the Nervous Systemp. 163
Sense Organsp. 165
Sensory Receptorsp. 166
Somatosensationp. 167
Visceral Sensationsp. 169
Chemical Sensesp. 169
Hearing and Balancep. 171
Visionp. 178
Endocrinologyp. 185
Hormones and Their Receptorsp. 186
Cellular Effects of Peptide Hormonesp. 189
Cellular Effects of Steroid and Thyroid Hormonesp. 190
Negative and Positive Feedback Regulationp. 190
Hypothalamopituitary Axisp. 191
Hormones of the Neurohypophysisp. 192
Hormones of the Adenohypophysisp. 193
Other Endocrine Glandsp. 198
The Integumentp. 201
Integumentp. 201
Skinp. 201
Adnexa of the Skinp. 204
Modified Epidermisp. 206
Coat Color in Horsesp. 211
Woolp. 212
Anatomy and Physiology of the Foot of the Horsep. 214
Structure of the Footp. 215
Functionp. 225
Blood and Other Body Fluidsp. 233
Bloodp. 233
Plasma and Serump. 241
Blood pHp. 241
Hemostasis and Coagulationp. 241
Lymphp. 245
Serous Fluidsp. 245
Body Defenses and the Immune Systemp. 246
Introductionp. 246
Nonspecific Defensesp. 247
Specific Immune Responsep. 248
B Lymphocytesp. 249
Immunoglobinsp. 249
T Cells and Cell-Mediated Immunityp. 251
Lymphocyte Orgin, Development and Residencep. 252
Active and Passive Immunitiesp. 253
Immunological Surveillancep. 253
Lymphatic Systemp. 253
Anatomy of the Cardiovascular Systemp. 258
Heartp. 258
Vesselsp. 260
Pulmonary Circulationp. 264
Systemic Circulationp. 264
Veinsp. 270
Physiology of the Heart and Circulationp. 275
Basic Design and Function of the Cardiovascular Systemp. 275
Cardiac Cyclep. 277
Electrical Activity of the Heartp. 279
Cardiac Output and Its Regulationp. 281
Structure and Function of Blood Vesselsp. 282
Regulation of Arterial Blood Pressure and Blood Volumep. 285
Cardiovascular Function During Exercise and Hypovolemiap. 287
The Respiratory Systemp. 289
Upper Respiratory Tractp. 289
Thoraxp. 296
Physiology of Respirationp. 299
Anatomy of the Digestive Systemp. 306
Organization of the Digestive Systemp. 306
Mouthp. 308
Pharynxp. 312
Esophagusp. 313
Nonruminant Stomachp. 315
Ruminant Stomachp. 318
Small Intestinep. 320
Large Intestinep. 321
Peritoneal Featuresp. 325
Accessory Digestive Organsp. 325
Physiology of Digestionp. 329
Pregastric Physiologyp. 331
Ruminant Forestomachp. 333
Gastric Physiologyp. 335
Physiology of the Small Intestine, Exocrine Pancreas, and Liverp. 336
Physiology of the Cecum and Colonp. 341
Rectum and Defecationp. 341
Nutrition and Metabolismp. 343
Nutritionp. 343
Metabolismp. 344
The Urinary Systemp. 350
Anatomy of the Kidneyp. 350
Ureters, Urinary Bladder, and Urethrap. 354
Micturitionp. 355
Overview of Function and Histology of the Kidneysp. 350
Glomermular Filtrationp. 357
Proximal Tubule Transportp. 359
Concentration and Dilution of Urine: Role of Loop of Henle and Collecting Duct Transportp. 359
Sodium, Potassium, and Aldosteronep. 364
Urine Acidificationp. 364
Regulation of Acid-Base Balancep. 365
Anatomy of the Male Reproductive Systemp. 367
Testisp. 367
Epididymisp. 369
Ductus Deferensp. 370
Scrotump. 370
Inguinal Canalp. 372
Descent of the Testisp. 372
Castrationp. 374
Accessory Sex Glandsp. 375
Penisp. 376
Prepucep. 378
Muscles of the Male Genitaliap. 378
Blood and Nerve Supply of the Male Genitaliap. 379
Physiology of Male Reproductionp. 380
Seminiferous Tubules and Spermatogenesisp. 380
Epididymisp. 384
Semen and Semen Technologyp. 384
Hormones of Male Reproductionp. 385
Erection and Ejaculationp. 356
Anatomy of the Female Reproductive Systemp. 387
Ovariesp. 387
Uterine Tubesp. 390
Uterusp. 390
Vaginap. 393
Vestibule and Vulvap. 393
Blood and Nerve Supply of the Female Reproductive Tractp. 394
The Ovary and Estrous Cyclesp. 395
Oogenesisp. 395
Ovulationp. 399
Corpus Luteump. 400
Phases of the Estrous Cyclep. 401
Specifics of Selected Estrous Cyclesp. 402
Pregnancy and Parturitionp. 405
Fertilizationp. 405
Implantation and Placentationp. 408
Hormones of Pregnancyp. 410
Pregnancy Diagnosisp. 411
Parturitionp. 412
Fetal Presentations and Deliveryp. 413
Dystociap. 414
Anatomy and Physiology of the Mammary Glandsp. 415
Mammary Glands of the Cowp. 416
Microscopic Anatomy of the Mammary Glandp. 420
Mammary Glands of Swinep. 421
Mammary Glands of Sheep and Goatsp. 421
Mammary Glands of the Horsep. 421
Physiology of Lactationp. 421
Abbreviationsp. 428
Table of the Organsp. 432
Bibliographyp. 451
Indexp. 453
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