Atlas of World History

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 1999-12-02
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Synthesizing exceptional cartography and impeccable scholarship, the Atlas of World History traces 12,000 years of history with 450 full color maps and over 200,000 words of text. In addition, more than 200 illustrations and tables complement the fascinating chronological narrative written bydozens premiere scholars and edited by Patrick O'Brien, former Director of the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London. Longer essays outline worldwide trends, political developments and military conflicts, highlighting the most significant socio-economic, cultural and religiousthemes for five pivotal historical periods. What truly distinguishes the Concise Atlas of World History from competitive Eurocentric volumes, is its devotion the rich past of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Cross references and an 8,000 entry index with alternative name forms also permit movementthrough regions and time periods with the utmost of ease.

Table of Contents

Foreword 10(2)
Colonization of the world 1.8 million years ago to 10,000 BC
The spread of farming c. 10,000--3000 BC
Civilizations c. 3000--1700 BC
Civilizations c. 500--200 BC
The world AD 200--500
The Human Revolution:
5 Million Years Ago to 10,000 BC:
Early hominids
The spread of hominids
Colonization of the globe
From Hunting to Farming: Asia 12,000 BC--AD 500
Hunter-gatherers in Asia
The birth of farming in the Fertile Crescent
Farmers of West and South Asia
The spread of farming in East Asia
From Hunting To Farming: Europe 8000--200 BC
The spread of farming in Europe 7000--3500 BC
The age of copper 3500--2000 BC
Bronze Age Europe 2500--800 BC
Celtic Europe 800--200 BC
From Hunting to Farming: Africa 10,000 BC--AD 500
Postglacial hunter-gathers in the 10th--6th millennia BC
Farming in the 7th-1st millennia BC
Trade and industry in the 1st millennium BC
The spread of Bantu speakers
From Hunting to Farming: The Americas 12,000--1000 BC
Colonization of the Americas
Hunter-gathers and early farmers in North America from 8000 BC
Farming in Mesoamerica 7000--1200 BC
Farming in South America from 6500 BC
From Hunting to Farming: Australia and the Pacific 10,000 BC--AD 1000
Colonization of the Pacific
Adapting to Australia
Easter Island
New Zealand
The First Civilizations: Mesopotamia and the Indus Region 4000--1800 BC
Mesopotamia in the Early Dynastic Period c. 2900 BC
The city of Warka
The city of Mohenjo-Daro
International trade in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC
The Indus civilization
The First Civilizations: Egypt 3500--2180 BC and China 1700--1050 BC
Old Kingdom Egypt
Bronze-working in China
Shang China c. 1700--1050 BC
Civilizations in Mesoamerica 1200 BC--AD 700
The Olmec c. 1200--300 BC
Classic highland civilizations c. AD 1--700
Patterns of urbanization
Early Classic Maya c. AD 200--550
Cultures in South America 1400 BC--AD 1000
Pre-Chavin and Chavin 1400--200 BC
Nazca and Moche 375 BC--AD 650
Tiwanaku and Huari AD 400--1000
Irrigation systems in the Andean region
The Mediterranean and the Gulf Region 2000--1000 BC
Empires and trade in the 2nd millennium BC
Middle and New Kingdom Egypt 2055--1069
Invasions and migrations in the Mediterranean c. 1200 BC
Empires and Traders 1200--600 BC
The Assyrian Empire 911--824 BC
Phoenicia, Philistia, Israel and Judah
The Phoenicians c. 800 BC
Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian and Median Empires 750--550 BC
Classical Greece 750--400 BC
Vegetation and agriculture
Colonization and trade 750--550 BC
The Persian Wars 492--479 BC
The Peloponnesian War 431--404 BC
The Achaemend and Hellenistic World 600--30 BC
The expansion of the Achaemenid Empire
The growth of Macedonia
The Hellenistic world
The successor kingdoms
The Birth of World Religions 1500 BC--AD 600
World religions to AD 600
The spread of Buddhism to AD 600
The Holy Land
The origins and spread of Christianity to AD 600
First Empires in India 600 BC--AD 500
Kingdoms and empires 400 BC--AD 500
Invaders and settlers
Town and country
Trade and religion
First Empires in China 1100 BC--AD 220
The emergence of unified China 350--221 BC
The Han Empire 206 BC--AD 220
The city of Chang'an
Agriculture and commerce 1st century BC
Peoples of Central Asia 6000 BC--AD 500
Southwestern Central Asia c. 6000--2000 BC
Central Asia c. 2000--1000 BC
Spread of Indo-European languages
Nomad confederacies 800 BC--AD 100
Nomads in the 4th and 5th centuries AD
Eurasian Trade 150 BC--AD 500
Trading networks 150 BC--AD 500
Southeast Asia 150 BC--AD 500
The Roman Empire 500 BC--AD 400
The Roman Empire AD 106
The defence of the empire AD 100--300
Trade in the Roman Empire
Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire 100--500
Germanic tribes in the 1st century AD
Barbarians beyond the frontier 100--350
Invasions and migrations 375--450
Successor kingdoms c. 500
Food production in the 15th century
States, empires and cultural regions c. 1200
Religions of the Medieval World 600--1500
World religions 750--1450
The Christian world c. 700--1050
Religions in Asia c. 1500
Kingdoms of Southeast Asia 500--1500
Kingdoms in mainland Southeast Asia 500--800
Kingdoms and empires 800--1200
Kingdoms, sultanates and trade 1200--1450
The Byzantine Empire 527--1025
Boundaries and campaigns of conquest 527--1025
The themes c. 1025
Religion and trade
Constantinople c. 1025
The Spread of Islam 630--1000
The Islamic conquests to 750
Territories controlled by Abbasid caliph in the 9th century
The early Abbasid city of Baghdad
Central Islamic lands in the 10th century
The First Slavic States 400--1000
The spread of Slavic culture 300--660
State formation c. 800--1000
Trade c. 700--1000
Slavic states c. 1000
East Asia in the Tang Period 618--907
East and Central Asia 618--907
Tang China 618--907
Korea c. 600
Korea and Japan 750--900
Frankish Kingdoms 200--900
The growth of Frankish kingdoms
The empire of Charlemagne and his successors
The Carolingian Renaissance
The 9th-century Frankish economy
Peoples of the European Steppe 350--1000
Hunnic campaigns in the 5th century
The Avars in the 6th century
The western steppe c. 895
The Magyars 896--955
The Vikings 800--1100
Voyages of exploration
Viking trade and raids
Conquest and settlement 865--92
Conquest and settlement 892--911
The kingdom of Denmark in the 11th century
States and Trade in West Africa 500--1500
States in West Africa 500--1500
Vegetation zones in West Africa
Principal trade commodities and trade routes 800--1500
States and Trade in East Africa 500--1500
States and trading communities
Trade routes and commodities
Great Zimbabwe
Civilizations in MesoAmerica and South America 500--1500
Sican and Chimu cultures 850--1475
Late Classic Maya 550--900
Post-Classic Yucatan and highland Mexico c. 900--1500
Western Mesoamerica 500--1475
East Asia 907--1600
China under the Northern Song c. 1000
East Asia in 1150
Korea under the Koryo dynasty 936--1392
Korea and Japan 1400--1600
The Muslim World 1000--1400
The Muslim world 1022
The Seljuk Empire 1092
The Muslim world 1200
India under the Sultanate of Delhi 1211--1398
The Muslim world 1308
The Holy Roman Empire 962--1356
The Holy Roman Empire c. 950--1360
Switzerland 1291--1529
German expansion to c. 1360
France, Spain and England 900--1300
The kingdoms of France and Burgundy c. 1050
Spain 1157
Spain and the western Mediterranean 1300
English lands 1295
The kingdoms of France and Arles 1265
The World of the Crusaders 1095--1291
The First Crusade 1095--99
The Crusader States 1140
The Crusader States 1186
The Third Crusade 1189--92
The Fifth Crusade 1217--21
The Decline of the Byzantine and Rise of the Ottoman Empires 1025--1500
The Byzantine Empire 1025--1096
The Balkans and Anatolia after the fall of Constantinople 1204
The Byzantine Empire: restoration and decline 1340--60
The growth of the Ottoman Empire 1307--1481
The Mongol Empire 1206--1405
The Mongol conquests 1207--79
Mongol campaigns in eastern Europe
The successor khanates
Area subjugated by Timur-leng 1360--1405
The Economy of Europe 950--1300
The rise of specialist production in western Europe from 950
Rural growth: the Chartres region of France
Urban growth across Europe
Mediterranean trade in the 12th and 13th centuries
Urban Communities in Western Europe 1000--1500
The urban population of Europe c. 1300
Northern and central Italy c. 1500
The Low Countries c. 1500
Crisis in Europe and Asia 1330--52
Eurasian trade routes in the 14th century
The spread of the Black Death in Europe
Europe 1350--1500
Europe c. 1400
The Hundred Years War 1337--1453
The Church during the Great Schism 1378--1417
The economy after the Black Death
Cultures in North America 500--1500
The Pueblo Peoples
Chaco Canyon
Moundbuilders of the Mississippi
Native American peoples c. 1500
Movements of Native American peoples 14th to 18th centuries
The Inca and Aztec Empires 1400--1540
The Inca Empire
Plan of Inca Cuzco
The provinces of the Aztec Empire c. 1520
Eurasian land empires c. 1700
European world trade 1500
World trading empires 1770
The European Discovery of the World 1450--1600
Voyages of exploration 1485--1600
Routes across the Pacific
Europeans in Asia 1500--1790
The Portuguese in Asia c. 1580
European activity in Asia c. 1650
Principal commodities in Asian trade 1600--1750
Spain and the Americas 1492--1550
The Caribbean 1492--1550
Central and southern North America 1519--1550
Cortes expedition to Tenochtitlan
South America 1526--50
The Colonization of Central and South America 1500--1780
Mexico, Central America and eastern Caribbean 1520--1750
Spanish and Portuguese South America 1525--1750
Administrative divisions of Spanish and Portuguese America 1780
The Colonization of North America and the Caribbean 1600--1763
Colonization of the North American mainland to 1750
Colonization of the Caribbean 1625--1763
The Seven Years War 1756--63
Slave Economies of the Western Hemisphere 1500--1880
The transatlantic slave trade
Slave economies of the western hemisphere
The Growth of the Atlantic Economies 1620--1775
The distribution of population in Europe c. 1650
The Atlantic economies 1650--1750
The Rise of European Commercial Empires 1600--1800
European empires and trade
World silver flows 1650--1750
European Urbanization 1500--1800
European urbanization 1500
European urbanization 1600
European urbanization 1700
European urbanization 1800
The growth of London 1600--1700
The Development of Science and Technology in Europe 1500--1770
Centres of learning c. 1770
Scientific and technological innovations 1650--1735
Africa 1500--1800
Peoples, kingdoms and economic activity 1500--1800
Towns and trade centres of the Gold and Slave Coasts 1500--1800
Ming and Manchu Qing China 1368--1800
Trade and production centres in the Ming period
Voyages of Zheng He 1405--33
Ming and Manchu Qing imperial borders
Tokugawa Japan 1603--1867
Major domains and regions in the late Tokugawa period
Major transport routes in the late Tokugawa period
Urbanization in the late Tokugawa period
The Ottoman and Safavid Empires 1500--1683
The growth of the Ottoman Empire to 1683
The making of the Ottoman-Safavid frontier 1514--1639
Trade routes in the 16th and 17th centuries
India Under the Mughals 1526--1765
Mughal conquests 1506--1605
Trade and manufacturing
Expansion and encroachments 1605--1707
An empire in decline
European States 1500--1600
Europe c. 1560
France in the 16th century
Italy 1500--59
The Expansion of Russia 1462--1795
The expansion of Muscovy
The growth of the Russian Empire
Russian development in the west 1598--1795
Sweden, Poland and the Baltic 1500--1795
Swedish expansion in the 16th and 17th centuries
Swedish military activity c. 1620--1710
Sweden in 1721
The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania 1462--1672
Partitions of Poland 1772--95
The Habsburg Empire 1490--1700
The Habsburg Empire 1556--1618
The Burgundian inheritance
The Habsburgs in central Europe 1618--1700
The Reformation and Counter Reformation in Europe 1517--1648
The Protestant and Catholic Reformation
The Reformation in Switzerland
The Reformation and religious conflict in France
Revolution and Stability in Europe 1600--1785
Wars and revolts in Europe 1618--1680
The acquisitions of Louis XIV 1643--1715
The expansion of Prussia 1618--1795
The Development of Warfare in Europe 1450--1750
Major fortifications and battles 1450--1750
The Thirty Years War 1618--48
Political systems 1914
Major European conflicts 1770--1913
Major military conflicts outside Europe 1770--1913
The American Revolution 1775--83
The colonial economy c. 1770
British North America 1763--75
The American War of Independence 1775--83
Revolutionary France and Napoleonic Europe 1789--1815
Revolutionary France 1789--94
Napoleonic Europe 1796--1815
European coalitions 1793--1815
The Industrial Revolution in Britain 1750--1850
Resources and development in England 1750
The cotton textile industry in Lancashire 1850
Industry in Britain 1850
The Industrialization of Europe 1830--1914
The growth of industry and railways
The level of industrialization 1860
The level of industrialization 1913
Revolution and Reaction in Europe 1815--49
Treaty settlements in Europe 1814--15
Civil unrest in Europe 1819--1831
Centres of revolution 1848--49
The Habsburg Empire: Expansion and Decline 1700--1918
Territorial expansion and contraction 1700--1814
Habsburg territories 1814--1914
Nationalities in Austria-Hungary 1900
Revolution in the Austrian Empire 1848--49
The Unification of Italy and of Germany 1815--71
Italy after the Congress of Vienna 1815
The unification of Italy
The German Confederation, Austrian Empire, Prussia and Denmark 1815
Germany from confederation to empire
The Decline of the Ottoman Empire 1683--1923
The decline of the Ottoman Empire 1683--1923
Retreat in the Balkans 1699--1739
Retreat in the Caucasus 1826--78
The birth of the Republic of Turkey 1920--23
Russian Territorial and Economic Expansion 1795--1914
The territorial expansion of the Russian Empire 1795--1914
The economic development of European Russia 1800--1914
The years of revolution 1905--7
The Westward Expansion of the United States 1783--1910
Territorial expansion from 1783
Stages of settlement
Routes of exploration and settlement
Treatment of the Native Americans
The American Civil War 1861--65
The slave population and cotton production
The legal position of slavery 1861
The Civil War
The Industrial Growth of the United States 1790--1900
Railroads and canals 1860
Industrial development 1890
Population and urbanization 1900
The Development of Canda 1763--1914
Settlement in eastern Canada before 1825
Westward expansion to 1911
Political development since 1867
Independence in Latin America and the Caribbean 1780--1830
Latin America and the Caribbean 1800
Liberation campaigns of Bolivar and San Martin
Latin America and the Caribbean 1830
Latin America and the Caribbean Post-Independence 1830--1914
South America 1830--1914
Mexico 1824--67
Central America and the Caribbean 1830--1910
The British in India 1608--1920
The growth of British dominion 1756--1805
Expansion of the empire 1805--58
The empire 1858--1914
Agriculture and railways 1850--1925
Southeast Asia in the Age of Imperalism 1790--1914
Autonomous states and colonies 1792--1860
The High Colonial Age 1870--1914
Late Manchu Qing China 1800--1911
Wars against China 1840--95
Foreign spheres of influence and treaty ports
The Taiping Rebellion
The 1911 Revolution
The Modernization of Japan 1867--1937
Urbanization, industrialization and modern prefectures
Growth of the railway network
Acquisitions overseas 1870--1933
The Development of Australia and New Zealand Since 1790
Exploration of Australia and New Zealand 1606--1874
Economic development of Australia
Economic development of New Zealand
Africa 1800--80
Principal African and European trading routes c. 1840
The spread of Islam and Christianity 1860--1900
European exploration
The Partition of Africa 1880--1939
Africa on the eve of the First World War
The South African (Boer) War 1899--1902
Colonial economic development
World Trade and Empires 1870--1914
Empires and patterns of world trade
International investment 1914
World Population Growth and Urbanization 1800--1914
World population growth and urbanization 1700--1900
Major population movements 1500--1914
Wars 1914--45
Wars since 1945
Major trading blocs 1998
The Build-Up to the First World War 1871--1914
European Alliances 1882
European Alliances 1914
The Balkan Wars 1912--13
The First World War 1914--18
The First World War in Europe and the Middle East
The Western Front
Trench warfare: Battle of the Somme
Outcomes of the First World War 1918--29
Europe in 1914
Treaty settlements in Europe 1919--23
The division of the Ottoman Empire
Post-war alliances
The Russian Revolution 1917--39
Revolution and civil war in Russia
Revolutionary activity in Europe 1919--23
The Soviet Union 1928--39
The Republic of China 1911--49
Communist retrenchment 1934--36
Civil war 1945--49
Industrial development 1895--1949
Latin America 1914--45
Increasing urban population 1920--50
US influence in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Latin America in the First World War
Latin America in the Second World War
The Great Depression 1929--33
The effect of the Depression in North America
The effect of the Depression in Europe
Decline in exports from countries trading mainly in primary products 1928--29 to 1932--33
Countries on the gold standard 1929--34
The Rise of Fascism 1921--39
Expansion of the Italian Empire 1922--39
Expansion of Nazi Germany 1933--39
The Spanish Civil War 1936--39
Right-wing dictatorships 1919--39
The Second World War in Europe 1939--45
Military campaigns in Europe 1939--45
Germany's ``New Order'' in Europe November 1942
Central Europe 1945
The War in Asia 1931--45
The Japanese in China 1931--45
The Japanese offensive 1941--42
The Allied offensive 1942--45
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 1945--89
Communist Eastern Europe 1945--89
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1970s
The economy of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 1948--89
Western Europe Since 1945
The economic effect of the Second World War
The economic integration of Western Europe
Employment in industry and services 1950 and 1991
The United States Since 1900
Population changes 1900--96
Distribution of non-white population 1900
Distribution of non-white population and civil rights demonstrations from 1955
The Role of the United States in the World Since 1945
US security commitments post-1945
US overseas trading commitments 1930s--1990s
The Cold War 1947--91
Cold War conflicts
The Korean War 1950--53
The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
The Breakdown of Empires Since 1945
Colonies and mandates 1939
Decolonization 1945--98
Commonwealth of Nations
Decolonization in the Caribbean
South Asia Since 1920
Administrative structure of India in the 1930s
The partition of India 1947
Disputed territory and separatist movements
Southeast Asia Since 1920
The end of Western rule
The Vietnam War 1959--75
Trade and urbanization
Japan Since 1945
Changes in distribution of population since 1960
Distribution of manufacturing output since 1960
Japanese investment and trade in East Asia
The People's Republic of China Since 1949
Population distribution in 1976
Land productivity and major industrial centres in the 1980s
Open cities and Special Economic Zones
Africa Since 1939
Independent Africa
Multiparty democracy
South Africa under apartheid
South Africa after apartheid
Latin America Since 1945
Main exports in the 1990s
US intervention in Latin America since 1945
Ethnic composition
The Middle East Since 1945
The Middle East and surrounding region since 1945
The Palestine conflict
The Arab-Israeli Wars 1967 and 1973
Wars in the Gulf 1980--88 and 1990--91
The Former Republics of the Soviet Union Since 1989
The break-up of the Soviet Union since 1991
Caucasus region 1988--98
The August rebellion 1991
Eastern Europe Since 1989
The transition from communism to democracy 1989--96
Economic development 1990--97
Former Yugoslavia 1991--99
United Nations Peacekeeping Since 1945
UN membership and peacekeeping operations
The division of Cyprus 1974
The UN in Bosnia 1994
Human Rights Since 1914
The spread of democracy
Religions and ethnic conflicts 1917--98
The division of Ireland 1922
The Position of Women Since 1914
Women and the right to vote
Women in employment 1990s
Girls in secondary education 1998
Women elected to the US Congress
The World Economy Since 1945
The richest 20 countries 1950/1970/1990
The oil crisis 1973--74
Openness to trade 1980
Changes in Population Since 1945
Population increase 1950--97
Urbanization of the world
Human migration 1918--98
Patterns of Health and Ill-Health Since 1945
Expenditure on health as percentage of GNP 1960--65
Expenditure on health as percentage of GNP 1990--95
Infant mortality rates 1990--95
Food consumption and major famines since the 1940s
Standards of Living Since 1945
Distribution of wealth
Human Development Index
Literacy and education 1995
The Changing Environment Since 1945
Carbon dioxide emissions and threatened coastlines
Threat to the Ganges delta
Deforestation in the 20th century
Acid deposition and urban pollution 1990s
Water pollution since the 1960s
Transport and Communication Since 1945
Car ownership and production
Passenger kilometres (miles) flown 1994
Computer ownership
Events, People and Places 308(32)
Index 340(24)
Bibliography 364(4)
Acknowledgements 368

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