The Bedford Book of Genres: A Guide and Reader

by ;
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  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2017-12-05
  • Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

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Supplemental Materials

What is included with this book?


Get ready to construct your own meme, or fairy tale, or even a persuasive argument with the expert instruction in the Bedford Book of Genres: A Guide and Reader, which prepares you to create content in any situation.

Table of Contents


Part 1 Rhetoric, Reading, & Composing

1 ?Rhetorical Situations & Choices
Rhetorical Situations & Choices
Purpose: Why Are You Composing?
Checklist: Composing with a Purpose
Audience: Who Are You Composing For?

BLOG ?Gilad Hizkiyahu, Gilad Is Doing South America
Checklist: Composing for an Audience
Rhetorical Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, & Logos
Modes & Media
Reading Rhetorical Situations
Reading to Understand Purpose
Reading to Understand Audience
Reading to Understand Rhetorical Appeals
Reading to Understand Modes & Media
Reading Academic Texts
Looking for Key Terms
Identifying Knowledge Claims & Evidence
Considering the Composer’s Perspective
Annotating the Text
Annotated Example: Reading an Academic Text
ASSIGNMENT ?Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Create a Bibliography ?
Checklist: Reading Academic Texts
PRACTICE ?Reading Any Text Rhetorically ?

2 ?Genres
Reading Genres

The Blog as a Social Response
The Memoir as a Social Response
Some Genre Conventions
Common Elements
Checklist: Reading Genres
PRACTICE ?Choosing a Social Response

3 ?Guided Readings: Rhetorical Situations & Genres Together
What Do Rhetorical Situations Have to Do With Genres?
Genres Respond to Rhetorical Situations
A Meme Responds to a Rhetorical Situation
Guided Reading
? MEME ?Authors Unknown, Hipster Llama
GUIDED READINGS ?Visualizing Rhetorical Situations & Genres
What is a Guided Reading?
Ways to Apply Guided Readings
A Sample Guided Reading Grid
Guided Reading
ADVERTISEMENT ?Danone/Evian and Havas Worldwide, Detox with Evian
CASE STUDY ?Responding to a Single Event: Two Rhetorical Situations, Two Genres
Guided Reading
PRESS RELEASE ?Paul Henderson, Wall Arch Collapses
Guided Reading
BLOG ?Shaan Hurley, The Wall Arch Collapses in Arches National Park

Questions: Analyzing the Guided Readings

Checklist: Understanding How Rhetorical Situations & Genres Work Together
PRACTICE ?Analyzing Responses to Rhetorical Situations

4 ?Composing: Drawing on Experience & Evidence

Responding to an Assignment
Annotated Example: Reading an Academic Text
ASSIGNMENT Amy Braziller, Take a Position
Getting Started
BRAINSTORM LIST ?Gwen Ganow (student), Ideas ?for the "Take a Position" Assignment
Freewriting ?
Advice for Freewriting ??
Guided Reading
? FREEWRITE ?Gwen Ganow (student), Topic for the "Take a Position" Assignment:
Superheroes and Social Attitudes

Checklist: Getting Started on Your Topic with a Freewrite
Choosing a Genre to Compose In
Steps for Choosing a Genre to Compose In ??
Guided Process: Choosing a Genre
Guided Reading
BRAINSTORM ?Gwen Ganow (student), Choosing a Genre for the "Take a Position
Assignment": Superheroes and Social Attitudes ?
Guided Reading
ANNOTATED SAMPLE FILM REVIEW ?A.O. Scott, "Heavy Suit, Light Touches," with

Notes by Gwen Ganow (student)
Checklist: Choosing a Genre
Composing Your Genre Piece
Steps for Composing
Guided Process: Composing
FILM REVIEW ??Gwen Ganow (student), Draft 1 for "Take a Position" Assignment:

Superheroes and Social Attitudes: X-Men
Guided Reading
EVALUATION OF A FILM REVIEW, Draft 1: Gwen Ganow (student), Superheroes

and Social Attitudes: X-Men
FILM REVIEW, Draft 2: Gwen Ganow (student), ?X-Men: Mutants R Us
FILM REVIEW, Final: ?Gwen Ganow (student) X-Men: Mutants R Us

Checklist: Composing by Drawing on Evidence & Experience
PRACTICE ?Taking a Position

Part 2 ??Composing in Genres

5 ?Composing in College & Beyond
What Do You Compose in College & Beyond?
Discovering Ideas Through Writing
Academic Genres & Assignments

Guided Reading
RESEARCHED ARGUMENT ?Chase Dickinson (student), Excerpt from "Are Kids on a

One-Way Path to Violence?"
Guided Reading
ARTIST’S STATEMENT ?Michael Kipp (student), Excerpt from "On Composing

Happiness: How and Why I Created My Collage ‘Thank You’"
Workplace Genres
Guided Reading
COVER LETTER ??Julia Nollen, Excerpt from "Application for Marketing Assistant Job"
Genres for Public Audiences
Guided Reading
PRESENTATION ?Sunni Brown, Excerpt from "The Doodle Revolution"
Guided Reading
POSTER ?Daniel Goehring, GMO: It’s Our Right to Know
Using Genres to Inform, Narrate, & Persuade

Giving Information
Telling Stories
Checklist: Composing in College & Beyond ??
PRACTICE ?Connecting Genre with Social Settings ?

6 ?The Author’s and Artist’s Statement: A Genre for Reflection
Analyzing Author’s & Artist’s Statements

Guided Reading

RECIPE & COOK’S STATEMENT ?Andrew Janjigian, Thai Grilled Beef Salad

Rhetorical Appeals
Modes & Media
Elements of the Genre
Guided Reading

ARTIST’S STATEMENT ?Michael Kipp (student), On Composing Happiness: How and Why I Created My Collage "Thank You"

Questions: Analyzing Kipp’s Artist’s Statement

Checklist: Drafting an Author’s or Artist’s Statement

PRACTICE ?Reflecting on a Composition

7 ?Academic Genres
Researched Arguments
Analyzing Researched Arguments
Guided Reading

RESEARCHED ARGUMENT ?Chase Dickinson (student), Are Kids on a One-Way Path to
Questions: Analyzing Dickinson’s Researched Argument
Checklist: Drafting a Researched Argument
PRACTICE ?Researching & Making an Argument
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Analyzing Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Guided Reading

PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE ?Sika Dagbovie-Mullins, Mixed Race Superstars
Questions: Analyzing Dagbovie-Mullins’s Article
Checklist: Drafting a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
PRACTICE ?Framing Your Research
Researched Science Report
Analyzing Researched Science Reports
Guided Reading
RESEARCHED SCIENCE REPORT ?Ricky Martinez, Vinson Turco, and Ashleigh Nakata

(students), Reforested Pastures and Plantations as Valuable Habitat for Birds

in Costa Rica
Questions: Analyzing the Researched Science Report
Checklist: Drafting a Researched Report
PRACTICE ?Remixing Your Research
Critical Analysis

Analyzing a Critical Analysis
Guided Reading
CRITICAL ANALYSIS ?Ren Yoshida (student), Sometimes a Cup of Coffee is Just a Cup
of Coffee
Questions: Analyzing Yoshida’s Critical Analysis
Checklist: Drafting a Critical Analysis
PRACTICE ?Analyzing the Work of Others
Literacy Narratives
Analyzing Literacy Narratives
Guided Reading
LITERACY NARRATIVE ?Richard Rodriguez, From Hunger of Memory: The Education
Of Richard ?Rodriguez

Questions: Analyzing Rodriguez’s Literacy Narrative
Checklist: Drafting a Literacy Narrative
PRACTICE ?Drawing on Memory & Experience
Digital Stories
Analyzing Digital Stories
Guided Reading
DIGITAL STORY ?Amy Braziller, Writing the Music Train

TRANSCRIPT ?Amy Braziller, Writing the Music Train
Questions: Analyzing Braziller’s Digital Story
Checklist: Drafting a Digital Story
PRACTICE ?Telling a Digital Story

8 ??Workplace Genres

Cover Letters & Resumes
Analyzing Cover Letters & Resumes

Guided Reading

Guided Reading

COVER LETTER & RESUME ?Julia Nollen, Application for Marketing Assistant Job
Questions: Analyzing Nollen’s Cover Letter
Checklist: Drafting a Cover Letter & Resume
PRACTICE ?Responding to a Specific Job Description

Business Memos
Analyzing Business Memos
Guided Reading

BUSINESS MEMO ?Ellen Thibault, Video Project
Questions: Analyzing Thibault’s Business Memo
Checklist: Drafting a Business Memo
PRACTICE ?Communicating in the Workplace

Infographics: Visual Instructions
Analyzing Infographics
Guided Reading

INFOGRAPHIC ??UNUM, 8 Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace

Questions: Analyzing UNUM’s Infographic
Checklist: Drafting an Infographic
PRACTICE ?Conveying Information Visually

Analyzing Proposals
Guided Reading
PROPOSAL ?Kelly Ratajczak, Proposal to Add a Wellness Program
Questions: Analyzing Ratajczak’s Proposal
Checklist: Drafting a Proposal
PRACTICE ?Proposing Ideas & Solutions in the Workplace

9 ?Public Genres

Analyzing Presentations
Guided Reading
PRESENTATION ?Sunni Brown, The Doodle Revolution
Questions: Analyzing Brown’s Presentation
Checklist: Drafting a Presentation
PRACTICE ?Presenting Ideas to Boost Creativity

News Articles

Analyzing News Articles
Guided Reading
NEWS ARTICLE ?Nicholas Wade, For Cats, a Big Gulp with a Touch of the Tongue
Questions: Analyzing Wade’s News Article
Checklist: Drafting a News Article
PRACTICE ?Writing to Inform General Readers

Editorials & Opinion Pieces

Analyzing Editorials & Opinion Pieces
Guided Reading
EDITORIAL ?Grecia Sanchez (student), ¿Es que acaso soy hispana?
Questions: Analyzing Sanchez’s Editorial
Checklist: Drafting an Editorial or other Opinion Piece
PRACTICE ?Writing to Persuade Fellow Citizens ??


Analyzing Advertisements
Guided Reading
ADVERTISEMENT ?Danone/Evian & Havas Worldwide,?Detox with Evian
Questions: Analyzing Evian’s Advertisement
Checklist: Drafting an Advertisement
PRACTICE ?Selling a Product
Wiki Entries

Analyzing Wiki Entries
Guided Reading
WIKI ENTRY ?Wikipedia Contributors, Therapy Dog
Questions: Analyzing a Wiki Entry
Checklist: Drafting a Wiki Entry
PRACTICE ?Contributing to a Public Reference ?

Photo Essays

Analyzing Photo Essays
Guided Reading
PHOTO ESSAY ?Eros Hoagland, Life in the Googleplex
Questions: Analyzing Hoagland’s Photo Essay
Checklist: Sketching Out a Photo Essay
PRACTICE ?Making a Point with a Photo Essay ??

Graphic Memoirs

Analyzing Graphic Memoirs
Guided Reading
GRAPHIC MEMOIR ?Alison Bechdel, From Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Questions: Analyzing a Graphic Memoir
Checklist: Drafting a Graphic Memoir
PRACTICE ?Sharing Experience through a Graphic Memoir

Fairy Tales

Analyzing Fairy Tales
Guided Reading
FAIRY TALE ?Charles Perrault, Little Red Riding Hood
Questions: Drafting a Fairy Tale
PRACTICE ?Telling a Tale

10 ??Revising & Remixing
Revising Your Work
Revising Based on Your Own Observations
Revising Based on Peer Review

Checklist: Questions to Ask People Responding to Your Draft
Guided Process: Integrating Peer Feedback: Draft to Finished Composition

Gwen Ganow?(student), Superhero Project
Remixing Your Work into Different Genres
Guided Process: Remixing a Genre Project
Gwen Ganow, Superhero Project Remix: PowerPoint presentation with "Top 10" List

Checklist: Remixing a Genre Piece

Part 3 ??Composing with Sources

11 ??Exploring Topics & Creating a Research Proposal ?

Considering Your Rhetorical Situation

Choosing a Topic through Basic Research
Checklist: Refining Your Research Question
Moving from Research Question to Proposal
Guided Process: How to Research a Topic
Jasmine Huerta?(student), Diabetes Project
Finding Facts about Diabetes
Gathering Opinions about Diabetes
Creating a Research Proposal
Organizing Your Sources
Use Simple Strategies
Keep an Annotated Working Bibliography
Guided Process: How to Create a Bibliography
Jasmine Huerta?(student), Diabetes Project: Bibliography
Drafting a Research Question, Proposal, & Bibliography

12 ??Evaluating & Choosing Sources

Getting Started with Sources
What are Sources?
Where Do I Find Sources?
What Can Sources Do for Me?
What’s a General Source? What’s a Specialized Academic Source?
What are Primary & Secondary Sources? What are Tertiary Sources?
How do I Preview a Source Critically?
Previewing a Source
Emily Kahn?(student), Women in Comic Books Project
What is?Lightspeed?Magazine?
Who Are the Editors & Staff Members at?Lightspeed?Magazine?
Who Is Jehanzeb, the Author of the Article?
What Type of Article Is This? Will It Work for My Project?
Guided Process: How to Preview a Source
Emily Kahn?(student), Women in Comic Books Project: Previewing Jehanzeb

Should I Add This Source to My Working Bibliography?
Evaluating a Source
Calvin Sweet (student), Hurricane Katrina Project
How do I evaluate a source? How is this different from previewing?
Guided Process: How to Evaluate Sources
Calvin Sweet (student), Hurricane Katrina Project: Evaluating 3 Sources
Calvin Sweet (student), Hurricane Katrina Project: Research Plan

13 ??Integrating & Documenting Sources
Integrating Sources into Your Writing
Using a Parenthetical Citation or Signal Phrase

Overview: Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing
Guided Process: How to Quote from a Source

Paul Pierre?(student), Nonviolent Protest Project: Quoting Gandhi

Guided Process: How to Paraphrase a Source

Paul Pierre?(student), Nonviolent Protest Project: Paraphrasing Julia Bacha
Guided Process: How to Summarize a Source

Paul Pierre?(student), Nonviolent Protest Project: Summarizing Julia Bacha
Avoiding Plagiarism

Documenting Sources: A Guide to MLA & APA Styles
How to choose a documentation style
MLA Style
MLA Models
APA Style
APA Models?

14 ?Composing: Drawing on In-Depth Research: A Student Case Study
Project Overview

My Research Plan and First Steps ?

Potential Sources
Evaluating, Annotating, & Choosing Sources
Composing & Integrating Sources
Documenting Sources in MLA Style

15 ?Assembling a Multigenre Project
The Possibilities of the Multigenre Project
Your Rhetorical Situation
The Conventions of the Multigenre Project
The Steps to Assembling a Multigenre Project
Examples of Multigenre Projects
Guided Readings: Multigenre projects

Neil Carr?(student), Video Games and Violence: Who Should We Blame When
Kids?are Violent?

Gwen Ganow?(student), When Worlds Collide: Why Superheroes Matter
Dawson Swan?(student), The Threat of Nature Deficit Disorder


16 ?Identities: We are Multiple
POSTER/AD CAMPAIGN ?The Fighting-Bigotry-With-Delightful-Posters Campaign!, Facts about Muslims
AD ?Acura, The Acura TSX
EDITORIAL ?Ted Merwin, What Makes the Jewish Deli Quintessentially American?

RESEARCHED ESSAY ?W. Ralph Eubanks, Color Lines

ARTICLE ?Marisa Kabas, She Hid Her Muslim Identity for 15 Years ?
BLOG ?B.J. Priester, The Heroine’s Journey

HUMOROUS ESSAY ?David Sedaris, Me Talk Pretty One Day

Long-Term Projects: Identity

17 ??Mind & Body: Connections
POEM ?Walt Whitman, From?"I Sing the Body Electric"
BOOK EXCERPT ?Nicholas Carr, The Juggler’s Brain

INFOGRAPHIC ?The Whole Brain Group, Celebrating Americans with Disabilities Act ?

BLOG ?Kerry Magro, When One of My Peers Called Me "Rain Man"

COMIC ?Dwayne Godwin and Jorge Cham, Understanding Addiction

RESEARCHED ESSAY ?Emily Sohn, More and More Research Shows Friends are Good for Your Health

Long-Term Projects: The Body

18 ?Activism: Making Your Voice Heard

PHOTO ?Getty Images, Martin Luther King, Jr.
PHOTO ?Bilawal Arbab, Malala Yousafzai on Time Magazine
PHOTO ?Rick Friedman, Jason Collins at Boston Pride

WEB SITE ?The White House, Petition the White House on the Issues that Matter to You

LIST ?United Nations, The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY ?Barbara Burnette, Statement on 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act

POSTER ?Mine Safety and Health Administration, End Black Lung

FACT SHEET ?Mine Safety and Health Administration, MSHA’s Final Rule to Lower Miners' Exposure to Respirable Coal Mine Dust

SPEECH ?Jesse Williams, Acceptance Speech for BET’s Humanitarian Award

PROTEST SIGN ?Darren McCollester, Tea Party Tax Day Rally at New Hampshire State House, April 15, 2011

PROTEST SIGN ?Karla Ann Cote, Black Lives Matter Rally, New York City, July 7, 2016

PROTEST SIGN ?Angela Datre, The Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017

SPEECH ?Ellen Page, Speech at Human Rights Campaign Foundation Conference

ARTICLE ?Amy Davidson, Happy Birthday, Malala

Long-Term Projects: Activism

19 ??Creativity: It’s Complicated

STYLE BOOK EXCERPT ?Anne Lamott, Shitty First Drafts

MEME ?Unknown Author, Writer’s Block

ARTICLE ?Emily Temple, 13 Famous Writers on Overcoming Writer’s Block

POSTER ?New York Book Editors, Got Writer’s Block?

REVIEW ?Andre Grant, Beyonce’s Lemonade

TRANSCRIPT OF PODCAST ?Alan Watts, Music is Life

CURRICULUM VITAE ?Johannes Haushofer, CV of Failures

BLOG ?Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, International Day for Failure

Long-Term Projects: Creativity

Rewards Program

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