Biology Today and Tomorrow with Physiology (with CengageNOW, Personal Tutor, InfoTrac 1-Semester, iLrn™ Printed Access Card)

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  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2006-02-21
  • Publisher: Brooks Cole
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Cecie Starr is the most successful author in non-majors biology because of her clear and engaging writing, trend-setting art, and unparalleled media. BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW, her most concise text, provides a precise, issues-oriented approach and "solves" some of the toughest course challenges: engaging students, linking concepts from chapter to chapter, easily monitoring students' progress and simplifying lecture prep. Show students how biology matters: opening each chapter with engaging essays on hot issues and related online voting, the text highlights the connections between biology and real-life. Online exercises promote critical thinking about issues students will face as consumers, parents and citizens. Link concepts from chapter to chapter: since students have a difficult time linking concepts, the authors created a new "linking" tool. A list at the start of each chapter reminds students of related topics that were explained earlier. Within chapters, a key icon identifies cross-references to relevant sections in earlier chapters. As students work through the text, they see how topics build upon one another. Monitor students' progress with ease: BiologyNow offers diagnostic quizzes with automatically graded results that flow directly into your instructor grade book (iLrn, WebCT or BlackBoard). And, to assess students' progress instantly with in-class quizzes and polls, you can use JoinIn on TurningPoint content and software. Enjoy easier lecture prep: The new PowerLecture tool integrates all electronic chapter assets - art, photos, animations, videos, links to InfoTrac articles, web links, bulleted text slides, and everything else you need into each chapter's lecture slides. This "buffet" of media resources-arranged by chapter section-is at your fingertips.

Table of Contents

Invitation to Biology
Impacts, Issues: What Am I Doing Here?p. 1
Life's Levels of Organizationp. 2
Overview of Life's Unityp. 4
If So Much Unity, Why so Many Species?p. 6
An Evolutionary View of Diversityp. 8
The Nature of Biological Inquiryp. 9
The Power of Experimental Testsp. 10
The Scope and Limits of Sciencep. 12
Molecules of Life
Impacts, Issues: Science or Supernatural?p. 15
Atoms and Their Interactionsp. 16
Bonds in Biological Moleculesp. 18
Water's Life-Giving Propertiesp. 20
Acids and Basesp. 22
Molecules of Life-From Structure to Functionp. 23
The Truly Abundant Carbohydratesp. 26
Greasy, Fatty-Must Be Lipidsp. 28
Proteins-Diversity in Structure and Functionp. 30
Why is Protein Structure So Important?p. 32
Nucleotides and the Nucleic Acidsp. 34
How Cells Are Put Together
Impacts, Issues: Animalcules and Cells Fill'd With Juicesp. 38
What is "A Cell"?p. 39
Most Cells are Really Smallp. 40
The Structure of Cell Membranesp. 42
A Closer Look at Prokaryotic Cellsp. 44
A Closer Look at Eukaryotic Cellsp. 45
Where Did Organelles Come From?p. 50
The Dynamic Cytoskeletonp. 52
Cell Surface Specializationsp. 54
How Cells Work
Impacts, Issues: Beer, Enzymes, and Your Liverp. 58
Inputs and Outputs of Energyp. 59
Inputs and Outputs of Substancesp. 61
How Enzymes Make Substances Reactp. 62
Diffusion and Metabolismp. 65
Working with and Against Diffusionp. 66
Which Way Will Water Move?p. 68
Cell Burps and Gulpsp. 70
Where It Starts-Photosynthesis
Impacts, Issues: Sunlight and Survivalp. 73
The Rainbow Catchersp. 74
Light-Dependent Reactionsp. 76
Light-Independent Reactionsp. 78
Pastures of the Seasp. 80
How Cells Release Chemical Energy
Impacts, Issues: When Mitochondria Spin Their Wheelsp. 82
Overview of Energy-Releasing Pathwaysp. 83
Glycolysis-Glucose Breakdown Startsp. 84
Second and Third Stages of Aerobic Respirationp. 86
Anaerobic Energy-Releasing Pathwaysp. 88
Alternative Energy Sources in the Bodyp. 89
Connections with Photosynthesisp. 91
How Cells Reproduce
Impacts, Issues: Henrietta's Immortal Cellsp. 94
Overview of Cell Division Mechanismsp. 95
Introducing the Cell Cyclep. 96
Mitosis Maintains the Chromosome Numberp. 97
Division of the Cytoplasmp. 100
Meiosis and Sexual Reproductionp. 101
How Meiosis Puts Variation in Traitsp. 104
From Gametes to Offspringp. 106
The Cell Cycle and Cancerp. 108
Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits
Impacts, Issues: Menacing Mucusp. 112
Tracking Traits with Hybrid Crossesp. 113
Not-So-Straightforward Phenotypesp. 117
Complex Variations in Traitsp. 120
The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritancep. 123
Impact of Crossing Over on Inheritancep. 125
Human Genetic Analysisp. 126
Examples of Human Inheritance Patternsp. 127
Structural Changes in Chromosomesp. 130
Change in the Number of Chromosomesp. 131
Some Prospects in Human Geneticsp. 133
DNA Structure and Function
Impacts, Issues: Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kittyp. 137
The Hunt for Fame, Fortune, and DNAp. 138
DNA Structure and Functionp. 140
DNA Replication and Repairp. 142
Using DNA to Clone Mammalsp. 143
Gene Expression and Control
Impacts, Issues: Ricin and Your Ribosomesp. 146
Making and Controlling the Cell's Proteinsp. 147
How is RNA Transcribed From DNA?p. 147
Deciphering mRNAp. 150
From mRNA to Proteinp. 152
Mutated Genes and Their Protein Productsp. 154
Controls Over Gene Expressionp. 156
Studying and Manipulating Genomes
Impacts, Issues Golden Rice or Frankenfood?p. 162
A Molecular Toolkitp. 163
Haystacks to Needlesp. 165
DNA Sequencingp. 167
First Just Fingerprints, Now DNA Fingerprintsp. 168
Tinkering with the Molecules of Lifep. 169
Practical Geneticsp. 171
Weighing the Benefits and Risksp. 173
Evolution and Diversity
Processes of Evolution
Impacts, Issues: Rise of the Super Ratsp. 176
Early Beliefs, Confounding Discoveriesp. 177
The Nature of Adaptationp. 181
Individuals Don't Evolve, Populations Dop. 182
When is a Population Not Evolving?p. 184
Natural Selection Revisitedp. 185
Maintaining Variation in a Populationp. 188
Genetic Drift-The Chance Changesp. 190
Gene Flow-Keeping Populations Alikep. 191
Evolutionary Patterns, Rates, and Trends
Impacts, Issues: Measuring Timep. 194
Fossils-Evidence of Ancient Lifep. 195
Dating Pieces of the Puzzlep. 196
Evidence from Biogeographyp. 199
More Evidence from Comparative Morphologyp. 201
Evidence from Patterns of Developmentp. 203
Evidence from DNA, RNA, and Proteinsp. 204
Reproductive Isolation, Maybe New Speciesp. 205
Interpreting the Evidence: Models for Speciationp. 208
Patterns of Speciation and Extinctionsp. 211
Organizing Information About Speciesp. 213
Early Life
Impacts, Issues: Looking for Life in All the Odd Placesp. 218
Origin of the First Living Cellsp. 219
What Are Existing Prokaryotes Like?p. 224
The Curiously Classified Protistsp. 228
The Fabulous Fungip. 234
Viruses, Viroids, and Prionsp. 239
Evolution and Infectious Diseasesp. 241
Plant Evolution
Impacts, Issues: Beginnings, and Endingsp. 244
Pioneers in a New Worldp. 245
The Bryophytes-No Vascular Tissuesp. 247
Seedless Vascular Plantsp. 248
The Rise of Seed-Bearing Plantsp. 251
Gymnosperms-Plants with "Naked" Seedsp. 252
Angiosperms-the Flowering Plantsp. 254
Deforestation in the Tropicsp. 256
Animal Evolution
Impacts, Issues: Interpreting and Misinterpreting the Pastp. 259
Overview of the Animal Kingdomp. 260
Getting Along Well Without Organsp. 262
Flatworms-Introducing Organ Systemsp. 263
Annelids-Segments Galorep. 264
The Evolutionarily Pliable Mollusksp. 266
Amazingly Abundant Roundwormsp. 267
Arthropods-The Most Successful Animalsp. 268
The Puzzling Echinodermsp. 272
Evolutionary Trends Among Vertebratesp. 273
Major Groups of Jawed Fishesp. 275
Early Amphibious Tetrapodsp. 276
The Rise of Amniotesp. 278
From Early Primates to Humansp. 281
Plants and Animals: Common Challenges
Impacts, Issues: Too Hot To Handlep. 289
Levels of Structural Organizationp. 290
Recurring Challenges to Survivalp. 292
Homeostasis in Animalsp. 293
Does Homeostasis Occur in Plants?p. 295
How Cells Receive and Respond to Signalsp. 297
How Plants Work
Plant Form and Function
Impacts, Issues: Drought Versus Civilizationp. 300
Overview of the Plant Bodyp. 301
Primary Structure of Shootsp. 304
Primary Structure of Rootsp. 306
Secondary Growth-The Woody Plantsp. 308
Plant Nutrients and Availability In Soilp. 310
How Do Roots Absorb Water and Mineral Ions?p. 312
Water Transport Through Plantsp. 314
How Do Stems and Leaves Conserve Water?p. 316
How Organic Compounds Move Through Plantsp. 317
Plant Reproduction and Development
Impacts, Issues: Imperiled Sexual Partnersp. 321
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plantsp. 322
From Zygotes to Seeds Packaged in Fruitp. 325
Asexual Reproduction of Flowering Plantsp. 327
Patterns of Early Growth and Developmentp. 328
Cell Communication in Plant Developmentp. 330
Adjusting Rates and Directions of Growthp. 332
Meanwhile, Back at the Flowerp. 334
Life Cycles End, and Turn Againp. 335
Regarding the World's Most Nutritious Plantp. 336
How Animals Work
Animal Tissues and Organ Systems
Impacts, Issues: It's All About Potentialp. 339
Organization and Control in Animal Bodiesp. 340
Four Basic Types of Tissuesp. 340
Organ Systems Made from Tissuesp. 345
Skin-Example of an Organ Systemp. 346
How Animals Move
Impacts, Issues: Pumping Up Musclesp. 349
So What Is a Skeleton?p. 350
How Do Bones and Muscles Interact?p. 353
How Does Skeletal Muscle Contract?p. 354
Properties of Whole Musclesp. 356
Circulation and Respiration
Impacts, Issues: Up In Smokep. 360
The Nature of Blood Circulationp. 361
Characteristics of Human Bloodp. 362
Human Cardiovascular Systemp. 364
Structure and Function of Blood Vesselsp. 367
Cardiovascular Disordersp. 370
The Nature of Respirationp. 371
Human Respiratory Systemp. 374
Moving Air and Transporting Gasesp. 376
When the Lungs Break Downp. 378
Impacts, Issues: The Face of AIDSp. 382
Integrated Responses to Threatsp. 383
Surface Barriersp. 385
The Innate Immune Responsep. 387
Tailoring Responses to Specific Antigensp. 389
Antibodies and Other Antigen Receptorsp. 392
Antibody-Mediated Immune Responsep. 394
The Cell-Mediated Immune Responsep. 395
Defenses Enhanced or Compromisedp. 397
Aids: Immunity Lostp. 398
Digestion, Nutrition, and Excretion
Impacts, Issues: Hips and Hungerp. 402
The Nature of Digestive Systemsp. 403
Human Digestive Systemp. 404
Human Nutritional Requirementsp. 410
Weighty Questions, Tantalizing Answersp. 413
Urinary System of Mammalsp. 415
How the Kidneys Make Urinep. 416
When Kidneys Break Downp. 419
Neural Control and the Senses
Impacts, Issues: In Pursuit of Ecstasyp. 422
Neurons-The Great Communicatorsp. 423
How Messages Flow from Cell to Cellp. 426
The Paths of Information Flowp. 428
Types of Nervous Systemsp. 430
The Peripheral Nervous Systemp. 432
The Central Nervous Systemp. 433
Drugging the Brainp. 436
Overview of Sensory Systemsp. 438
Somatic Sensationsp. 439
The Special Sensesp. 440
Endocrine Controls
Impacts, Issues: Hormones in the Balancep. 448
Hormones and other Signaling Moleculesp. 449
The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glandp. 452
Thymus, Thyroid, and Parathyroid Glandsp. 453
Adrenal Glands and Stress Responsesp. 455
The Pancreas and Glucose Homeostasisp. 456
Hormones and Reproductive Behaviorp. 457
Reproduction and Development
Impacts, Issues: Mind-Boggling Birthsp. 461
Methods of Reproductionp. 462
Processes of Animal Developmentp. 464
Reproductive System of Human Malesp. 467
Reproductive System of Human Femalesp. 469
How Pregnancy Happensp. 472
Sexually Transmitted Diseasesp. 474
Human Prenatal Developmentp. 476
From Birth Onwardp. 483
Population Ecology
Impacts, Issues: The Human Touchp. 488
Characteristics of Populationsp. 489
Population Size and Exponential Growthp. 491
Limits on the Growth of Populationsp. 492
Life History Patternsp. 495
Human Population Growthp. 498
Community Structure and Biodiversity
Impacts, Issues: Fire Ants in the Pantsp. 503
Which Factors Shape Community Structure?p. 504
Mutually Beneficial Interactionsp. 505
Competitive Interactionsp. 506
Predator-Prey Interactionsp. 508
Parasites and Parasitoidsp. 511
Changes in Community Structure Over Timep. 513
Forces Contributing to Community Instabilityp. 515
Patterns of Species Diversityp. 518
Conservation Biologyp. 519
Impacts, Issues: Bye-Bye Bayoup. 526
The Nature of Ecosystemsp. 527
Biological Magnification in Food Websp. 530
Studying Energy Flow Through Ecosystemsp. 531
Global Cycling of Water and Nutrientsp. 532
Carbon Cyclep. 534
Greenhouse Gases, Global Warmingp. 536
Nitrogen Cyclep. 538
Phosphorus Cyclep. 540
The Biosphere
Impacts, Issues: Surfers, Seals, and the Seap. 543
Air Circulation and Climatesp. 544
The Ocean, Landforms, and Climatesp. 548
Realms of Biodiversityp. 550
The Water Provincesp. 557
Applying Knowledge of the Biospherep. 562
Behavioral Ecology
Impacts, Issues: My Pheromones Made Me Do Itp. 566
So Where Does Behavior Start?p. 567
Communication Signalsp. 572
Mates, Offspring, and Reproductive Successp. 574
Costs and Benefits of Social Groupsp. 576
Why Sacrifice Yourself?p. 578
A Look at Primate Social Behaviorp. 580
Human Social Behaviorp. 581
Epilogue: Biological Principles and the Human Imperative
Answers to Self-Quizzes
Answers to Genetics Problems
Annotations to A Journal Article
A Plain English Map of the Human Chromosomes
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