Black Widow; The True Story How of Dena Thompson Lured Men Into a Twisted Web of Sex, Lies and Murder

by Unknown
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  • Format: Trade Paper
  • Copyright: 2012-05-01
  • Publisher: John Blake
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"This woman is every man's worst nightmare. For a decade she has degraded men sexually, financially, and physically. Men across southern England can sleep safe knowing that she is off the streets." Dena Thompson is a woman who has relished exercising a very dangerous kind of power over men. She has been dubbed a psychopath who, for more than 20 years, succeeded in duping everyone--including the police--with her bizarre and totally convincing stories. The petite blonde used Lonely Hearts columns to lure a succession of husbands and dozens of lovers into her life, ultimately leaving them financially destitute, physically battered, or emotionally broken. Take her first husband, Lee Wyatt, who for Dena was nothing more than a puppet. He ended up a lonely fugitive on the run after she convinced him that the mafia was out to get him. Once Lee was out of the picture, she bigamously wed advertising salesman Julian Webb--within three years, he was dead from an unexplained drug overdose. Third husband Richard Thompson suffered a brutal attack with a baseball bat, but arch-manipulator Dena convinced the jury at the trial that she was the victim. Her kaleidoscopic deceptions created mayhem and sent police on wild goose chases that would take the spotlight off her. But she could not escape the suspicion of the relatives of her victims who began to piece together the fragments of her evil deeds and were eventually able to bring her down. In this fascinating and in-depth book, Adrian Gatton opens up his case files to go on the trail of this twisted love story, tracing Dena's development from a bright, charming schoolgirl from north London, into a manipulative psychopath.

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