Bringing the Khmer Rouge to Justice : Prosecuting Mass Violence Before the Cambodian Courts

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  • Copyright: 2005-09-30
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This book explores the legal issues surrounding accountability for the crimes of the Khmer Rouge and crimes of mass violence more generally. Comprising chapters by legal academics, lawyers, historians, artists, and others, the volume presents thorough analyses of the complex problems inherent to accountability efforts and novel ideas as to how to address them.

Table of Contents

Preface i
Harold Hongju Koh
Acknowledgements v
Introduction 1(10)
Jaya Ramji
Beth Van Schaack
Prologue 11(2)
Peter J. Hammer
The Elusive Face of Cambodian Justice
Peter J. Hammer
Tara Urs
``Onslaught on Beings'': A Theravada Buddhist Perspective on Accountability for Crimes Committed in the Democratic Kampuchea Period
Ian Harris
Preferences Matter: Conversations With Cambodians On The Prosecution Of The Khmer Rouge Leadership
William W. Burke-White
Cambodia's Judiciary: Up To The Task?
Brad Adams
An Anatomy of The Extraordinary Chambers
Scott Worden
Documenting The Crimes Of Democratic Kampuchea
John D. Ciorciari with
Youk Chhang
The Cambodian Amnesties: Beneficiaries And The Temporal Reach Of Amnesties For Gross Violation Of Human Rights
Ronald C. Slye
The Tribunal and Cambodia's Transition to a Culture of Accountability
Dinah PoKempner
A Collective Response to Mass Violence: Reparations and Healing in Cambodia
Jaya Ramji
Reassessing the Role of Senior Leaders and Local Officials in Democratic Kampuchea Crimes: Cambodian Accountability in Comparative Perspective
Steve Heder
Epilogue 425(14)
Rithy Panh
Nathalie Rachlin
List of Appendices 439

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