Cengage Advantage Books: World History Before 1600: The Development of Early Civilization, Volume I

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  • Edition: 5th
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2011-01-20
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

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Supplemental Materials

What is included with this book?


Developed to meet the demand for a low-cost, high-quality history book, CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: WORLD HISTORY, Fifth Edition, offers readers the engaging WORLD HISTORY text in a compact, affordable format. WORLD HISTORY is a global text that examines world civilizations in a comparative way. Learn to recognize and analyze trends and interconnections across history and civilizations, and gain a clearer view of the social and political forces that have shaped our world. CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: WORLD HISTORY, VOLUME I includes 49 maps and numerous primary source excerpts that enliven the past while introducing readers to the source material of historical scholarship.

Table of Contents

Mapsp. xv
Prefacep. xvii
Introduction: Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultures around the Worldp. 1
Human Development in the Old Stone Agep. 2
The Neolithic Food-Producing Revolution in West Asiap. 5
Neolithic Times in Europep. 7
Neolithic Times in Africap. 8
Neolithic Times in Asiap. 9
Neolithic Times in the Western Hemispherep. 10
Selected Sourcesp. 11
Comparative Essay
The Defining Characteristics of Civilizationp. 13
Early Civilization in West Asia, Africa, the Aegean, and the Western Hemispherep. 15
Mesopotamian Civilizationp. 17
The Sumerian Exemplar of Civilized Lifep. 18
Political and Cultural Developments of the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Chaldeansp. 22
African Civilizationp. 24
The Land of the Nile and the Emergence of Egyptian Civilizationp. 25
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Diverse Burial Customsp. 28
Discontinuities and the Rise and Decline of an Imperial Culturep. 29
The Kushite Kingdom in Upper Egypt and the Sudanp. 31
Early Aegean Civilizationp. 33
The Flowering of Minoan Civilizationp. 34
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Risking Death to Gain the Favor of the Godsp. 35
The Advent of the Indo-Europeansp. 37
The Rise and Fall of Mycenaean Warrior-Kingsp. 39
Ancient Persian Civilizationp. 42
The Rise of the Persian Empirep. 42
Persian Culture and Religionp. 44
Amerindian Civilizationp. 46
The Opening of Andean Civilization: The Chavin Culturep. 47
The Advent of Mesoamerican Civilization: The Olmecp. 49
Summaryp. 51
Selected Sourcesp. 53
Comparative Essay
The Defining Characteristics of Civilization in South and East Asiap. 54
The Early Civilizations of South and East Asiap. 56
The Indus Civilizationp. 58
The Land of Indiap. 58
The Beginning of the Indus Civilizationp. 60
An Urban Culture: Mohenjo-Darop. 61
Society and Economyp. 61
Indus Religionp. 63
The End of Indus Civilizationp. 63
The Aryan Invasion and Early Vedic Agep. 66
Early Vedic Society and Economyp. 67
Religionp. 68
The Appearance of Writingp. 69
The Late Vedic Agep. 70
Late Vedic Society and Economyp. 71
Religionp. 72
The Upanishadsp. 73
China from the Neolithic Age to the Shang Dynastyp. 74
The Land of Chinap. 75
The Study of Ancient Chinap. 75
The Rise of the Shang Dynasty, 1766-1122 B.C.E.p. 77
Shang Governmentp. 79
Society and Economy during the Shang Erap. 81
Science, Arts, and Craftsp. 82
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Royal Tombs in Bronze Age Greece and Chinap. 83
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Feasting in Bronze Age Greece and Chinap. 84
A Pictographic Scriptp. 85
The Chou Dynastyp. 86
The Chou Conquestp. 86
Western Chou Society and Economyp. 88
Chou Religionp. 89
The Eastern Choup. 90
Eastern Chou Society and Economyp. 91
Summaryp. 92
Selected Sourcesp. 94
Comparative Essay
Great Faiths and Philosophiesp. 95
The Flowering of Great Faiths and Philosophiesp. 98
Civilization in Palestine and Phoeniciap. 100
Israelite Political Historyp. 102
Judaismp. 104
The Phoenicians: Catalysts of Culturep. 106
Classical Greek Civilizationp. 106
The Archaic Revival: New Patterns of Governmentp. 107
Athenian and Spartan Social and Political Patternsp. 109
The Persian and Peloponnesian Warsp. 111
Greek Intellectual History: From Myth to Philosophyp. 113
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Big-Time Sports in Ancient Greecep. 115
The Greek Origins of European Literaturep. 117
Greek Art and Architecturep. 122
The Rise of Buddhism and Jainism in Indiap. 123
The Life of Buddhap. 124
The Orthodox: Theravada Buddhismp. 126
Evolution of the Great Vehicle: Mahayana Buddhismp. 128
Jainismp. 130
China: Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalismp. 132
The Idealist: Confucius and His Teachingsp. 133
The Reformer: Mencius and the Confucian Consensusp. 135
The Mystic: Lao Tzu and Taoismp. 136
The Totalitarians: Legalismp. 138
The Three Ideologies Comparedp. 141
The Brief Rise and Fall of the Ch'inp. 141
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Military Innovationsp. 142
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Slavery and Volatile Social Statusp. 145
Summaryp. 147
Selected Sourcesp. 149
Comparative Essay
The Defining Characteristics of Great Empiresp. 151
The Age of Great Empiresp. 154
Macedonian Conquest and Hellenistic Empiresp. 155
The Father: Philipp. 157
The Mother: Olympiasp. 158
The Son: Alexanderp. 159
A Sophisticated, Cosmopolitan Society and Economyp. 163
An Age of Scientific Advancesp. 164
Escapism and Individualism in Hellenistic Culturep. 165
The Rise and Decline of Roman Power in the Mediterranean Worldp. 167
The Early Roman Republicp. 167
The Roman Conquest of Italy and the Mediterraneanp. 171
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Women's Rights: A Test Case in Republican Rome?p. 171
The Breakdown of the Republic and the Rise of Augustusp. 174
Roman Cultural Developmentsp. 177
Politics, Society, and Economics in the Early Empirep. 182
Decay and Temporary Recovery in the Later Roman Empirep. 183
Lives and Times Across Cultures
"The Going Rate": Wages and Prices in the Roman Empire and Chinap. 184
India's First Imperial Age: The Mauryan Empire (326-184 B.C.E.)p. 185
Persian and Greek Precursorsp. 186
The Rise of Chandragupta Mauryap. 187
Emperor Asokap. 188
Culture of the Asokan Agep. 191
Life under the Mauryansp. 195
Successor States to the Mauryan Empirep. 197
Kushan Culture: Buddhism in a Cosmopolitan Settingp. 198
China's First Imperial Age: The Han Dynastyp. 200
The Han Dynasty, 202 B.C.E.-220 C.E.p. 200
Han Governmentp. 205
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Mathematical Problems in the Ancient Worldp. 207
The Land and Peoplep. 209
Cities, Manufacturing, and Commercep. 210
The Silk Road: Link between East and Westp. 211
Religious and Intellectual Lifep. 212
Summaryp. 214
Selected Sourcesp. 216
Comparative Essay
The Decline and Fall of Empiresp. 217
Disruption and Renewal in West Asia and Europep. 221
Political, Religious, and Social Unrest in Palestine: 63 B.C.E to 73 C.E.p. 222
Palestine under Roman Rulep. 224
Religious Fermentp. 225
A Noble Social Experiment: The Essenesp. 225
Early Christianityp. 227
The Origins of Christianityp. 228
The Triumph of Christianityp. 230
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Women and the Medical Professions in Late Antiquityp. 232
Upheaval and Transition in Western Europep. 233
The Fall of the Roman Empire in the Westp. 234
The Germanic States of Western Europep. 236
The Triumph and Disintegration of the Carolingian Empirep. 238
Religious and Cultural Developments in Early Western Europep. 240
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Food for Buddhist and Christian Monksp. 242
Europe under Siege: A New Wave of Invadersp. 244
Feudal Relationshipsp. 245
Europe in the Middle Agesp. 246
Economic and Social Changes in the Countrysidep. 246
The Growth of Trade and the Development of Townsp. 248
The Theory and Practice of Christianityp. 251
Jews in Medieval European Lifep. 254
Feudal Monarchy in Western Europep. 255
The Spiritual and Intellectual Life of the Later Middle Agesp. 257
Medieval Literature, Art, and Architecturep. 259
The East Roman or Byzantine Empirep. 262
Life in the Byzantine Empire in 500p. 262
Justinian Ip. 265
The Empire's Neighborsp. 266
Religious Issuesp. 267
Byzantine Declinep. 268
Islam and Islamic Empiresp. 270
Muhammad: A Religious and Political Leaderp. 271
Lives and Times Across Cultures
People of the Bookp. 272
The First Four Caliphs and Islamic Conquestsp. 273
The Umayyad Caliphatep. 277
The Split between Sunnis and Shi'ip. 278
The Establishment of the Abbasid Caliphatep. 279
Summaryp. 279
Selected Sourcesp. 281
Comparative Essay
Disruption and Renewal in South and East Asiap. 283
Disruption and Renewal in South and East Asiap. 286
India from the Guptas to the Muslim Dynastiesp. 288
The Gupta Empire, Harsha, and the Rajputsp. 289
Religious Developments: Hinduism and Buddhismp. 292
Art, Architecture, Life, and Culturep. 294
India under the Impact of Islamp. 297
Indianized Southeast Asiap. 298
Indian Economic and Cultural Expansionp. 299
Mainland Southeast Asiap. 300
Island Southeast Asiap. 303
China's Second Imperial Agep. 305
Political Turmoil and Barbarian Invasionsp. 306
Buddhism in Chinap. 309
China Reunified: The Sui and T'ang Dynastiesp. 311
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Cultural Borrowing and Adaptation-The Chairp. 314
An Enlightened Government and a Prosperous Economyp. 315
China and the World Beyondp. 316
The Apogee of Buddhismp. 317
The Golden Age of Poetry and Sculpturep. 319
China Partitioned: The Sung and Nomadic Dynasties, 960-1279p. 321
A Checkered Historyp. 322
Difficulties in the Pursuit of Peace and Warp. 325
Dynamic Neo-Confucianism and Stagnant Buddhismp. 327
Age of Refinement in Culture and the Artsp. 328
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Companionable and Bossy Wivesp. 329
Two Sinicized Statesp. 330
Koreap. 331
Vietnamp. 333
Japan: The Merging of Chinese and Native Culturesp. 335
Geography and Early Historyp. 335
The Adoption of Chinese Civilizationp. 337
Departures from Chinese Modelsp. 340
Language and the Arts in the Nara and Heian Periodsp. 341
Early Feudal Japanp. 342
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Japanese Adaptationsp. 344
Religion and Social Life during the Early Feudal Erap. 345
Summaryp. 346
Selected Sourcesp. 348
Comparative Essay
Cultural Borrowing and Cultural Isolationp. 349
Developing Civilizationsp. 351
Mesoamerican Civilizationp. 353
Urban Splendor: Teotihuacanp. 353
The Integration of Mesoamerican Civilization: The Mayap. 355
Mesoamerican Imperialism: The Aztecsp. 359
Andean Civilizationp. 362
The Artistry of the Moche Culturep. 363
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Women and Religious Ritualsp. 364
Amerindian Social Engineering: The Inkap. 364
African Culturesp. 369
Geographic and Social Diversity in Africap. 369
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Folk Wisdomp. 370
Islamic North Africap. 372
Christian Ethiopiap. 373
The Bantup. 375
Successor States or Kingdoms of Gold and Salt: Ghana, Mali, and Songhaip. 378
Prosperous West African Kingdomsp. 381
The States of Central Africap. 384
Commercial Wealth in East Africap. 384
Inland Cities in Southern Africap. 386
Summaryp. 387
Selected Sourcesp. 388
Comparative Essay
The Development of International Tradep. 389
Three Continents: Conflict and Commercep. 393
The Golden Age of Islamp. 395
Life under the Abbasidsp. 395
Abbasid Declinep. 397
The Glories of Muslim Spainp. 397
Islamic Theology, Philosophy, and Sciencep. 399
Major Architectural Achievementsp. 401
Islamic Literature and the "Lively Arts"p. 402
The Crusadesp. 404
Crusading Zealp. 404
The Divided Muslim Worldp. 405
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Schools and Universitiesp. 407
The Crusader Statesp. 407
Muslim Counterattacksp. 410
Cultural and Commercial Exchangesp. 412
The Mongol Conquest of Eurasiap. 413
Genghis Khan, the World Conqueror, 1155-1227p. 413
Genghis Khan's Heritagep. 417
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Treasures from Royal Tombsp. 419
Mongol Domains under Genghis Khan's Heirsp. 420
Kubilai Khan's Empirep. 421
The Last Mongol Conquests in West Asia and Russiap. 423
The Mongol Legacyp. 424
The Yuan Dynastyp. 425
The II-Khanate of Persiap. 428
The Golden Hordep. 429
The Khanate of Chagataip. 431
The Empire of Timurlanep. 431
The Legacy of Mongol Imperialismp. 432
New Dynasties in West Asiap. 434
The Flowering of Islamic Culture in Persiap. 435
The Mamluk Dynastiesp. 436
The House of Osmanp. 438
The Conquest of Constantinoplep. 441
Summaryp. 442
Selected Sourcesp. 444
Comparative Essay
European Imperialism through the End of the Seventeenth Centuryp. 445
Emerging Global Interrelationsp. 449
The Rival Ottoman and Safavid Empiresp. 451
Ottoman Territorial Expansion and Governmentp. 452
Social and Economic Life in the Ottoman Empirep. 456
Cultural and Artistic Achievementsp. 457
The Imperial Safavidsp. 458
Architecture, the Fine Arts, and Literature in Persiap. 461
Wars between the Rival Empiresp. 462
The Culture of the Renaissance in Europep. 463
The Origins of the Renaissance: Italian Literature and Humanismp. 464
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Racy Talesp. 465
Renaissance Art in Italyp. 468
The Renaissance outside Italyp. 470
Women and the Renaissancep. 472
European Nation-States and the Reformationp. 474
The Centralization of Western European Monarchiesp. 475
The Background of the Protestant Reformationp. 478
Martin Luther Breaks with the Churchp. 479
Protestant Reformers after Lutherp. 483
Lives and Times Across Cultures
Life in Geneva and Venice in the Sixteenth Centuryp. 485
Women and the Reformationp. 486
The Roman Catholic or Counter-Reformationp. 487
European Expansionp. 490
African Kingdoms, European Contacts, and the Slave Tradep. 491
European Entry into Africap. 491
Dutch Settlements in South Africap. 492
The Slave Trade in Africap. 493
European Colonial Empires in the Western Hemispherep. 496
Early European Exploration of the Western Hemispherep. 497
Spanish Conquests in Mexico and South Americap. 499
Rival Empires in the Western Hemispherep. 501
Lives and Times Across Cultures
New Stuff on Your Platep. 503
Summaryp. 506
Selected Sourcesp. 508
Comparative Essay
Asia in the Early Modern Erap. 510
Romanizing Chinese Wordsp. 513
Creditsp. 515
Indexp. 527
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