Civilization in the West, Volume I (to 1715), Primary Source Edition (Book Alone)

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  • Edition: 6th
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006-01-01
  • Publisher: Longman
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With 20 additional primary source documents, Volume I of Civilization in the West, Sixth Edition, Primary Source Edition, has everything students need to succeed in the course-a highly readable survey text that examines all aspects of Western civilization plus a wealth of original documents that help make the material come alive. In addition, "Document Analysis" questions encourage students to delve deeper into the documents and to explore how they relate to the events of the time. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Documentsp. xvii
Chronologies, Genealogies, and Figuresp. xvii
Mapsp. xviii
Prefacep. xx
Introduction: The Idea of Western Civilizationp. 1
The First Civilizationsp. 3
The Visual Record: Otzi's Last Meal: Tradition and Innovation in Prehistoric Europep. 4
Before Civilizationp. 6
The Dominance of Culturep. 7
Social Organization, Agriculture, and Religionp. 8
Mesopotamia: Between the Two Riversp. 9
Map Discovery: The Ancient Worldp. 10
The Ramparts of Urukp. 10
Tools: Technology and Writingp. 12
Gods and Mortals in Mesopotamiap. 13
Sargon and Mesopotamian Expansionp. 14
Hammurabi and the Old Babylonian Empirep. 15
The Gift of the Nilep. 17
Tending the Cattle of Godp. 17
Democratization of the Afterlifep. 19
The Egyptian Empirep. 21
Map Discovery: The Egyptian Empirep. 22
Religious and Royal Consolidation Under Akhenatenp. 22
Between Two Worldsp. 23
The Hebrew Alternativep. 23
A King Like All the Nationsp. 27
Exilep. 27
Nineveh and Babylonp. 29
The Assyrian Empirep. 30
The New Babylonian Empirep. 31
Persian Expansionp. 31
A Closer Look: Discovering the Pharaohsp. 24
The Code of Hammurabip. 16
A Homesick Egyptianp. 20
The Kingdom of Israelp. 28
Early Greece, 2500-500 B.C.E.p. 35
The Visual Record: Hecuba and Achilles: The Birth of Greek Civilizationp. 36
Greece in the Bronze Age to 800 B.C.E.p. 38
Islands of Peacep. 38
Map Discovery: Greece in the Bronze Agep. 39
Mainland of Warp. 41
The Dark Agep. 41
Archaic Greece, 800-500 B.C.E.p. 45
Ethnos and Polisp. 45
Map Discovery: Greek Cities and Colonies of the Archaic Agep. 46
Technology of Writing and Warfarep. 46
Colonists and Tyrantsp. 47
Gender and Powerp. 48
Gods and Mortalsp. 49
Myth and Reasonp. 52
Investigation and Speculationp. 53
Art and the Individualp. 53
A Tale of Three Citiesp. 55
Wealthy Corinthp. 55
Martial Spartap. 56
Democratic Athensp. 59
The Coming of Persia and the End of the Archaic Agep. 61
Map Discovery: The Persian Empire, ca. 500 B.C.E.p. 61
A Closer Look: The Agony of Athleticsp. 50
The Race of Ironp. 43
Hector and Andromachep. 44
Two Faces of Tyrannyp. 57
Classical and Hellenistic Greece, 500-100 B.C.E.p. 65
The Visual Record: Alexander at Issus: The Spread of Greek Civilizationp. 66
War and Politics in the Fifth Century B.C.E.p. 68
The Persian Warsp. 68
Thermopylae and Salamisp. 69
The Athenian Empirep. 71
Private and Public Life in Athensp. 71
Pericles and Athensp. 74
The Peloponnesian Warp. 75
Map Discovery: The Delian League and the Peloponnesian Warp. 76
Athenian Culture in the Hellenic Agep. 77
The Examined Lifep. 77
Understanding the Pastp. 78
Athenian Dramap. 79
Art and the Human Imagep. 81
From City-States to Macedonian Empire, 404-323 B.C.E.p. 82
Politics After the Peloponnesian Warp. 82
Philosophy and the Polisp. 84
The Rise of Macedonp. 85
Map Discovery: The Empire of Alexander the Greatp. 87
The Empire of Alexander the Greatp. 87
The Hellenistic Worldp. 89
Map Discovery: The Hellenistic Kingdomsp. 89
Urban Life and Culturep. 92
Women in Public Lifep. 92
Alexandriap. 93
Hellenistic Literaturep. 93
Architecture and Artp. 94
Hellenistic Philosophyp. 95
Mathematics and Sciencep. 98
Cultural Resistancep. 98
A Closer Look: Technology and Innovationp. 96
The West and the Wider World Representing the Buddha: From Apollo to Christian Saintp. 90
The Two Faces of Athenian Democracyp. 72
Socrates the Gadflyp. 78
Greeks and Barbariansp. 83
Alexander Calls a Haltp. 86
Early Rome and the Roman Republic, 800-146 B.C.E.p. 101
The Visual Record: Eternal Rome: From Village to Empirep. 102
The Western Mediterranean to 509 B.C.E.p. 104
Merchants of Baalp. 104
The Western Greeksp. 105
Map Discovery: Greek and Phoenician Colonies and Tradep. 106
Italy's First Civilizationp. 107
From City to Empire, 509-146 B.C.E.p. 109
Latin Romep. 109
Etruscan Romep. 110
Rome and Italyp. 111
Rome and the Mediterraneanp. 114
Map Discovery: The Punic Warsp. 119
Republican Civilizationp. 120
Farmers and Solidersp. 120
The Roman Familyp. 121
Social Effects of Expansionp. 121
Roman Religionp. 122
Republican Lettersp. 124
The Crisis of Roman Virtuep. 125
A Closer Look: Hannibal's Elephantsp. 116
The Twelve Tablesp. 113
Polybius Compares Rome and Carthagep. 118
Cato's Slavesp. 126
Imperial Rome, 146 B.C.E.-192 C.E.p. 129
The Visual Record: The Altar of Augustan Peace: The Making of the Roman Empirep. 130
The Price of Empire, 146-121 B.C.E.p. 132
Winners and Losersp. 132
Optimates and Popularesp. 133
The End of the Republicp. 135
The Crisis of Governmentp. 135
Map Discovery: The Career of Julius Caesarp. 138
A Life Worth Leadingp. 139
The Augustan Age and the Pax Romanap. 141
The Empire Renewedp. 141
Augustus's Successorsp. 146
Map Discovery: The Roman Empire, 14 and 117 C.E.p. 147
Religions from the Eastp. 149
Jewish Resistancep. 149
The Origins of Christianityp. 150
Geographical Tour: A Tour of the Empirep. 153
The Western Provincesp. 154
The Eastern Provincesp. 155
The Culture of Antonine Romep. 157
A Closer Look: A Day in the Pax Romanap. 144
The Reforms of Tiberius Gracchusp. 134
Cicero on Justice and Reasonp. 137
Peter Announces the Good Newsp. 152
The Transformation of the Classical Worldp. 161
The Visual Record: A Bride's Trousseau: The Synthesis of Christianity and the Classical Traditionp. 162
The Crisis of the Third Centuryp. 164
Enrich the Army and Scorn the Restp. 164
An Empire on the Defensivep. 165
The Barbarian Menacep. 166
Roman Influence in the Barbarian Worldp. 167
The Empire Restoredp. 169
Diocletian, the God-Emperorp. 169
Map Discovery: The Empire Under Diocletianp. 170
Constantine, the Emperor of Godp. 171
The Triumph of Christianityp. 172
Imperial Christianityp. 173
Map Discovery: The Spread of Christianityp. 174
Divinity, Humanity, and Salvationp. 174
The Call of the Desertp. 176
Monastic Communitiesp. 177
Solitaries and Hermitsp. 178
A Parting of the Waysp. 179
The Barbarization of the Westp. 179
The New Barbarian Kingdomsp. 182
Map Discovery: Barbarian Migrations and Invasionsp. 183
The Hellenization of the Eastp. 184
A Closer Look: The Stainless Star of Wisdom's Disciplinep. 180
Tacitus on the Germansp. 167
Religious Toleration and Persecutionp. 173
Love in the Two Citiesp. 177
The Classical Legacy in the East: Byzantium and Islamp. 187
The Visual Record: From Temple to Mosque: The Continuity of Civilization in the Eastern Mediterraneanp. 188
The Byzantinesp. 190
Justinian and the Creation of the Byzantine Statep. 190
Emperors and Individualsp. 192
Map Discovery: Byzantine Empire Under Justinianp. 193
Families and Villagesp. 194
A Foretaste of Heavenp. 195
Iconoclasmp. 198
The Rise of Islamp. 199
Arabia Before the Prophetp. 200
Muhammad, Prophet of Godp. 201
The Triumph of Islamp. 202
The Spread of Islamp. 204
Map Discovery: The Spread of Islamp. 205
Authority and Government in Islamp. 206
Umayyad and 'Abbasid Caliphatesp. 207
Islamic Civilizationp. 208
The Byzantine Apogee and Decline, 1000-1453p. 210
The Disintegration of the Empirep. 212
The Conquests of Constantinople and Baghdadp. 213
The West and the Wider World Industrial Espionage in the Sixth Centuryp. 196
The Qur'anp. 202
An Arab's View of Western Medicinep. 211
A Turkish Guest in Constantinoplep. 214
The West in the Early Middle Ages, 500-900p. 219
The Visual Record: The Chapel at the Waters: The Western Empire Rebornp. 220
The Making of the Barbarian Kingdoms, 500-750p. 222
Italy: From Ostrogoths to Lombardsp. 222
Map Discovery: The Barbarian Kingdoms, ca. 526p. 223
Visigothic Spain: Intolerance and Destructionp. 224
The Anglo-Saxons: From Pagan Conquerors to Christian Missionariesp. 225
The Franks: An Enduring Legacyp. 229
Living in the New Europep. 230
Creating the European Peasantryp. 231
Rural Householdsp. 231
Creating the European Aristocracyp. 232
Aristocratic Lifestylep. 233
Governing Europep. 234
The Carolingian Achievementp. 235
Charlemagne and the Renewal of the Westp. 236
The Carolingian Renaissancep. 236
Map Discovery: Charlemagne's Empire, 814p. 237
Carolingian Governmentp. 238
Carolingian Artp. 240
Geographical Tour: Europe in the Ninth Centuryp. 241
Englandp. 241
Scandinaviap. 242
The Slavic Worldp. 245
Muslim Spainp. 245
After the Carolingians: From Empire to Lordshipsp. 247
Map Discovery: The Division of Charlemagne's Empirep. 247
Disintegration of the Empirep. 247
Emergence of France and Germanyp. 248
Clunyp. 248
A Closer Look: The Jews in the Early Middle Agesp. 226
Two Missionariesp. 228
From Slave to Queenp. 230
Charlemagne and the Artsp. 238
The High Middle Agesp. 253
The Visual Record: From the Syrian Desert to the Welsh Marshes: A Kings and His Castlesp. 254
The Countrysidep. 256
The Peasantry: Serfs and Freemenp. 256
The Aristocracy: Warriors and Heiressesp. 258
The Church: Saints and Monksp. 260
Crusaders: Soldiers of Godp. 266
Map Discovery: The Crusadesp. 268
Medieval Townsp. 270
Italian Citiesp. 270
Map Discovery: Medieval Trade Networksp. 272
Northern Townsp. 273
The Fairs of Champagnep. 275
Urban Intellectualsp. 275
The Invention of the Statep. 279
The Universal States: Empire and Papacyp. 280
The Nation-States: France and Englandp. 283
Map Discovery: The Consolidation of France Under the Capetiansp. 284
A Closer Look: Cathedrals of Lightp. 262
Visions Like a Flamep. 265
Pope Urban II Summons a Crusadep. 267
Saint Francis of Assisi on Humility and Povertyp. 278
The Great Charterp. 287
The Later Middle Ages, 1300-1500p. 291
The Visual Record: Webs of Stone and Blood: European Civilization at the End of the Middle Agesp. 292
Politics as a Family Affairp. 294
The Struggle for Central Europep. 294
Map Discovery: Central and Eastern Europe, ca. 1378p. 295
A Hundred Years of Warp. 297
Life and Death in the Later Middle Agesp. 301
Dancing with Deathp. 301
The Plague of Insurrectionp. 304
Map Discovery: Spread of the Black Death and Peasant Revoltsp. 304
Living and Dying in Medieval Townsp. 306
The Spirit of the Later Middle Agesp. 308
The Crisis of the Papacyp. 308
Map Discovery: The Great Schismp. 309
Discerning the Spirit of Godp. 310
Heresy and Revoltp. 312
Religious Persecution in Spainp. 313
William of Ockham and the Spirit of Truthp. 314
Vernacular Literature and the Individualp. 315
The Black Death in Florencep. 303
A Woman Before the Inquisitionp. 311
Convivenciap. 313
The Italian Renaissancep. 321
The Visual Record: A Civic Procession: Community Building in Renaissance Venicep. 322
Renaissance Societyp. 324
The Urban Environmentp. 324
Map Discovery: Largest Cities in Western Europe, ca. 1500p. 325
Production and Consumptionp. 326
The Experience of Lifep. 327
The Quality of Lifep. 329
Renaissance Artp. 330
An Architect, a Sculptor, and a Painterp. 331
Renaissance Stylep. 333
Michelangelop. 334
Renaissance Idealsp. 336
Humanists and the Liberal Artsp. 337
Renaissance Sciencep. 339
Machiavelli and Politicsp. 339
Map Discovery: Italy, 1494p. 341
The Politics of the Italian City-Statesp. 341
The Five Powersp. 342
Venice: A Seaborne Empirep. 342
Florence: Spinning Cloth into Goldp. 343
The End of Italian Hegemony, 1450-1527p. 345
A Closer Look: The Fall of Constantinoplep. 348
On the Familyp. 328
The Renaissance Manp. 337
The Lion and the Foxp. 340
The Siege of Constantinoplep. 347
The European Empiresp. 353
The Visual Record: Astride the World: The Age of Monarchiesp. 354
European Encountersp. 356
Africa and a Passage to Indiap. 356
Map Discovery: Portuguese Explorationsp. 357
Mundus Novusp. 358
The Spanish Conquestsp. 359
Map Discovery: Claims of Spain and Portugal to Overseas Empiresp. 364
The Legacy of the Encountersp. 364
Geographical Tour: Europe in 1500: The Age of the New Monarchiesp. 367
Boundaries of Eastern Europep. 367
Central Europep. 368
Western Europep. 369
The Formation of Statesp. 370
Eastern Configurationsp. 371
The Western Powersp. 373
Map Discovery: The Unification of Francep. 377
The Dynastic Strugglesp. 379
Power and Gloryp. 380
The Italian Warsp. 380
A Closer Look: Isabella of Castilep. 360
A Momentous Discoveryp. 359
The Halls of Montezumap. 363
Last Wordsp. 374
The Kingdom of Francep. 376
The Reform of Religionp. 387
The Visual Record: Sola Scriptura: The Bible and the Reformationp. 388
The Intellectual Reformationp. 390
The Print Revolutionp. 390
Map Discovery: The Spread of Printingp. 391
Christian Humanismp. 392
The Humanist Movementp. 392
The Wit of Erasmusp. 392
The Lutheran Reformationp. 396
The Spark of Reformp. 396
Martin Luther's Faithp. 398
Lutheranismp. 399
The Spread of Lutheranismp. 401
Map Discovery: The Spread of Lutheranismp. 402
The Protestant Reformationp. 403
Geneva and Calvinp. 403
The English Reformationp. 405
The Reformation of the Radicalsp. 408
The Catholic Reformationp. 409
The Spiritual Revivalp. 410
Loyola's Pilgrimagep. 412
The Counter-Reformationp. 413
Map Discovery: The Religious Divisions of Europe, ca. 1555p. 415
The Empire Strikes Backp. 416
A Closer Look: Utopiap. 394
A Dutch Witp. 393
Luther on Marriagep. 400
The Eternal Decreep. 405
Heavenly Visionp. 411
Europe at War, 1555-1648p. 419
The Visual Record: The Massacre of the Innocents: War and European Societyp. 420
The Crises of the Western Statesp. 422
The French Wars of Religionp. 422
Map Discovery: Religious Divisions in France During the Wars of Religionp. 423
One King, Two Faithsp. 426
The World of Philip IIp. 429
Map Discovery: Habsburg Lands at the Abdication of Charles Vp. 431
The Burgundian Inheritancep. 431
The Revolt of the Netherlandsp. 432
The Struggles in Eastern Europep. 435
Kings and Diets in Polandp. 435
Muscovy's Time of Troublesp. 437
The Rise of Swedenp. 437
The Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648p. 439
Bohemia Revoltsp. 440
The War Widensp. 442
Map Discovery: Population Loss in Germany During the Thirty Years' Warp. 444
The Long Quest for Peacep. 444
A Closer Look: The Monstrous Regiment of Womenp. 424
Catholics and Huguenotsp. 428
Cannibalsp. 433
War Is Hellp. 441
Fire and Swordp. 443
The Experiences of Life in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1650p. 449
The Visual Record: Haymaking: Agriculture in a European Communityp. 450
Economic Lifep. 452
Rural Lifep. 452
Town Lifep. 455
Map Discovery: Grain Supply and Trade in Sixteenth-Century Europep. 457
Economic Changep. 457
Map Discovery: Population Density in Europe, ca. 1600p. 458
Social Lifep. 460
Social Constructsp. 460
Social Structurep. 462
Social Changep. 464
Peasant Revoltsp. 466
Private and Community Lifep. 468
The Familyp. 468
Communitiesp. 472
Popular Beliefs and the Persecution of Witchesp. 474
A Closer Look: Sex and the Married Manp. 476
Living by One's Witsp. 454
The Peasants' Revoltp. 467
A Feminine Perspectivep. 470
The Devil's Duep. 475
The Royal State in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 483
The Visual Record: Fit for a King: The Grandeur of the European Monarchyp. 484
The Rise of the Royal Statep. 486
Divine Kingsp. 486
The Court and the Courtiersp. 488
The Drive to Centralize Governmentp. 490
The Taxing Demands of Warp. 491
The Crises of the Royal Statep. 492
The Need to Resistp. 493
The Right to Resistp. 494
The English Civil Warp. 496
Map Discovery: English Civil Warp. 498
The English Revolutionsp. 499
The Zenith of the Royal Statep. 502
The Nature of Absolute Monarchyp. 502
Absolutism in the Eastp. 504
The Origins of French Absolutismp. 506
Map Discovery: Expansion of Russia Under Peter the Greatp. 506
Louis le Grandp. 507
A Glimpse of a Kingp. 487
A Short, Sharp Shockp. 497
The Nature of Manp. 503
A Close Shavep. 505
Glossaryp. G-1
Creditsp. C-1
Indexp. I-1
Primary Source Documentsp. D-1
How to Analyze Primary Source Documentsp. D-3
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