College Physics, Volume 2 (Chs. 17-30)

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  • Edition: 8th
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  • Copyright: 2006-03-24
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
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For more than five decades, Sears and Zemansky'sCollege Physicshas provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for readers around the world. For the Eighth Edition, Robert Geller joins Hugh Young to produce a comprehensive update of this benchmark text. A broad and thorough introduction to physics, this new edition carefully integrates many solutions from educational research to help readers to develop greater confidence in solving problems, deeper conceptual understanding, and stronger quantitative-reasoning skills, while helping them connect what they learn with their other courses and the changing world around them. Models, Measurements, and Vectors, Motion along a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Newtonrs"s Laws of Motion, Applications of Newtonrs"s Laws, Circular Motion and Gravitation, Work and Energy, Momentum, Rotational Motion, Dynamics of Rotational Motion, Elasticity and Periodic Motion, Mechanical Waves and Sound, Fluid Mechanics, Temperature and Heat, Thermal Properties of Matter, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Electric Charges, Forces and Fields, Electric Potential and Electric Energy, Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuits, Magnetism, Magnetic Flux and Faradayrs"s Law of Induction, Alternating Currents, Electromagnetic Waves, Geometric Optics, Optical Instruments, Interference and Diffraction, Relativity, Photons, Electrons, and Atoms, Atoms, Molecules, and Solids, 30 Nuclear and High-Energy Physics.For all readers interested in most reliable foundation of physics education. (College Physics, (Chs.1-30) with Mastering College Physics, 8/e,ISBN0-8053-9070-7

Author Biography

Hugh D. Young is Professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He attended Carnegie Mellon for both undergraduate and graduate study and earned his Ph.D. in fundamental particle theory under the direction of the late Richard Cutkosky. He joined the faculty of Carnegie Mellon in 1956, and has also spent two years as a visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Hugh's career has centered entirely around undergraduate education. He has written several undergraduate-level textbooks, and in 1973 he became a coauthor with Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky for their well-known introductory texts. In addition to his role on Sears and Zemansky's College Physics , he is currently a coauthor with Roger Freedman on Sears and Zemanksy's University Physics .

Hugh is an enthusiastic skier, climber, and hiker. He also served for several years as Associate Organist at St. Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh, and has played numerous organ recitals in the Pittsburgh area. Prof. Young and his wife Alice usually travel extensively in the summer, especially in Europe and in the desert canyon country of southern Utah.

Robert M. Geller teaches physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he also obtained his Ph.D. under Robert Antonucci in observational cosmology. Currently, he is involved in two major research projects: a search for cosmological halos predicted by the Big Bang, and a search for the flares that are predicted to occur when a supermassive black hole consumes a star.

Rob also has a strong focus on undergraduate education. In 2003, he received the Distinguished Teaching Award. He trains the graduate student teaching assistants on methods of physics education. He is also a frequent faculty leader for the UCSB Physics Circus, in which student volunteers perform exciting and thought-provoking physics demonstrations to elementary schools.

Rob loves the outdoors. He and his wife Susanne enjoy backpacking along rivers and fly fishing, usually with rods she has build and flies she has tied. Their daughter Zoe loves fishing too, but her fish tend to be plastic, and float in the bathtub.

Table of Contents

Electricity and Magnetism
Electric Charge and Electric Fieldp. 545
Electric Chargep. 545
Conductors and Insulatorsp. 548
Conservation and Quantization of Chargep. 551
Coulomb's Lawp. 552
Electric Field and Electric Forcesp. 557
Calculating Electric Fieldsp. 560
Electric Field Linesp. 563
Gauss's Law and Field Calculationsp. 564
Charges on Conductorsp. 569
Electric Potential and Capacitancep. 582
Electric Potential Energyp. 582
Potentialp. 587
Equipotential Surfacesp. 591
The Millikan Oil-Drop Experimentp. 594
Capacitorsp. 595
Capacitors in Series and in Parallelp. 598
Electric Field Energyp. 601
Dielectricsp. 603
Molecular Model of Induced Chargep. 606
Current, Resistance, and Direct-Current Circuitsp. 618
Currentp. 618
Resistance and Ohm's Lawp. 620
Electromotive Force and Circuitsp. 624
Energy and Power in Electric Circuitsp. 629
Resistors in Series and in Parallelp. 632
Kirchhoff's Rulesp. 635
Electrical Measuring Instrumentsp. 640
Resistance-Capacitance Circuitsp. 640
Physiological Effects of Currentsp. 642
Power Distribution Systemsp. 643
Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forcesp. 658
Magnetismp. 658
Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forcep. 660
Motion of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Fieldp. 667
Mass Spectrometersp. 669
Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Conductorp. 670
Force and Torque on a Current Loopp. 673
Magnetic Field of a Long, Straight Conductorp. 677
Force between Parallel Conductorsp. 678
Current Loops and Solenoidsp. 680
Magnetic Field Calculationsp. 682
Magnetic Materialsp. 685
Electromagnetic Inductionp. 698
Induction Experimentsp. 698
Magnetic Fluxp. 700
Faraday's Lawp. 702
Lenz's Lawp. 706
Motional Electromotive Forcep. 709
Eddy Currentsp. 711
Mutual Inductancep. 712
Self-Inductancep. 714
Transformersp. 716
Magnetic Field Energyp. 719
The R-L Circuitp. 721
The L-C Circuitp. 724
Alternating Currentp. 735
Phasors and Alternating Currentsp. 735
Resistance and Reactancep. 738
The Series R-L-C Circuitp. 744
Power in Alternating-Current Circuitsp. 748
Series Resonancep. 751
Parallel Resonancep. 753
Electromagnetic Wavesp. 761
Introduction to Electromagnetic Wavesp. 761
Speed of an Electromagnetic Wavep. 762
The Electromagnetic Spectrump. 764
Sinusoidal Wavesp. 765
Energy in Electromagnetic Wavesp. 768
Nature of Lightp. 772
Reflection and Refractionp. 774
Total Internal Reflectionp. 780
Dispersionp. 782
Polarizationp. 783
Huygen's Principlep. 789
Scattering of Lightp. 791
Geometric Opticsp. 803
Reflection at a Plane Surfacep. 803
Reflection at a Spherical Surfacep. 806
Graphical Methods for Mirrorsp. 813
Refraction at a Spherical Surfacep. 815
Thin Lensesp. 819
Graphical Methods for Lensesp. 825
Optical Instrumentsp. 837
The Camerap. 837
The Projectorp. 840
The Eyep. 841
The Magnifierp. 845
The Microscopep. 847
Telescopesp. 849
Lens Aberrationsp. 852
Interference and Diffractionp. 862
Interference and Coherent Sourcesp. 862
Two-Source Interference of Lightp. 865
Interference in Thin Filmsp. 868
Diffractionp. 873
Diffraction from a Single Slitp. 875
Multiple Slits and Diffraction Gratingsp. 879
X-Ray Diffractionp. 882
Circular Apertures and Resolving Powerp. 885
Holographyp. 888
Relativityp. 899
Invariance of Physical Lawsp. 900
Relative Nature of Simultaneityp. 903
Relativity of Timep. 905
Relativity of Lengthp. 909
The Lorentz Transformationp. 913
Relativistic Momentump. 916
Relativistic Work and Energyp. 919
Relativity and Newtonian Mechanicsp. 922
Photons, Electrons, and Atomsp. 932
The Photoelectric Effectp. 933
Line Spectra and Energy Levelsp. 938
The Nuclear Atom and the Bohr Modelp. 943
The Laserp. 950
X-Ray Production and Scatteringp. 951
The Wave Nature of Particlesp. 954
Wave-Particle Dualityp. 957
The Electron Microscopep. 961
Atoms, Molecules, and Solidsp. 971
Electrons in Atomsp. 971
Atomic Structurep. 979
Diatomic Moleculesp. 983
Structure and Properties of Solidsp. 987
Energy Bandsp. 989
Semiconductorsp. 990
Semiconductor Devicesp. 992
Superconductivityp. 995
Nuclear and High-Energy Physicsp. 1003
Properties of Nucleip. 1003
Nuclear Stabilityp. 1008
Radioactivityp. 1011
Radiation and the Life Sciencesp. 1017
Nuclear Reactionsp. 1021
Nuclear Fissionp. 1023
Nuclear Fusionp. 1027
Fundamental Particlesp. 1028
High-Energy Physicsp. 1030
Cosmologyp. 1036
Mathematics Reviewp. 1
The International System of Unitsp. 10
The Greek Alphabetp. 12
Periodic Table of Elementsp. 13
Unit Conversion Factorsp. 14
Numerical Constantsp. 15
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problemsp. 17
Creditsp. 1
Indexp. 1
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