The Fourth Grade Book

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2000-01-01
  • Publisher: Incentive Pubns
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Table of Contents

Introductionp. 14
Skills Checklists
Reading Comprehension Skills Checklistp. 18
Words and Vocabulary Skills Checklistp. 19
Spelling / Grammar and Usage Skills Checklistp. 20
Writing Skills Checklistp. 21
Geography Skills Checklistp. 144
Map Skills Checklistp. 145
Science Skills Checklistp. 204
Computation and Numbers / Problem Solving Skills Checklistp. 230
Geometry and Measurement / Graphing, Statistics, and Probability Skills Checklistp. 231
Language Artsp. 17
Reading Comprehension Skills Exercises
Follow the Flags (Following Directions - Picture Clues)p. 22
The Thrill of a Big Wave (Inference)p. 24
Leah's Vacation Letter (Context)p. 25
Catch a Leprechaun (Choose Title - Read for Details)p. 26
20,000 Feet and Still Climbing (Read for Details)p. 27
Join the Circus! (Paraphrase)p. 28
Ride a Raging River (Paraphrase)p. 29
High Seas Adventure (Literary Techniques - Personal Response)p. 30
Mythical Sea Creatures (Main Idea)p. 31
The World's Luxury Train (Character Analysis - Story Elements)p. 32
Drop into the Alps (Read Table)p. 34
Race with the Dogs (Predictions - Conclusions)p. 35
Hunting for Nessie (Personal Response)p. 36
Rock into the Future (Literary Techniques)p. 37
Fight the Fiercest Bull (Sequence)p. 38
Old News Is Goose News (Titles - Cause and Effect)p. 39
A Little Sluggish (Conclusions - Generalizations)p. 40
Your Name in Neon! (Author's Purpose - Point of View)p. 41
An Ancient Art (Information from Illustrations)p. 42
Alone in the Tangled Woods (Predictions - Author's Purpose)p. 43
A Ride with the "King" (Read Charts and Tables)p. 44
High Climber (Read Graph)p. 45
Lessons in Silliness (Read Titles)p. 46
Cures and Courage (Context)p. 47
Letters to Leonardo (Read for Details)p. 48
Explore the Sunken Titanic (Read for Details - Summarize)p. 49
Words and Vocabulary Skills Exercises
What Would You Do with It? (Learning New Words)p. 50
Sunken Treasure (Context)p. 51
Happy as a Clam (Figurative Language)p. 52
Good Taste in Friends (Figurative Language)p. 53
How Many Whales? (Confusing Words)p. 54
Swimmers' Line-up (Analogies)p. 55
Should You? Could You? Would You? (Learning New Words)p. 56
Could You? Would You? Should You? (Learning New Words)p. 57
Where Would You Find This? (Learning New Words)p. 58
Where Would You Find That? (Learning New Words)p. 59
Submarine Watch (Roots)p. 60
Making Waves (Learning New Words)p. 61
Don't Obey the Signs! (Antonyms)p. 62
Impostors in the Sand (Synonyms)p. 63
A Biped on a Unicycle (Prefixes)p. 64
Peril at Sea! (Suffixes)p. 65
The Whole in the Pale (Homophones)p. 66
A Whale or a Wail? (Homophones)p. 67
Beware of Crabby Crabs! (Multiple Meanings)p. 68
The Shirt Doesn't Fit (Word Classification)p. 69
Marooned! (Denotation and Connotation)p. 70
Tasty Words (Word Histories)p. 71
Boardwalk Analogies (Analogies)p. 72
Hot Beach Cool Drinks (Context)p. 73
Digging up Words (Foreign Words)p. 74
Shipwreck! (Compound Words)p. 75
Octopus or Squid? (Confusing Words)p. 76
Spelling Skills Exercises
Double Trouble (Words with Double Consonants)p. 77
A Troublesome Twosome (Spelling Rule: ie and ei)p. 78
Words That Stick Together (Compound Words)p. 79
Letters with a Secret Life (Confusing Consonants and Blends)p. 80
Too Many Frogs (Plural Words)p. 81
The Case of the Vanishing Endings (Distinguish Among Similar Endings)p. 82
Tricky Endings (Distinguish Among Similar Endings)p. 83
Ants for Sale (Distinguish Among Similar Endings)p. 84
Tangled Endings (Distinguish Among Similar Endings)p. 85
You Are That? (Distinguish Among Similar Endings)p. 86
At the Root of It All (Root Words)p. 87
Lazy Letters (Words with Silent Letters)p. 88
Surprising S (Words with the Letter S)p. 89
Who's Gone Wrong? (Words with the Letter W)p. 90
Winning Combinations (Vowel Combinations)p. 91
Peculiar Words (Unusual Words)p. 92
Words That Make You Laugh and Cry (Funny and Sad Words)p. 93
Rule Breakers (Words That Break Spelling Rules)p. 94
Unearthly Words (Space Words)p. 95
Words You Can Eat (Food Words)p. 96
Words That Won't Stand Still (Movement Words)p. 97
Giant, Colossal Words (Big Words)p. 98
Itsy-Bitsy Words (Small Words)p. 99
Sniffing Out Mistakes (Identify Incorrect Spelling)p. 100
Signs for Spellers (Editing to Correct Spelling)p. 101
Grammar and Usage Skills Exercises
Smooth Sailing (Parts of Speech)p. 102
Key Creatures (Common and Proper Nouns)p. 103
Agate Lake (Present Tense Verbs)p. 104
Blue River (Past Tense Regular Verbs)p. 105
A Scrambled Menu (Adjectives)p. 106
Campfire Procedures (Adverbs)p. 107
Picturing Prepositions (Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases)p. 108
Rapidly Falling (Contractions)p. 110
Storm Hits Camp Lookout (Editing: Capitalization)p. 111
Unbelievable News (Editing: Capitalization)p. 112
A Truly Freaky Storm (Editing: Capitalization)p. 113
A Camper's Midnight Hike (Editing: Punctuation)p. 114
A Dream Job (Effective Words)p. 115
Personally Speaking (Effective Sentences)p. 116
Beginnings That Grab (Good Beginnings)p. 117
Writing Skills Exercises
Catch the Action (Active Words)p. 118
Precisely Precarious! (Precise Words)p. 119
Words with Taste (Effective Words and Phrases)p. 120
Good Advice (Interesting, Complete Sentences)p. 121
Smashing Beginnings (Good Beginnings)p. 122
The Red Page (Poetry - Sensory Appeal)p. 123
The Tallest of Tales (Exaggeration - Imaginative Writing)p. 124
Here's How! (Good Connections Between Ideas)p. 125
Ask Me Anything! (Effective Questions)p. 126
An Editor's Error (Sentence Sequence)p. 127
Speaking in Metaphors (Metaphors and Similes)p. 128
In My Opinion (Opinion - Editing)p. 130
Old News Is New News (Adapt Writing Form)p. 132
No Bones about It! (Figurative Language)p. 134
He Said. She Said (Dialogue)p. 136
In the Mood (Mood)p. 137
Picture This (Description)p. 138
Words on the Move (Effective Words and Phrases - Visual Images)p. 140
Stomach-Flipping News (Sentence Clarity)p. 141
Social Studiesp. 143
Geography Skills Exercises
Getting to Know the USA (Identify States and Bodies of Water)p. 146
What a Way to See the USA (Facts about States)p. 148
The Reasons for Regions (Identify U.S. Regions, States, and Capitals)p. 150
Big Trees and Wild Surf (Pacific Region)p. 151
High Peaks and Deep Canyons (Mountain Region)p. 152
Tall Grasses and Twisters (Plains Region)p. 153
Cows, Cowboys, and Cacti (Southwest Region)p. 154
Lakes and More Lakes (Great Lakes Region)p. 155
Bayous, Beaches, and Hospitality (Southeast Region)p. 156
Big Cities and Capitals (Middle Atlantic Region)p. 157
History and High Tides (New England Region)p. 158
Which Region? (Review Regions)p. 159
Which Way in Washington? (Washington, DC)p. 160
State Hopping (Location of States)p. 161
Up, Down, Over, and Around (Physical Features of the U.S.)p. 162
National Treasures (U.S. National Parks and Monuments)p. 164
Not the Capital! (U.S. Cities)p. 165
Oh, Say Can You See the USA? (U.S. and The World)p. 166
Where Are You? (Your Location)p. 167
What's in Which Half? (Earth's Hemispheres)p. 168
The Long and Short of It (Latitude and Longitude)p. 169
Locating Places and Spaces (Latitude and Longitude)p. 170
Time Flies (U.S. Time Zones)p. 172
Hey, Neighbor! (North America)p. 174
The Largest Neighbor (Canada)p. 176
Viviendo en Mexico (Mexico)p. 178
Valuables from Mexico (Mexico's Economy)p. 179
The Fourth Largest Continent (South America)p. 180
Ever Been to Chicken? (U.S. Cities and States)p. 181
Record Setters (U.S. Landmarks, Places, and Features)p. 182
More Record Setters (U.S. Landmarks, Places, and Features)p. 183
Map Skills Exercises
Underground Delivery (Map Symbols - Map Key)p. 184
Where in the World? (Landforms)p. 186
Over Land and Water (Continents - Countries - Bodies of Water)p. 188
The Misfit Packages (North America)p. 190
The Rest of the Parade (Scale)p. 191
A Mouse on Parade (Scale)p. 192
Delivery on the Slopes (Find Directions)p. 193
A Messy Map Mess-up (Kinds of Maps)p. 194
?Que Tiempo Hace? (Weather Map)p. 195
Delivery by Subway (Subway Map)p. 196
Friday Night Deliveries (Using a Grid)p. 198
A Load of Old Bones (Road Map)p. 199
School Supplies (Floor Plan)p. 200
Sciencep. 203
Science Skills Exercises
What Made Me Do That? (Laws of Motion)p. 205
Some Sound Science (Sound)p. 206
Science to Brag About (Kinds of Science)p. 208
For Budding Scientists (Plant Classification)p. 210
Pilfered Plants (Plant and Flower Parts)p. 211
Vital Processes (Plant Processes)p. 212
"File 'Em" or "Phylum"? (Animal Classification)p. 213
No Bones about It (Invertebrate Classification)p. 214
The Missing Chordates (Vertebrate Classification)p. 215
Eco-Tree (Ecology)p. 216
A Very "Gnaw"-ty Pet (Ecology)p. 217
Body Talk (Human Body Systems)p. 218
View from the Inside (Skeletal-Muscular Systems)p. 219
Marvelously Simple (Simple Machines)p. 220
The Great Breakup (Erosion and Weathering)p. 221
A Vacation Paradise? (Earth Processes)p. 222
A Rocky Business (Rocks)p. 223
Everybody Talks about It! (Weather Patterns)p. 224
Would You? Should You? (Atmosphere)p. 225
Where Would You Find It? (Earth and Space Science Vocabulary)p. 226
A Dangerous Attraction (Magnets)p. 227
Mathp. 229
Computation and Numbers Skills Exercises
The Final Count (Computation)p. 232
A Big Race--A Warm Pool (Read and Write Numbers)p. 234
Snatch, Clean, and Jerk! (Compare and Order Whole Numbers)p. 235
The Eternal Flame (Round Whole Numbers)p. 236
Clean Jumps, Please! (Place Value)p. 237
High Speeds and Tough Turns (Column Addition)p. 238
Knock Out! (Subtract Whole Numbers)p. 239
Sailing without a Sail (Multiply and Divide with Multiples of 10)p. 240
Hold Your Breath! (Whole Number Operations)p. 241
Weighty Calculations (Long Division)p. 242
Pedaling for Medals (Divide Whole Numbers)p. 243
Frosty Sports (Fractions)p. 244
Be Careful Not to Swing! (Lowest Term Fractions)p. 245
Pentathlon Calculations (Add and Subtract Fractions)p. 246
When Is a Shell a Scull? (Add and Subtract Mixed Numerals)p. 247
Take the Plunge! (Read Decimals)p. 248
Nose Rolls and Fakies (Compare and Order Decimals)p. 249
Problem Solving Skills Exercises
Winter Sports Fest (Information Needed for Problem Solving)p. 250
Sports Trivia (Word Problems)p. 252
Lost in the Trees (Word Problems)p. 253
Tugging Problems (Solve Problems Using an Illustration)p. 254
Rah, Rah, Rah! (Multistep Problems)p. 255
Flipping over Numbers (Solve Problems with Statistics)p. 256
The Missing Snacks (Missing Numbers in Problems)p. 257
Horsing Around (Solve Problems with Money)p. 258
Up and Over (Choose Correct Operation)p. 259
Geometry and Measurement Skills Exercises
Locker Room Mystery (Identify points, lines, angles, rays, and planes)p. 260
Geometry at the Ball Park (Identify line segments, points, planes, and angles)p. 261
New Angle on Cheers (Identify kinds of angles)p. 262
Gym Floor Geometry (Identify kinds of triangles)p. 263
Sharp Eyes for Shapes (Identify kinds of polygons)p. 264
Going in Circles (Identify properties and parts of circles)p. 265
Geometry on Wheels (Identify space figures)p. 266
A Close Look at Figures (Identify congruent and similar figures)p. 267
Get a Jump on Volume (Compare volume of space figures)p. 268
Courtside Measurements (Identify U.S. Customary units)p. 269
Passing the Test (Identify metric units of measure)p. 270
Uniform Measurements (Use U.S. Customary units)p. 271
Around the Edge (Find perimeter of space figures)p. 272
Juggling the Schedule (Measure time with a calendar)p. 274
Graphing, Statistics, and Probability Skills Exercises
Outrageous Collections (Read and Interpret Tables of Statistics)p. 276
Lots and Lots of Loops (Read and Interpret a Pictograph)p. 278
Bodacious Balancing (Read and Interpret a Pictograph)p. 279
Tattoos, Trees, and Fast Talking (Read and Interpret a Circle Graph)p. 280
Playing with Fire (Read and Interpret a Line Graph)p. 281
Record-Setting Swallowing (Read and Interpret a Bar Graph)p. 282
Swatting to Set a Record (Find Locations on a Coordinate Grid)p. 284
The Things People Throw (Find Locations on a Coordinate Grid)p. 285
A Record-Holding Crawler (Plot Locations on a Coordinate Grid)p. 286
Eight Hours of Shoe-Shining (Plot Locations on a Coordinate Grid)p. 287
Record-Breaking Snake Biting (Describe Outcomes of Events)p. 288
Tattoo or Not Tattoo (Find Probability)p. 289
Appendixp. 291
Language Arts Skills Testp. 292
Social Studies Skills Testp. 313
Science Skills Testp. 321
Math Skills Testp. 325
Skills Test Answer Keyp. 333
Skills Exercises Answer Keyp. 336
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