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What features do eBooks have?

Note: currently offers three different eBook options to fit your needs. To determine which type of eBook you have, check your eBookshelf. Each type of eBook has its own section. eBooks eBooks allow you to highlight and underline text, bookmark pages, add comments, zoom in and out and perform full-text searches.

VitalSource eBooks

VitalSource eBooks allow you to print, bookmark pages and highlight text. You can take notes while you read and you also have the option to print the notes you have taken. VitalSource also allows you to view your eBook both online and offline, in case you need to read without Internet access.

How do I access supplements on my VitalSource eBook?

Many supplements do not come with VitalSource eBooks but are available for purchase through VitalSource. To check for supplements included with your eBook, you will need to access the Outline View of the eBook and select the ‘Resources’ tab. Any supplements included with the eBook would be available here. If you need supplements to use with your eBook, please contact VitalSource at 1-866-588-3197.

VitalSource offers the ability to view their eBooks both online and offline. Both versions have the same content. However, with the online version you can access the eBook online from any computer with an internet connection. You will be able to print up to 10 pages at a time using the online version. With the offline version, you will be able to access the eBook without having an active internet connection. Please note you will not be able to print when using the offline version.

Downloadable eBooks

With downloadable eBooks you will be able to read, bookmark pages and search within your eBook.