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What features do eTextbooks have?

Device Compatibility


Read your eCampus eTextbooks on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our platform is powered by VitalSource, and VitalSource Bookshelf is compatible with both Macs and PCs as well as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Chromebook devices. You will be able to download and access your eTextbook onto 2 computers AND 2 mobile devices using the Bookshelf app.


Offline Access


You have the ability to view our eTextbooks both online and offline. Both versions have the same content. However, with the online version, you can access the eTextbook online from any computer with an internet connection. With the offline version, you will be able to access the eTextbook without having an active internet connection. To access your eTextbooks offline, you will need to download the Bookshelf app onto your computer, tablet or mobile device. To download Bookshelf, visit the VitalSource Support Site.


Read Aloud Features


The VitalSource Bookshelf has text to speech built-in, listen and follow along as Bookshelf reads to you, using your VoiceOver's built-in voice and speed controls. Tap the Read Aloud button ( Read Aloud ) to bring up the Read Aloud controls.

For more information on these capabilities, visit VitalSource's website by clicking HERE.


Printing Capabilities


Restrictions around the use of copy & paste and printing are set by the publisher on a title by title basis. You can view the restrictions on the Product Details page for the title purchased.