HTML: Complete Concepts and Techniques, Third Edition

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  • Edition: 3rd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2004-10-04
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
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Part of the highly successful Shelly Cashman series, this complete text leads the user through a clear, step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach to learning HTML.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. vi
Introduction to HTML
Objectivesp. 4
Introductionp. 4
What Is the Internet?p. 4
What Is the World Wide Web?p. 6
Web Serversp. 6
Web Site Types and Purposesp. 7
Web Browsersp. 9
What Is Hypertext Markup Language?p. 9
HTML Historyp. 11
HTML Elementsp. 12
HTML Coding Practicesp. 12
HTML Versionsp. 12
Dynamic HTML (DHTML)p. 13
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)p. 13
Tools for Creating HTML Documentsp. 14
Web Development Life Cyclep. 15
Web Site Planningp. 15
Web Site Analysisp. 16
Web Site Design and Developmentp. 17
Web Site Testingp. 20
Web Site Implementation and Maintenancep. 21
Project Summaryp. 22
What You Should Knowp. 22
Learn It Onlinep. 23
Apply Your Knowledgep. 24
In the Labp. 25
Cases and Placesp. 28
Creating and Editing a Web Page
Objectivesp. 30
Introductionp. 30
The Campus Tutoring Servicep. 30
Elements of a Web Pagep. 32
Window Elementsp. 32
Text Elementsp. 32
Image Elementsp. 33
Hyperlink Elementsp. 33
Starting Notepadp. 33
The Notepad Windowp. 35
Title Barp. 35
Menu Barp. 35
Text Areap. 35
Scroll Barp. 35
Enabling Word Wrap in Notepadp. 35
Entering HTML Tags and Textp. 36
Entering HTML Tags to Define the Web Page Structurep. 36
Entering Headingsp. 39
Entering a Paragraph of Textp. 40
Creating a Listp. 41
Saving an HTML Filep. 44
Using a Browser to View a Web Pagep. 47
Starting a Browserp. 47
Viewing a Web Page in a Browserp. 48
Activating Notepadp. 50
Web Page Imagesp. 51
Image Typesp. 51
Image Attributesp. 51
Improving the Appearance of Your Web Pagep. 52
Adding an Imagep. 53
Adding Background Colorp. 54
Centering the Headingp. 56
Adding a Horizontal Rulep. 56
Refreshing the View in a Browserp. 58
Viewing HTML Source Code for a Web Pagep. 58
Printing a Web Page and an HTML Filep. 60
Quitting Notepad and a Browserp. 62
Project Summaryp. 62
What You Should Knowp. 62
Learn It Onlinep. 63
Apply Your Knowledgep. 64
In the Labp. 65
Cases and Placesp. 68
Creating Web Pages with Links, Images, and Formatted Text
Objectivesp. 70
Introductionp. 70
Plant World Web Sitep. 71
Starting Notepadp. 72
Using Links on a Web Pagep. 72
Linking to Another Web Page within the Same Web Sitep. 75
Linking to a Web Page in Another Web Sitep. 76
Linking within a Web Pagep. 77
Linking to an E-Mail Addressp. 77
Creating a Home Pagep. 78
Entering HTML Tags to Define the Web Page Structurep. 78
Adding an Imagep. 79
Adding a Left-Aligned Heading with a Font Colorp. 80
Entering a Paragraph of Textp. 82
Creating Unordered (Bulleted) Listsp. 83
Adding a Background Imagep. 85
Adding a Text Linkp. 85
Adding a Text Link to Another Web Page within the Same Web Sitep. 86
Adding an E-Mail Linkp. 88
Saving and Printing the HTML Filep. 89
Viewing, Testing Links, and Printing a Web Pagep. 90
Editing the Second Web Pagep. 94
Formatting Textp. 96
Formatting Text in Boldp. 96
Formatting Text in Italicsp. 98
Format Text with a Font Colorp. 99
Adding an Image with Wrapped Textp. 100
Adding an Image with Wrapped Textp. 103
Clearing the Text Wrappingp. 104
Using Horizontal and Vertical Spacingp. 106
Using Thumbnail Imagesp. 106
Obtaining Imagesp. 107
Adding a Text Link to Another Web Sitep. 108
Adding a Text Link to a Web Page in Another Web Sitep. 108
Adding Links within a Web Pagep. 109
Setting Link Targetsp. 110
Adding Links to Link Targets within a Web Pagep. 112
Adding Links to a Link Target at the Top of the Pagep. 114
Adding an Image Link to a Web Pagep. 115
Saving and Printing the HTML File and Web Pagep. 117
Project Summaryp. 120
What You Should Knowp. 120
Learn It Onlinep. 121
Apply Your Knowledgep. 122
In the Labp. 124
Cases and Placesp. 129
Creating Tables in a Web Site
Objectivesp. 132
Introductionp. 132
Bell Videop. 132
Creating Web Pages with Tablesp. 134
Table Elementsp. 136
Table Borders, Headers, Captions, and Rulesp. 137
Planning, Designing, and Coding a Tablep. 138
Determining if a Table Is Neededp. 139
Planning the Tablep. 139
Coding the Tablep. 141
Table Tag Attributesp. 142
Creating a Home Pagep. 143
Starting Notepadp. 143
Entering HTML Tags to Define the Web Page Structurep. 143
Using Borderless Tables to Position Imagesp. 145
Creating a Borderless Table to Position Imagesp. 146
Inserting Images in a Tablep. 147
Creating a Vertical Menu Bar with Text Linksp. 148
Adding Text to a Table Cellp. 151
Viewing and Printing the Web Page Using the Browserp. 154
Creating a Secondary Web Pagep. 155
Changing the Titlep. 157
Deleting an Imagep. 158
Creating a Horizontal Menu Bar with Text Linksp. 158
Creating a Table with Bordersp. 160
Creating a Table with Borders and Inserting Text into Cellsp. 162
Adding Cellspacing, Cellpadding, and a Captionp. 169
Adding Cellspacing and Cellpadding to a Tablep. 170
Adding a Table Captionp. 172
Spanning Rows and Columnsp. 174
Spanning the Main Heading across All Columnsp. 177
Creating Additional Headings that Span Rows and Columnsp. 178
Project Summaryp. 183
What You Should Knowp. 184
Learn It Onlinep. 185
Apply Your Knowledgep. 186
In the Labp. 187
Cases and Placesp. 192
Creating an Image Map
Objectivesp. 194
Introductionp. 194
Ibrahim Real Estatep. 195
Introduction to Image Mapsp. 196
Using Image Maps with Text Linksp. 197
Image Map Usesp. 197
Server-Side versus Client-Side Image Mapsp. 201
Creating an Image Mapp. 201
Selecting Imagesp. 201
Sketching the Borders of Hotspotsp. 203
Mapping Image Coordinatesp. 204
Coding the Mapp. 206
Using Paint to Locate X- and Y-Coordinatesp. 207
The Paint Windowp. 207
Opening an Image File in Paintp. 208
Locating X- and Y-Coordinates of an Imagep. 209
Creating the Home Pagep. 213
Starting Notepad and Entering Initial HTML Tagsp. 213
Creating a Tablep. 214
Inserting an Image in a Tablep. 215
Adding Text to a Table Cellp. 216
Adding an Image to Use as an Image Mapp. 217
Creating a Horizontal Menu Bar with Text Linksp. 219
Coding the Image Map Using HTML Tags and Attributesp. 220
Creating an Image Mapp. 221
Changing Link Colorsp. 223
Viewing and Printing the Web Page Using a Browserp. 225
Creating a Second Web Pagep. 226
Changing the Titlep. 228
Adding a Heading and Paragraphs of Textp. 229
Adding an Imagep. 231
Creating a Horizontal Menu Barp. 232
Viewing and Printing the Web Pagep. 234
Testing the Linksp. 236
Project Summaryp. 237
What You Should Knowp. 237
Learn It Onlinep. 238
Apply Your Knowledgep. 239
In the Labp. 241
Cases and Placesp. 245
Using Frames in a Web Site
Objectivesp. 248
Introductionp. 248
Bill Thomas Illustrationsp. 249
Creating Framesp. 250
Creating a Frame Definition Filep. 250
Defining Columns and Rows in a Framesetp. 252
Defining Frame Attributesp. 254
Planning and Laying Out Framesp. 258
Creating a Frame Definition Filep. 260
Starting Notepad and Entering Initial HTML Tagsp. 260
Defining the Frameset Columns and Rowsp. 262
Identifying Attributes of the Header and Menu Framesp. 265
Identifying Attributes of the Main Framep. 266
Saving the HTML Filep. 267
Creating the Header Pagep. 268
Creating the Menu Pagep. 270
Adding Links with Targets to the Menu Pagep. 272
Creating the Home Pagep. 273
Viewing, Testing, and Printing Web Pages and HTML Codep. 275
Viewing and Printing the Frame Definition File Using a Browserp. 275
Testing the Linksp. 277
Printing the HTML Filesp. 277
Project Summaryp. 279
What You Should Knowp. 279
Learn It Onlinep. 280
Apply Your Knowledgep. 281
In the Labp. 282
Cases and Placesp. 287
Creating a Form on a Web Page
Objectivesp. 290
Introductionp. 290
Creating Forms on a Web Pagep. 291
Creating Web Page Formsp. 292
Input Controlsp. 292
HTML Tags Used to Create Formsp. 296
Attributes of HTML Tags Used to Create Formsp. 296
Creating a Form On a Web Pagep. 298
Creating a Form and Identifying the Form Processp. 299
Changing the Text Messagep. 300
Adding Text Boxesp. 301
Adding Check Boxesp. 303
Adding a Selection Menup. 304
Adding More Advanced Selection Menusp. 306
Adding Additional Text Boxesp. 307
Adding Radio Buttons and a Textareap. 309
Adding Radio Buttonsp. 309
Adding a Textareap. 310
Submit and Reset Buttonsp. 312
Adding Submit and Reset Buttonsp. 312
Organizing a Form Using Form Groupingsp. 313
Using Fieldset Controls to Create Form Groupingsp. 314
Saving the HTML Filep. 316
Viewing, Testing, and Printing the Web Page and HTML Codep. 317
Project Summaryp. 321
What You Should Knowp. 321
Learn It Onlinep. 322
Apply Your Knowledgep. 323
In the Labp. 324
Cases and Placesp. 328
Creating Style Sheets
Objectivesp. 330
Introductionp. 330
Using Style Sheets in the Stained Glass Club Web Sitep. 331
Creating Style Sheetsp. 334
Style Sheet Precedencep. 334
Style Statement Formatp. 334
Inline Style Sheetsp. 336
Embedded Style Sheetsp. 336
External Style Sheetsp. 337
Working with Classes in Style Sheetsp. 338
Adding Style Sheets to the Stained Glass Club Web Sitep. 340
Adding an Embedded Style Sheetp. 341
Setting the Paragraph Stylep. 343
Setting a Style for All Linksp. 344
Setting the Link Hover Stylep. 345
Saving, Viewing, and Printing the HTML Filep. 345
Adding an External Style Sheetp. 348
Setting a Body Stylep. 349
Setting Link and Paragraph Stylesp. 350
Setting Table and Caption Stylesp. 350
Creating an External Style Sheetp. 350
Linking to an External Style Sheetp. 352
Linking the Remaining HTML Files to an External Style Sheetp. 353
Adding an Inline Style Sheetp. 355
Viewing and Printing Framed Web Pagesp. 357
Viewing and Printing HTML Filesp. 359
Quitting Notepad and a Browserp. 361
Project Summaryp. 361
What You Should Knowp. 361
Learn It Onlinep. 362
Apply Your Knowledgep. 363
In the Labp. 364
Cases and Placesp. 368
HTML Quick Reference
HTML Tags and Attributesp. App 1
Browser-Safe Color Palette
Browser-Safe Colorsp. App 11
Style Sheet Browser Compatibility Tables
Style Sheet Properties and Valuesp. App 13
Indexp. Ind 1
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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