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While the ASU bookstore does facilitate textbook rental, there are some limitations. For example, textbooks can only be rented for the entire semester, and are due at the end of finals week. If you rent textbooks online from eCampus, however, you can choose from up to 3 rental terms and save a significant amount of money! Additionally, rented textbooks cannot be returned to the ASU bookstore and must be returned by mail. So there is no convienence to renting textbooks from the bookstore. But perhaps most importantly, ordering rented textbooks from will get you the lowest rental price & the best customer service!

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Student aid, such as grants, scholarships, or loans can be used to purchase ASU textbooks from All purchases come with a printable receipt of sale that can be used to document the purchase for tax purpopses. Additionally, ordering your Arizona State University textbooks online will ensure that your student aid dollars are stretched as far as they go. For more information on student aid visit

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While on-campus ASU textbook buybacks occur only a few times a year, you can always sell you textbooks back at! We provide instant quotes, the highest buyback prices, and you can be paid via check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. We know packing & shipping is expensive, so we provide the shipping label & accept books even if they are shipped cheaply, such as in a cereal box! Don't worry about selling your books on-campus. Ship your used ASU textbooks to eCampus and get the most cash back!

ASU Campus Store

ASU Campus Store Address & Parking

Where is the ASU Campus Store?

525 E Orange St Tempe, AZ US 85287-200

What are hours of the ASU Campus Store?

Students have reported difficulty getting to the physical ASU Campus Store during school hours. Consider ordering your ASU textbooks online for savings, convenience, and reliability!

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