Direct Textbooks

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A Guide to Ordering Direct Textbooks Online

If you’re like most college students, then you’ve probably spent hours wandering the shelves of your college bookstore trying to find exactly the right textbook at the lowest price possible. But with shipping fees, hidden fees, and expensive name-brand books, you may be paying way more than you should be to get the book you need! Luckily, there’s another option that offers both convenience and savings—ordering your textbooks directly from an online textbook retailer.

Direct Textbook FAQs

What is a direct textbook?

For the majority of college courses, your options for obtaining textbooks are limited to a traditional campus bookstore or an online used-textbook marketplace. And while new books can be cheap if you know where to look, used books are often a better value for students who don’t mind picking up an older edition.

To get costs even lower, students can now consider direct textbook rentals, and direct etextbooks.

Are direct textbooks legit?

Some traditional booksellers don’t want you to know they exist, but direct textbook sites are legit and have earned a good reputation among students. This is because they offer lower prices than retail stores. Here’s how to find the good ones:

Can I use scholarships to order textbooks directly from an online bookstore?

Scholarships are free money that is intended to be used for tuition & books. Online direct textbook sites are a great place to make sure you stretch your scholarship dollars as far as they go.

Can I use student loans to order direct textbooks?

Student loans, such as the Federal Direct Loans can be used to purchase textbooks directly from online sellers. Not only that, but some schools with inclusive access may have already included the costs of textbooks in your tuition & expenses.

Which direct textbook sites have the best reviews? has the best reviews among several review sites including Trustpilot, Google, SiteJabber, and others.

Ordering Direct Textbooks

Perform an ISBN Search

A quick ISBN Lookup will help you find the exact book you need. An ISBN search is the quickest & most accurate way to make sure you get the correct copyright & edition.

Lastly, never try to pass a course without the required textbook!

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