Laser Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the XVI International Conference, Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia 13-18 July 2003

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  • Copyright: 2004-03-01
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This volume comprises a collection of invited and selected contributions presented at the 16th International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy in Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia, 13-18 July 2003. The papers report the latest and most exciting developments in laser spectroscopy and related areas: new ultraprecise spectroscopic measurements based on optical frequency combs including tests of the stability of the fundamental constants; the first successful production of cold antihydrogen; the first realization of Bose-Einstein condensation in cesium and ytterbium; the behavior of ultracold bosons and fermions in optical lattices; the production of ultra-cold cesium, helium and fermionic lithium molecules; the production and coherent transport of ultra-cold atoms in microtraps on the surface of chips; the implementation of one-and two-quibit quantum algorithms and experiments towards a scalable quantum computer based on trapped ions; and new medical applications of laser spectroscopy.

Table of Contents

Precision Spectroscopy 1(74)
Laser Frequency Combs and Ultraprecise Spectroscopy
T.W. Hänsch
Optical Clocks with Cold Atoms and Stable Lasers
L. Hollberg, C.W. Oates, G. Wilpers, E.A. Curtis, C.W. Hoyt, S.A. Diddams, A. Bartels and T.M. Raymond
Optical Lattice Clock: Precision Spectroscopy of Neutral Atoms in Tight Confinement
H. Katori and M. Takamoto
A Clock Transition for a Future Optical Frequency Standard with Trapped Atoms
I. Courtillot, A. Quessada, R.P. Kovacich, A. Brusch, D. Kolker, J.-J. Zondy, G.D. Rovera and P. Lemonde
Ultracold Atomic Strontium: From Unconventional Laser Cooling and Future Optical Standards to Photon-Free Anisotropic Many Body Physics
T. Loftus, X.-Y. Xu, T. Ido, M. Boyd, J.L. Hall, A. Gallagher and J. Ye
Ultracold Calcium Atoms for Optical Clocks and Collisional Studies
U. Sterr, C. Degenhardt, H. Stoehr, G. Wilpers, T. Binnewies, F. Riehle, J. Helmcke, Ch. Lisdat and E. Tiemann
Comparison of Two Single-Ion Optical Frequency Standards at the Sub-Hertz Level
Chr. Tamm, T. Schneider and E. Peik
Limits on Temporal Variation of Fine Structure Constant, Quark Masses and Strong Interaction
V.V. Flambaum
Testing the Stability of Fundamental Constants using Atomic Fountains
S. Bize, M. Abgrall, H. Marion, F. Pereira Dos Santos, I. Maksimovic, S. Zhang, Y. Sortais, C. Vian, J. Grünert, L. Cacciapuoti, C. Mandache, Ph. Laurent, P. Lemonde, P. Rosenbusch, G. Santarelli, A. Clairon and C. Salomon
Extending the Optical Comb Synthesizer to the Infrared: From He at 1.083 gm to CO2 at 4.2 gm
P. De Natale, S. Borri, P. Cancio, G. Guisfredi, D. Mazzotti, M. Prevedelli, C. de Mauro and M. Inguscio
Cold Atom Gyroscope for Precision Measurements
F. Leduc, D. Holleville, J. Fils, A. Clairon, N. Dimarcq, A. Landragin, P. Bouyer and Ch. J. Borde
New Optical Tests of Special Relativity
H. Muller, S. Herrmann, C. Braxmaier, A. Peters and S. Schiller
Ultrafast Spectroscopy 75(26)
Ultra-Precise Phase Control of Short Pulses: Applications to Nonlinear Spectroscopy
J. Ye, L. Chen, R.J. Jones, K. Holman and D.J. Jones
Optimal Control of Molecular Femtochemistry
T. Brixner, G. Krampert, P. Niklaus and G. Gerber
Spectrally Resolved Femtosecond 2-Colour 3-Pulse Photon Echoes for Studies of Molecular Dynamics
L.V. Dao, C.N. Lincoln, R.M. Lowe and P. Hannaford
Quantum Degenerate Gases 101(94)
Experiments with a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Cesium Atoms
T. Weber, J. Herbig, M. Mark, T. Kraemer, C. Chin, H.-C. Nägerl and R. Grimm
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Ytterbium Atoms
Y. Takahashi, Y. Takasu, K. Maki, K. Komori, T. Takano, K. Honda, A. Yamaguchi, K. Kato, M. Mizoguchi, M. Kumakura and T. Yabuzaki
Momentum Spectroscopy of Phase Fluctuations of an Elongated Bose-Einstein Condensate
A. Aspect, S. Richard, F. Gerbier, M. Hugbart, J. Retter, J.H. Thywissen and P. Bouyer
Experimental Study of a Bose Gas in One Dimension
W.D. Phillips, M. Anderlini, J.H. Huckans, B. Laburthe Tolra, K.M. O'Hara, J.V. Porto and S.L. Rolston
Quantum Degenerate Bosons and Fermions in a 1D Optical Lattice
C. Fort, G. Modugno, F.S. Cataliotti, J. Catani, E. de Mirandes, L. Fallani, F. Ferlaino, M. Modugno, H. Ott, G. Roati and M. Inguscio
Dynamics of a Highly-Degenerate, Strongly-Interacting Fermi Gas
J.E. Thomas, S.L. Hemmer, J.M. Kinast, A.V. Turlapov, M.E. Gehm and K.M. O'Hara
Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Cold Atoms
A.J. Daley, P.O. Fedichev, P. Rabi, P. Zoller, A. Recati, J.I. Cirac, J. Von Delft and W. Zwerger
Strong Correlation Effects in Cold Atomic Gases
B. Paredes, G. Metalidis, V. Murg, J.I. Cirac and C. Tejedor
Stochastic Gauge: A New Technique for Quantum Simulations
P. Drummond, P. Deuar, J.F. Corney and K. Kheruntsyan
Growth and Stabilization of Vortex Lattices in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
C.W. Gardiner, A.S. Bradley, A.A. Penckwitt and R.J. Ballagh
A Storage Ring for Bose-Einstein Condensates
C.S. Garvie, E. Riis and A.S. Arnold
Bragg Spectroscopy of an Accelerating Bose-Einstein Condensate
K.J. Challis, R.W. Geursen, R.J. Ballagh and A.C. Wilson
Dispersion Management and Bright Gap Solitons for Atomic Matter Waves
B. Eiermann, Th. Anker, M. Albiez, M. Taglieber, P.Treutlein and M.K. Oberthaler
All-Optical Realization of an Atom Laser Based on Field-Insensitive Bose-Einstein Condensates
G. Cennini, G. Ritt, C. Geckeler and M. Weitz
Dynamical Effects of Back-Coupling on an Atom Laser
N.P. Robins, J.E. Lye, C.S. Fletcher, S.A. Haine, J. Dugue, C. Breme, J.J. Hope and J.D. Close
Cold Molecules and Cold Collisions 195(26)
Photoassociation Spectroscopy of Ultracold Metastable Helium Atoms: Numerical Analysis
M. Leduc, M. Portier, J. Leonard, M. Walhout, F. Masnou-Seeuws, K. Wilner and A. Mosk
Production of Long-Lived Ultra-Cold Li2 Molecules from a Fermi Gas
J. Cubizolles, T. Bourdel, S.J.J.M.F. Kokkelmans, C. Salomon and G. Shlyapnikov
Feshbach Resonances in Dilute Quantum Gases
M.J. Holland
Atom Optics and Interferometry 221(36)
Cold Atoms Near Metallic and Dielectric Surfaces
M.P.A. Jones, C.J. Vale, D. Sahagun, B.V. Hall, B.E. Sauer, E.A. Hinds, C.C. Eberlein, F. Furusawa and D. Richardson
Coherent Atomic States in Microtraps
Ph. Treutlein, P. Hommelhoff, T.W. Hänsch and J. Reichel
Atom Optics with Microtraps and Atom Chips: Assembling Tools for Quantum Information Processing
L. Feenstra, K. Brugger, R. Folman, S. Groth, A. Kasper, P. Krüger, X. Luo, S. Schneider, S. Wildermuth and J. Schmiedmayer
On-Chip Laboratory for Bose-Einstein Condensation
J. Fortágh, H. Ott, S. Kraft, A. Günther, C. Trück and C. Zimmermann
Atom Optics and Quantum Information Processing with Atoms in Optical Micro-Structures
M. Volk, T. Müther, F. Scharnberg, A. Lengwenus, R. Dumke, W. Ertmer and G. Birkl
A Controllable Diffraction Grating for Matter Waves
H. Oberst, S. Kasashima, F. Shimizu and V. I. Balykin
Cavity QED 257(28)
Cavity QED by the Numbers
H.J. Kimble, A. Boca, A.D. Boozer, W.P. Bowen, J.R. Buck, C. W. Chou, L.-M. Duan, A. Kuzmich and J. McKeever
Manipulating Mesoscopic Fields with a Single Atom in a Cavity
S. Haroche, A. Auffeves, P. Maioli, T. Meunier, S. Gleyzes, G. Nogues, M. Brune and J.M. Raimond
Vacuum-Field Mechanical Action on a Single Ion
J. Eschner, P. Bushev, A. Wilson, F. Schmidt-Kaler, C. Becher, C. Raab and R. Blatt
Coupling of Atoms, Surfaces and Fields in Dielectric Nanocavities
G. Dutier, I. Hamdi, P.C.S. Segundo, A. Yarovitski, S. Saltiel, M.-P. Gorza, M. Fichet, D. Bloch, M. Ducloy, D. Sarkisyan,
A. Papoyan and T. Varzhapetyan
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information 285(58)
Ion Crystals for Quantum Information Processing
F. Schmidt-Kaler, H. Häffner, W. Hänsel, S. Guide, M. Riebe, T. Deuschle, J. Benhelm, G.P.T. Lancaster, J. Eschner, C. Becher, C.F. Roos and R. Blatt
Building Blocks for a Scalable Quantum Information Processor Based on Trapped Ions
D. Leibfried, M.D. Barrett, A. Ben Kish, J. Britton, J. Chiaverini, B. DeMarco, W.M. Itano, B. Jelenkovic, J.D. Jost, C. Langer, D. Lucas, V. Meyer, T. Rosenband, M.A. Rowe, T. Schaetz and D.J. Wineland
Controlled Transport of Single Neutral Atom Qubits
D. Schrader, S. Kuhr, W. Alt, Y. Miroshnychenko, I. Dotsenko, W. Rosenfeld, M. Khuderverdyan, V. Gomer, A. Rauschenbeutel and D. Meschede
Ferreting out the Fluffy Bunnies: Entanglement Constrained by Generalised Super-Selection Rules
H.M. Wiseman, S.D. Bartlett and J.A. Vaccaro
Photon Number Diagram for Characterizing Continuous Variable Entanglement
W.P. Bowen, M.T.L. Hsu, T. Symul, A.M. Lance, B.C. Buchler, R.S. Schnabel, N. Treps, H.-A. Bachor, P.K. Lam and T.C. Ralph
Continuous Variable Teleportation within Stochastic Electrodynamics
H.J. Carmichael and H. Nha
Surpassing the Standard Quantum Limit for High Sensitivity Measurements in Optical Images Using Multimode Non Classical Light
C. Fabre, S. Gigan, A. Maitre, M. Martinelli, N. Treps, U. Andersen, P.K. Lam, W. Bowen, B. Buchler, N. Grosse and H.-A. Bachor
Novel Applications and New Laser Sources 343(30)
Self-Organization of Atomic Samples in Resonators and Collective Light Forces
A.T. Black, H.W. Chan and V. Vuletic
Photoionization of Cold and Ultracold Rubidium Atoms
M. Anderlini, D. Ciampini, E. Courtade, F. Fuso, O. Morsch, J.H. Müller and E. Arimondo
Superluminal and Ultra-Slow Light Propagation in Room-Temperature Solids
R.W. Boyd, M.S. Bigelow and N.N. Lepeshkin
Abraham's Force on a Highly Dispersive Medium
P.D. Lett and L.J. Wang
Optically Pumped VECSELs for High Resolution Spectroscopy: The New Ti:Sapphire?
R.A. Abram, M. Schmid, E. Riis and A.I. Ferguson
Medical Applications 373(18)
Seeing Small Biological Structures with Light
G. Popescu, C.M. Fang-Yen, L.P. Deflores, M. Chu, M. Hunter, M. Kalashnikov, K. Badizadegan, C. Boone, R.R. Dasari, M.S. Feld, H. Iwai, V. Backman and G. Stoner
Laser Cardiomagnetometry: Our Hearts Beat for Cesium
R. Wynands, G. Bisen and A. Weis
Author Index 391

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