Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants - Textbook, Workbook and Mosby's Nurse Assisting Skills DVD (Student Version) Package

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  • Edition: 5th
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This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nurse assisting students. It includes Sorrentino's Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Assistants, 5th edition, the Workbook for Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Assistants, 5th edition & Mosby's Nursing Assistant Skills DVD - Student Version. With this special money-saving package, you get the Workbook & DVD for an additional $10.00 each!

Table of Contents

Basic Principle?
Roles and responsibilities (RN, LPN, NA), information about when an action can be performed
When it cannot
Nursing process (5 steps of Nursing Process, including nursing diagnosis
Written plan of care)
Delegation, including 5 rights of delegation and content on what a task is Patient
Resident rights brief examples of how to promote rights in daily care activities
Communication (oral, written, non-verbal
Reporting, charting, end-of-shift report, guidelines for how to communicate effectively)
Medical asepsis (chain of infection, handwashing, examples of medical asepsis applied in daily care)?
Normal Eliminatio?
Assisting with a urinal
Assisting with a bedpan, including standard
Fracture bedpans
Providing catheter care, also demonstrating application of condom catheter
Administering a cleansing enem?
Height and weight
Output, how to measure oral fluids
Vital signs
Temperature: oral, axillary
Rectal, using mercury-in-glass
Electronic thermometers
Pulse: radial and apical; rate, rhythm and quality; how to locate apical pulse and point of maximal/maximum impulse
Respiration: rate, rhythm, effort
Blood pressure: one-step and two-step method?
The complete bed bath, including gloving, how to place bath blanket
Towels for privacy
Back massage, including descriptions of techniques but not names
Perineal care for the female
For the male including gloving, draping, washing from clean to dirt?
Making the occupied bed, including making a mitered corner & toe plea?
Personal Hygiene and Groomin?
Oral hygiene, including oral care for unconscious person, cleaning dentures, precautions for person at risk of aspiration
Hair care, including shampoo in bed
Shaving the male patients facial hair
Nail & foot care, including shaping toenails
Dressing, changing into pullover shirt & shorts
Measuring for & application of TED hos?
Body Mechanics and Exercis?
Principles of body mechanics
How to use Moving a person up in bed (with lift/draw sheet)
Turning & positioning (to side-lying position)
Transfer from bed to wheelchair, using transfer belt
Passive range-of-motion exercises
Ambulation, using gait belt, & heel toe gait
Orthostatic hypotension definition, signs/ symptoms, & precaution?
Safety and Restraint?
Preventing falls
Using restraint alternatives, including proper use of side rails, bed & wheelchair locks
Safe use of restraints, what can be delegated to assistive
Personnel, application of vest restraint, extremity restraint, & finger-control mitten
Monitoring restraint us?
Nutrition and Fluid?
Preparing for meals, including creating a pleasant environment, attending to persons needs for elimination, hygiene, pain relief, socialization, meal plan; checking meal card against ID
Serving meal trays, including use of clock technique for visually impaired person to help identify location of individual food items
Feeding the dependent person, including positioning observations for person with dysphagia, signs of aspiration
Difficulty swallowing, pocketing of food, help with washing hands and face, alternating liquids with solid?
Preventing and Treating Pressure Ulcer?
Assessing risk, causes, risks & signs of pressure ulcers
Measures to prevent pressure ulcers
Including skin inspection
Skin care, positioning into 30-degree lateral position
Position changes, pressure-relief devices, including air flotation mattress
Elbow protector, foam foot stabilizerthe heel boot
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