Patterns of World History, Brief Edition, Volume One

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  • Edition: 3rd
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  • Copyright: 2017-09-01
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Table of Contents

From Human Origins to Early Agricultural Centers
Chapter 1
Prehistory-10,000 BCE
The African Origins of Humanity
The Origins of Humanity
-Hominins: No Longer Chimpanzees but Not Yet Human
Human Adaptations: From Africa to Eurasia and Australia
-The African Origins of Human Culture
-Migration from South Asia to Australia
-Migration from Asia to Europe
The Ice Age Crisis and Human Migration to the Americas
-The Ice Age
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Disappearance of Neanderthals
Against the Grain:
-The Hobbits of Flores Island
Chapter 2
11,500-600 BCE
Agrarian-Urban Centers of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean
Agrarian Origins in the Fertile Crescent, ca. 11,500-1500 BCE
-Sedentary Foragers and Foraging Farmers
-The Origin of Urban Centers in Mesopotamia and Egypt
-Kingdoms in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Crete
Interactions among Multiethnic and Multireligious Empires, ca. 1500-600 BCE
-The Hittite and Assyrian Empires, 1600-600 BCE
-Small Kingdoms on the Imperial Margins, 1600-600 BCE
Religious Experience and Cultural Achievements
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-Babylonian Law Codes
Against the Grain:
-Akhenaten the Transgressor
Chapter 3
3000-600 BCE
Shifting Agrarian Centers in India
The Vanished Origins of Harappa, 3000-1500 BCE
-The Region and People
-Adapting to Urban Life in the Indus Valley
-The Collapse of the Cities
Interactions in Northern India, 1500-600 BCE
-The Vedic World, 1750-800 BCE 77
-Statecraft and the Ideology of Power, 800-600 BCE
Indian Society, Culture, and Religion, 1500-600 BCE
-Society and Family in Ancient India
-Cultural Interactions to 600 BCE
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Caste System
Against the Grain:
-A Merchants' Empire?
Chapter 4
5000-481 BCE
Agrarian Centers and the Mandate of Heaven in Ancient China
The Origins of Yellow River Cultures, 5000-1766 BCE
-Geography and Climate
-The Origins of Neolithic Cultures
-The Age of Myth and the Xia Dynasty, 2852-1766 BCE
The Interactions of Shang and Zhou History and Politics, 1766-481 BCE
-The Shang Dynasty, 1766-1122 BCE
-The Mandate of Heaven: The Zhou Dynasty to 481 BCE
Economy, Society, and Family Adaptation in Ancient China
-Shang Society
-Interactions of Zhou Economy and Society
-Gender and the Family
Interactions of Religion, Culture, and Intellectual Life in Ancient China
-Oracle Bones and Early Chinese Writing
-Adaptations of Zhou Religion, Technology, and Culture
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Chinese Writing System
Against the Grain:
-Women's Voices
Chapter 5
30,000-600 BCE
Origins Apart: The Americas and Oceania
The Americas: Hunters and Foragers, 30,000-600 BCE
-The Environment
-Human Migrations
Agriculture, Villages, and Urban Life
-The Neolithic Revolution in the New World
-The Origins of Urban Life
-The First Mesoamerican Settlements
-Foraging and Farming Societies Outside the Andes and Mesoamerica
The Origins of Pacific Island Migrations
-Lapita and Cultural Origins
-Creating Polynesia
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Origin of Corn
Against the Grain:
-Thor Heyerdahl
The Age of Empires and Visionaries
600 BCE-600 CE
Chapter 6
600 BCE-600 CE
Chiefdoms and Early States in Africa and the Americas
Agriculture and Early African Kingdoms
-Saharan Villages, Towns, and Kingdoms
-The Kingdom of Aksum
The Spread of Villages in Sub-Saharan Africa
-West African Savanna and Rain-Forest Agriculture
-The Spread of Village Life to East and South Africa
-Patterns of African History, 600 BCE-600 CE
Early States in Mesoamerica: Maya Kingdoms and Teotihuac?n
-The Maya Kingdoms in Southern Mesoamerica
-The Kingdom of Teotihuac?n in the Mexican Basin
The Andes: Moche and Nazca
-The Moche in Northern Peru
-Paracas and the Nazca in Southern Peru
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Mayan Ball Game
Against the Grain:
-Nazca Lines and Speculation
Chapter 7
550 BCE-600 CE
Innovation and Adaptation in Western Eurasia: Persia, Greece, and Rome
Interactions between Persia and Greece
-The Origins of the Achaemenid Persian Empire
-Greek City-States in the Persian Shadow
-Alexander's Empire and Its Successor Kingdoms
Interactions between the Persian and Roman Empires
-Parthian Persia and Rome
-The Sasanid Persian and Late Roman Empires
Adaptations to Monotheism and Monism in the Middle East
-Challenge to Polytheism: The Origins of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Greek Philosophy
-Toward Religious Communities and Philosophical Schools
The Beginnings of Science and the Cultures of Kings and Citizens
-The Sciences at the Library of Alexandria
-Royal Persian Culture and Arts
-Greek and Roman Civic Culture and Arts
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Plague of Justinian
Against the Grain:
-Women in Democratic Athens
Chapter 8
600 BCE-600 CE
Empires and Visionaries in India 216
Patterns of State Formation in India: Republics, Kingdoms, and Empires
-The Road to Empire: The Mauryas
-The Classical Age: The Gupta Empire
-The Southern Kingdoms, ca. 300-600 CE
The Vedic Tradition and Its Visionary Reformers
-Reforming the Vedic Tradition
-The Maturity of Hinduism: From the Abstract to the Devotional
Stability amid Disorder: Economics, Family, and Society
-Tax and Spend: Economics and Society
-Caste, Family Life, and Gender
Strength in Numbers: Art, Literature, and Science
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Global Trade of Indian Pepper
Against the Grain:
-India's Ancient Republics
Chapter 9
722 BCE-618 CE
China: Imperial Unification and Perfecting the Moral Order
Visionaries and Empire
-Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism
-The Qin Dynasty
-The Han Dynasty
The Domestic Economy: Society, Family, and Gender
-Industry and Commerce
-Gender Roles
Intellectual Trends, Aesthetics, Science, and Technology
-Confucianism, Education, and History during the Han
-Buddhism in China
-Intellectual Life
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Stirrup
Against the Grain:
-Yang Zhu and Mo Di
The Formation of Religious Civilizations
600-1450 CE
Chapter 10
600-1300 CE
Islamic Civilization and Byzantium
The Formation of Islamic Religious Civilization
-The Beginnings of Islam
-Islamic Theology, Law, and Politics
Eastern Christian Civilization in Byzantium
-Byzantium's Difficult Beginnings
-The Seljuk Invasion and the Crusades
Islamic and Eastern Christian Civilizations at Their Height
-State and Society in Mamluk Egypt
-Byzantine Provincial and Central Organization
-Commercial Relations from the Atlantic to the South China Sea
Religion, Sciences, and the Arts in Two Religious Civilizations
-Islamic Culture: Intellectual and Scientific Expressions
-Artistic Expressions in Islamic Civilization
-Learning and the Arts in Byzantium
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-Byzantine Icons and Islamic Miniatures
Against the Grain:
-Did Ibn Taymiyya "Have a Screw Loose"?
Chapter 11
600-1450 CE
Innovation and Adaptation in the Western Christian World
The Formation of Christian Europe, 600-1000
-Frankish Gaul and Latin Christianity
Recovery, Reform, and Innovation, 1000-1300
-The Political Recovery of Europe
-The Economic and Social Recovery of Europe
-Religious Reform and Expansion
-Intellectual and Cultural Developments
Crisis and Creativity, 1300-1415
-The Calamitous Fourteenth Century
-Signs of a New Era in the Fifteenth Century
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Gothic Cathedral
Against the Grain:
-The Cathar Heresy
Chapter 12
600-1600 CE
Contrasting Patterns in India, China, and Inner Asia
India: The Clash of Cultures
-Buddhist and Hindu India after the Guptas
-Islam in India, 711-1398
-Toward the Mughal Era, 1398-1450
Interactions and Adaptations: From Buddhism to Neo-Confucian Synthesis in China
-Creating a Religious Civilization under the Tang
- The Song and the Mongol Super-Empire, 960-1368
-The Ming to 1450: The Quest for Stability
-Society, Family, and Gender
-Perceptions of Perfection: Intellectual, Scientific, and Cultural Life
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
Against the Grain:
-Empress Wu
Chapter 13
550-1500 CE
Religious Civilizations Interacting: Korea, Japan, and Vietnam
Korea to 1450: Innovation from Above
-People and Place: The Korean Environment
-Conquest and Competition: History and Politics to 1598
-Economy, Society, and Family
-Religion, Culture, and Intellectual Life
Japan to 1450: Selective Interaction and Adaptation
-The Island Refuge
-Adaptation at Arm's Length: History and Politics
-Economy, Society, and Family
-Religion, Culture, and Intellectual Life
Vietnam: Human Agency and State Building
-The Setting and Neolithic Cultures
-Economy, Society, and Family
-Religion, Culture, and Intellectual Life
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
Against the Grain:
-Zen and Bushido
Chapter 14
600-1450 CE
Patterns of State Formation in Africa
Christians and Muslims in the Northeast
-Nubia in the Middle Nile Valley
-Ethiopia in the Eastern Highlands
Adaptation to Islam: City-States and Kingdoms in East and Southern Africa
-The Swahili City-States on the East African Coast
-Traditional Kingdoms in Southern and Central Africa
-Central African Chiefdoms and Kingdoms
Cultural Encounters: West African Traditions and Islam
-The Kingdom of Ancient Ghana
-The Empire of Mali
-Rain-Forest Kingdoms
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Sculptures of Ife
Against the Grain:
-Sundiata's Rise to Power
Chapter 15
600-1550 CE
The Rise of Empires in the Americas
The Legacy of Teotihuac?n and the Toltecs in Mesoamerica
-Militarism in the Mexican Basin
-Late Maya States in Yucat?n
The Legacy of Tiwanaku and Wari in the Andes
-The Expanding State of Tiwanaku
-The Expanding City-State of Wari
American Empires: Aztec and Inca Origins and Dominance
-The Aztec Empire of Mesoamerica
-The Inca Empire of the Andes
Imperial Society and Culture
-Imperial Capitals: Tenochtitl?n and Cuzco
-Power and Its Cultural Expressions
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-Human Sacrifice and Propaganda
Against the Grain:
-Amazon Rain Forest Civilizations
Interactions across the Globe
Chapter 16
Western European Overseas Expansion and the Ottoman-Habsburg Struggle
The Muslim-Christian Competition in the East and West, 1450-1600
-Iberian Christian Expansion, 1415-1498
-Rise of the Ottomans and Struggle with the Habsburgs for Dominance, 1300-1609
The Centralizing State: Origins and Interactions
-State Transformation, Money, and Firearms
Imperial Courts, Urban Festivities, and the Arts
-The Ottoman Empire: Palaces, Festivities, and the Arts
-The Spanish Habsburg Empire: Popular Festivities and the Arts
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
Against the Grain:
-Tilting at Windmills
Chapter 17
The Renaissance, New Sciences, and Religious Wars in Europe
Cultural Transformations: Renaissance, Baroque, and New Sciences
-The Renaissance and Baroque Arts
-The New Sciences
-The New Sciences and Their Social Impact
-The New Sciences: Philosophical Interpretations
Centralizing States and Religious Upheavals
-The Rise of Centralized Kingdoms
-The Protestant Reformation, State Churches, and Independent Congregations
-Religious Wars and Political Restoration
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-Mapping the World
Against the Grain:
-The Digger Movement
Chapter 18
New Patterns in New Worlds: Colonialism and Indigenous Responses in the Americas
The Colonial Americas: Europe's Warm-Weather Extension
-The Conquest of Mexico and Peru
-The Establishment of Colonial Institutions
The Making of American Societies: Origins and Transformations
-Exploitation of Mineral and Tropical Resources
-Social Strata, Castes, and Ethnic Groups
-The Adaptation of the Americas to European Culture
Putting It All Together
Patterns Up Close:
-The Columbian Exchange
Against the Grain:
-Juana In?s de la Cruz

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