The Quest for Truth: Come Now and Let Us Reason Together

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2012-08-29
  • Publisher: Textstream
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If one chooses not to believe in a Creator then that person has many serious questions to ponder. For example, the billions of stars just in our own galaxy, how did they get there and where do they get all their inherent awesome power to generate their glory as they do? Where did the energy come from to organize matter through space? Where does the energy come from that keep the planets turning and keep the stars burning? Where do the physical laws come from that govern the stars, our world, and all the planets? Laws require a Law-Giver! How did those laws come about and what sustains and enforces them? What force gives order to stellar movement in space? Scientists call it angular momentum. However, one must ask oneself, what is the controlling power that propels them through space with just the required velocity, direction, and rotation so that there is apparent "order" in their movements year after year, millennium after millennium. What is the source of this governing power and what are its origins? Sir Isaac Newton is quoted as saying, "Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion." If one is to assume that there is no Creator who made and sustains the universe then nothing is by design and everything is by accident. If there is no designer than all that's left to ponder is chaotic, unsupervised, unguided, impersonal, accidental, happenstance, non-directed, random, chance, mindless, unpredictable, purposeless natural processes. Yet should one believe that all known existence happened purely "by chance?" Should anyone really believe that just by pure random "chance" millions of species of insects, marine life, animal life and human life just happen to spring up into existence from non-life? Yet "chance" does not generate information. Evolutionists tell us that a "Big Bang" supposedly brought all of matter and energy into being in our material universe. Materialism states that all that exists is mass and energy. But where did "information" come from? Life requires information. Information is nonmaterial. Information-requires-intelligence for information is the result of intelligence. Meaning cannot spontaneously arise, since meaning presupposes intelligence and understanding. To argue that this came "by chance" is scientifically preposterous. For no information can exist without an initial mental source. Who is the genius behind the genetic code? There are only two world views of origins just as there are only two eternal destinies in life. Darwinian evolution and the biblical account of creation are incompatible and diametrically opposed theories. Yet which of these two theories has the preponderance of scientific evidence behind it? The evolutionary atheist's prophet Charlie Darwin is quoted as saying, "A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the `facts' and arguments on both sides of each question." Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, "If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God's sake, let us freely hear `both sides' if we choose." As Joe Friday used to say the "facts" ma'am ...just the facts. Evolutionary atheists tell us that they don't believe in a God whom they "cannot see." Yet have they ever "seen" the wind? No, just its effects. Have they ever "seen" a thought? No, just the expression of an idea. For the mind is not the brain; it's part of man's nonphysical makeup. The mind, will, and emotion are all invisible. Have they ever "seen" gravity? No, just the effects thereof. Have they ever "seen" an odor? No, but conclusive evidence proves it's there. Have they ever "seen" time? No, though you can affirm that time passes. There are things in the universe that cannot be proven by science such as mathematics, logic, the metaphysical, the scientific method, ethical beliefs and aesthetic judgments. You can't even prove that love exists "scientifically" but we know it surely does. Science, by its very nature, is also never capable of "proving" the non-existence of anything. Saying, for example, that God doesn't exist cannot be proven scientifically. Science does not "prove" things. It can only make up theories that help explain its "empirical observations." Has anyone on the earth ever actually "seen" evolution? There has been no "visible" evolutionary process that has taken place on the earth ever. Contrary to what evolutionary atheists claim bacterial resistance to antibiotics is not evolution, it is adaptation. For the bacteria are still only bacteria. It didn't "evolve" legs and run away nor has it "evolved" wings and flown away. At the end of the day it's still only bacteria. The resistant bacterial strain has the enzyme Cfr instead of RlmN found in normal bacteria. Yet even evolutionary biochemists admit that the essential Cfr enzyme in resistant bacteria looks very much like it was produced by some kind of designed adaptability. Incidentally we don't "need" to have the ability to enjoy the taste of food in evolutionary theory, yet we do. We don't "need" to enjoy lovemaking with our marital spouse in evolutionary theory, yet we do. We don't "need" to have amusement through the expression of laughter in evolutionary theory, yet we do. We don't even "need" to feel good inside when we help someone in evolutionary theory, yet we do. We also don't "need" to have an automatic trigger button to alert us of having to relieve ourselves to the rest room on time in evolutionary theory, yet we do. So how do evolutionary scientists explain all these fringe benefits which are actually not "needed" in a survival of the fittest framework, by way of natural selection? It seems rather that our benevolent Creator gave us these sensory and pleasure perceptions so that we could have dignity, fulfillment and enjoyment in our lives. Also, how is it that we never forget to breathe? We have a built-in automated system that keeps us "automatically" breathing throughout our lives. How is it that our stomach "automatically" sends signals to the brain to eat something when our bodies need fuel? How is it that whenever we close, then re-open our eyes, our eyes "automatically" adjust to its surroundings and focus properly in absolute clarity? Engineers design such "automated systems" in our world but who designed these mechanistic systems in the human body?

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