Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere VIII: 9-12 September 2003, Barcelona, Spain

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Table of Contents

Conference Committee
Potential of lidars for aerosol remote sensingp. 1
Retrieval of cloud geometrical properties using satellite remote sensing datap. 15
Footprint size and cloud-clearing error relationships derived from NAST-I top of the atmosphere radiance measurementsp. 25
CERES cloud property retrievals from imagers on TRMM, Terra, and Aquap. 37
Measurements of cirrus cloud parameters using AIRSp. 49
Estimation of cloud optical parameters using combination of liquid water path and solar radiationp. 59
Evaluation of Junge power law as a tool for atmospheric correction validationp. 67
Iterative atmospheric parameters estimation of the tropical atmospherep. 79
LIDORT V2PLUS: a comprehensive radiative transfer package for UV/VIS/NIR nadir remote sensingp. 89
Clear-sky narrowband albedos derived from VIRS and MODISp. 101
Twelve-month running trends from Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) active-cavity radiometric measurements and global surface temperaturesp. 110
Validation of CERES instruments aboard the Terra and Aqua satellitesp. 124
SCALES: SEVIRI and GERB CaL/VaL area for large-scale field experimentsp. 134
Correction of the ground-based measurements of radiance by the surface contribution for a better estimate of the aerosol radiative forcingp. 149
SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT: In-flight optical performance and first resultsp. 160
Regional variability of solar radiation in cloudy conditions: implications for satellite mapping of solar radiationp. 174
Upper-mesosphere/lower-thermosphere temperatures from non-LTE modeling of the CRISTA 15-[mu]m measurementsp. 185
Comparisons of MIPAS-observed temperature profiles with other satellite measurementsp. 196
Global distributions of temperature, carbon dioxide, ozone, and non-LTE parameters in mesosphere and lower thermosphere (CRISTA-1 experiment)p. 208
High-precision solar occultation for sounding of the thermosphere and mesospherep. 220
Global measurements of 4.3-[mu]m NLTE using AIRSp. 230
Rapid non-LTE analysis of CO[subscript 2] limb emission from the upper mesosphere to obtain kinetic temperature and pressurep. 240
Thermospheric infrared radiance response to the April 2002 geomagnetic storm from SABER infrared and GUVI ultraviolet limb datap. 250
Calibration of a 22-GHz radiometer for middle-atmospheric water vapor measurements: a non-common approachp. 264
Laboratory studies of CO[subscript 2](V[subscript 2])-O vibrational energy transferp. 276
Seasonal variations of gravity wave variance inferred from CLAESp. 288
Retrieval of atmospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide vertical distribution from SAGE III limb scattering measurementsp. 298
The dedicated aerosol retrieval experiment (DARE): scientific requirements for a dedicated satellite instrument to measure atmospheric aerosolsp. 310
Sea surface temperature measurements with the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) and aerosolp. 319
Retrieval of aerosol optical depth (AOD) using NOAA AVHRR data in an alpine environmentp. 327
Measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide column from space using reflected sunlightp. 336
Statistical models of aerosols and polar stratospheric clouds (PSC) for remote sensingp. 347
SeaWIFS level-3 products over landp. 357
Aerosol retrieval over land surfaces from multispectral nadir looking satellite measurementsp. 366
Retrieval of CH[subscript 4], CO, and CO[subscript 2] total column amounts from SCIAMACHY near-infrared nadir spectra: retrieval algorithm and first resultsp. 375
Hyperspectral atmospheric soundingp. 389
Trace gas and aerosol sounding of the atmosphere in Sun occultation experiment with SAGE III devicep. 397
Satellite-derived determination of PM10 concentration and of the associated risk on public healthp. 408
Investigations on the main engines exhaust of two Boeing 767-3ZRp. 417
Comparison of remote sensing techniques for measurements of aircraft emissions indices at airportsp. 425
Remote detection of methane by infrared spectrometry for airborne pipeline surveillance: first results of ground-based measurementsp. 435
Comparison of lidar methods to determine the aerosol mixed layer topp. 447
Spectroscopic study of atmospheric methane and carbon monoxide variability near St. Petersburg, Russiap. 457
Dual-frequency spaceborne Doppler radar: analysis of performances in estimating latent heat fluxesp. 465
Aerosol optical depth derived from lidar measurements during VELETA-2002 campaignp. 477
Aerosol concentration measurements with a lidar cellometer: results of a one-year measuring campaignp. 486
Observation of atmospheric aerosol using a multiwavelength lidar system at Kwangju, Koreap. 497
Determination of the mixing layer height from regular lidar measurements in the Barcelona areap. 505
First observational results with the newly developed cloud profiling FM-CW radar at 95 GHzp. 517
Airborne and scanning lidar results obtained during Pacific 2001 in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbiap. 525
Ground-based lidar measurement of liquid water content and effective droplet diameter in water clouds: instrumentation, retrieval method, and resultsp. 537
Development features of atmospheric LD ladar based on the CW-FM-range-finding principlesp. 549
Relationship between atmospheric hydrologic substances and aerosol column numberp. 559
Comparison of cirrus cloud optical properties from ground-, aircraft-, and satellite-based measurementsp. 567
Automatic cloud detection from MODIS Imagesp. 574
Development of a submillimeter/far-infrared radiometer for cirrus measurementsp. 586
Surface optical properties measured by the airborne research scanning polarimeter during the CLAMS experimentp. 595
Investigation of ionospheric clutter using ionosondes in mid-latitude and arctic regions aimed at feasibility assessment of the high-frequency surface-wave radar surveillancep. 607
Remote sensing of particle matter using SeaWiFsp. 619
Aerosol properties over Japan by sun/sky photometry during APEX-E3p. 627
Calibration of Sun radiometric integrated water vapor measurement using GPS meteorologyp. 635
Characterization of atmospheric aerosol in the urban area of Napoli in the framework of EARLINET Projectp. 643
Potential use of a 19-GHz Cw radar system for estimating water vaporp. 651
Remote-controlled automatic backscatter lidar for PBL and troposphere measurements: description and first resultsp. 661
Author Indexp. 674
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