Takehome Teacher: Middle-School Math Explained

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006-12-06
  • Publisher: Acacia Pub Inc
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Well, that person (which might even be you!) needn't worry any longer. Takehome Teacher, written by veteran middle-school math teacher Brian Kahover, puts everything you need to know in one convenient, easy-to-use, handbook. Takehome Teacher was written to help parents and students work their way through the entire spectrum of middle-school/junior high math - from decimals, number theory, and statistics to geometry, equations, and polynomials.

Table of Contents

Decimal Numbers
The Whole Number Place Valuesp. 1
Decimal Place Valuesp. 2
Comparing Decimal Numbersp. 3
Decimal Numbers on the Number Linep. 4
Rounding Decimal Numbersp. 5
Estimation: Roundingp. 6
Estimation: Front-endp. 7
Estimation: Compatible Numbersp. 8
Addition of Decimal Numbersp. 9
Subtraction of Decimal Numbersp. 10
Multiplication of Decimal Numbersp. 11
Division of Decimal Numbers by a Whole Numberp. 12
Terminating and Repeating Decimal Numbersp. 13
Division of Decimal Numbers by a Decimal Numberp. 14
Properties: Identity and Commutativep. 15
Properties: Associative, Zero, and Distributivep. 16
Using the Propertiesp. 17
Number Theory
Understanding Fractionsp. 1
Comparing Fractions, Part 1p. 2
Comparing Fractions, Part 2p. 3
Multiples and the Least Common Multiplep. 4
Comparing Fractions, Part 3p. 5
Exponents and the Order of Operationsp. 6
The Order of Operations, Part 2p. 7
Factors and the Divisibilty Testsp. 8
Prime Numbers and Prime Factoringp. 9
Prime Factoring, Part 2p. 10
The Greatest Common Factor & Simplifying Fractionsp. 11
GCF/LCM from Prime Factorizationsp. 12
Understanding Mixed Numbersp. 13
Fractions into Decimals, Part 1p. 14
Fractions into Decimals, Part 2p. 15
Decimals into Fractionsp. 16
Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Estimating with Fractionsp. 1
Adding & Subtracting Fractionsp. 2
Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Renamingp. 3
Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Renaming, Part 2p. 4
Multiplying Fractions & Mixed Numbersp. 5
More on Multiplying Mixed Numbersp. 6
Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbersp. 7
The U.S. Customary Measurement Systemp. 1
The Inch Ruler/Converting in the U.S. Systemp. 2
Converting in the U.S. System, Part 2p. 3
The Metric Measurement Systemp. 4
Measuring and Converting in the Metric Systemp. 5
Converting in the Metric Systemp. 6
Comparing and Ordering Integersp. 1
Adding Integersp. 2
Adding and Subtracting Integersp. 3
More Adding and Subtracting Integersp. 4
Multiplying and Dividing Integersp. 5
Frequency Tables and Line Plotsp. 1
Histograms and Bar Graphsp. 2
Line Graphs and Double Line Graphsp. 3
Statistical Measures: Mean and Medianp. 4
Statistical Measures: Mode and Rangep. 5
Working with Statistical Measuresp. 6
Stem-and-Leaf Plotsp. 7
Using Stem-and-Leaf Plotsp. 8
Box-and-Whisker Plotsp. 9
Scatter Plotsp. 10
Variables and Expressionsp. 1
Writing Variable Expressionsp. 2
Writing and Evaluating Variable Expressionsp. 3
Writing Equationsp. 4
Solving Addition and Subtraction Equationsp. 5
Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations, Part 2p. 6
Solving Equations with Multiplication and Divisionp. 7
Solving Two-Step Equationsp. 8
Understanding and Graphing Inequalitiesp. 9
Solving Inequalitiesp. 10
Square Rootsp. 11
Estimating Square Rootsp. 12
Simplifying Square Rootsp. 13
Working with Exponentsp. 14
Real Numbersp. 15
Equations with Rational Numbersp. 16
Scientific Notationp. 17
Negative Exponentsp. 18
Ratios and Proportions
Ratios, Rates, and Unit Ratesp. 1
More on Unit Ratesp. 2
Proportionsp. 3
Setting up Proportionsp. 4
Similar Geometric Figuresp. 5
Using Similar Figuresp. 6
Scale Drawingsp. 7
Understanding Percentsp. 1
Fractions and Percentsp. 2
Decimals and Percentsp. 3
Finding a Percent of a Numberp. 4
Taxes and Discountsp. 5
The Percent Proportionp. 6
The Percent Proportion, Part 2p. 7
Solving Percent Problems with Equationsp. 8
Percent of Changep. 9
Circle Graphsp. 10
Simple and Compound Interestp. 11
Geometry-Terms and Basic Ideas
Lines and Anglesp. 1
Angle Relationshipsp. 2
Parallel Lines and Their Angles' Relationshipsp. 3
Polygonsp. 4
Trianglesp. 5
Quadrilateralsp. 6
Polygon Anglesp. 7
Circlesp. 8
Symmetryp. 9
Tessellationsp. 10
Geometry-Perimeter, Area, and Volume
Perimeterp. 1
Area of a Parallelogramp. 2
Area of a Trianglep. 3
Area of a Trapezoidp. 4
Other Polygon Areasp. 5
Circumference and Area of Circlesp. 6
The Pythagorean Theoremp. 7
Three-Dimensional Figuresp. 8
Surface Area and Volumep. 9
Surface Area of Prismsp. 10
Surface Area of Prisms, Part 2p. 11
Surface Area of a Cylinderp. 12
Surface Area of a Pyramid and a Conep. 13
Volume of a Prismp. 14
Volume of a Cylinderp. 15
Volume of a Pyramid and a Conep. 16
Spheresp. 17
Experimental Probabilitiesp. 1
Theoretical Probabilities and Oddsp. 2
Sample Spacesp. 3
The Counting Principlep. 4
Independent and Dependent Eventsp. 5
Permutationsp. 6
Combinationsp. 7
Functions and the Coordinate Plane
Patterns and Sequencesp. 1
Functionsp. 2
Function Tables and Rulesp. 3
Graphing Functionsp. 4
The Coordinate Planep. 5
Graphing Equations with Two Variablesp. 6
Linear and Nonlinear Equationsp. 7
Slope and the y-Interceptp. 8
Graphing Inequalities with Two Variablesp. 9
Transformationsp. 10
Translationsp. 11
Reflectionsp. 12
Rotationsp. 13
Understanding and Simplifying Polynomialsp. 1
Adding and Subtracting Polynomialsp. 2
Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomialp. 3
Multiplying Binomialsp. 4
Factoring Polynomialsp. 5
Dividing Polynomialsp. 6
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