World Regional Geography : A Development Approach

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  • Edition: 9th
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2007-01-01
  • Publisher: Pearson College Div
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This unique study of world regional geography covers the worldrs"s regions by 11 experts in their respective fields who are intimately familiar with their material through research, fieldwork, and teaching. Employs the central theme of human development to present a vital, issues-oriented overview of each topic. Provides a deeper understanding of the character of the world's peoples than the more traditional descriptive approach. Revises and expands coverage of Russia and Central Eurasia. Adds a wealth of new material, including New Orleans (reflecting the serious problems of a densely settled and industrialized delta region when faced with a natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina magnitude); the European Union and its significance for developmental integration; environmental problems in desert cities; and much more. A useful reference for educators or anyone who needs to increase their knowledge of regional geography.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xiii
Basic Concepts and Ideasp. 2
What Is Geography and Should We Care?p. 4
Geography Studies the Why of Wherep. 5
Roots: Whence We Camep. 6
The Modern Practice of Geographyp. 9
Geography and Its Disciplinary Neighborsp. 12
Understanding Change in Economy and Societyp. 14
Summaryp. 17
Key Termsp. 17
Geography and Development in an Era of Globalizationp. 18
Development-What's in a Name?p. 19
Human Transitions and Development Processesp. 22
Globalization as a Human Transition?p. 35
Sustainability Issuesp. 42
Summaryp. 47
Key Termsp. 47
Geography in Action
How Does Development Happen in the Information Age? Is It the Result of a "Creative Class"?p. 26
Demographic Transformation for More Industrialized and Less Industrialized Countriesp. 31
Globalization Vignettesp. 38
Nature, Society, and Developmentp. 48
How Places Are Classified Environmentallyp. 49
Use of the Environmentp. 61
Centers of Use and Habitat Modificationp. 63
The Geographic Dimensions of Developmentp. 71
Development Explained (at Least in Theory)p. 87
Summaryp. 92
Key Termsp. 92
Review Questionsp. 92
Geographer's Craftp. 93
Geography in Action
Soil Degradationp. 60
The Green Revolutionp. 76
Women, Development, and the Gender-related Development Indexp. 90
United States and Canadap. 94
The United States and Canada: The Physical and Human Contexts for Developmentp. 96
Landform Geographyp. 97
Climatep. 106
Early Settlement: European Culture Coresp. 110
Westward Expansion and Receding Settlement Frontiersp. 112
Demographic Characteristicsp. 120
Summaryp. 125
Key Termsp. 125
Geography in Action
The Latest Battle for New Orleansp. 102
Landforms and Climate: Orographic Effects in the United Statesp. 108
The United States and Canada: The Geography of Economic Developmentp. 126
Agriculturep. 127
Resources for Industrial Growth and Developmentp. 133
Manufacturing in the United States and Canadap. 137
Urbanization in the United States and Canadap. 146
Summaryp. 148
Key Termsp. 149
Geography in Action
City Types and the American College Townp. 148
The United States and Canada: Challenges in a Developed Realmp. 150
Income Disparity and Regional Challengesp. 151
African Americansp. 154
Hispanic Americansp. 157
Other Minoritiesp. 161
Canadian Identity and Unityp. 162
"Melting Pot," "Stew Pot," or What?p. 164
Summaryp. 166
Key Termsp. 167
Review Questionsp. 167
Geographer's Craftp. 167
Geography in Action
Appalachian Povertyp. 156
Canadian Unityp. 162
The "Dearborn Effect": Ethnic Clustering in Contemporary American Citiesp. 165
Latin America and the Caribbeanp. 168
Latin America and the Caribbean: Physical Diversity and Cultural Heritagep. 170
Physical Diversityp. 172
The Iberian Heritagep. 175
The Colonial Periodp. 179
The Era of Independencep. 184
Modern Latin Americap. 185
Summaryp. 195
Key Termsp. 195
Geography in Action
Altitudinal Life Zones in the Andesp. 177
Tropical Polyculture and the Conservation of Global Biodiversityp. 186
Return Migration and the Global Economyp. 188
Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean: Lands of Contrastp. 196
Mexico: A Nation of Great Development Potentialp. 197
Central America: Region of Fragile Democracies and Widespread Povertyp. 206
The Caribbean: Region of Cultural Diversity and Limited Physical Endowmentsp. 211
Summaryp. 215
Key Termsp. 215
Geography in Action
The Globalization of Industry: Mexico's Maquiladora Programp. 203
Environmental Degradation in Mexico Cityp. 205
South America: Regions of Uneven Developmentp. 216
Andean South America: Lands of Physical and Social Fragmentationp. 217
Southern South America: Lands of Economic Growthp. 231
Brazil: Latin America's Potential Economic Giantp. 236
Summaryp. 242
Key Termsp. 243
Review Questionsp. 243
Geographer's Craftp. 243
Geography in Action
Health and Development in the Humid Lowlands of Latin Americap. 222
High Altitude Adaptation in the South American Andesp. 228
Latin America's Street Childrenp. 236
Europep. 244
The European Habitatp. 246
Landformsp. 247
Climate Regionsp. 252
Hydrogeographyp. 255
Mineral Resourcesp. 255
Environmental Modificationsp. 255
Environmental Crisesp. 260
European Union Environmental Policiesp. 262
Summaryp. 263
Key Termsp. 263
Geography in Action
The Rhine River: Economic and Cultural Significancep. 256
Dutch Coastline Alterationp. 258
The Black Trianglep. 260
Europe: Culture, Society, Economyp. 264
Religious Regionsp. 265
Language Patternsp. 268
Populationp. 268
Standard of Livingp. 270
Immigrationp. 270
Europe's Citiesp. 270
Primary and Secondary Industriesp. 277
Industrial Rejuvenationp. 277
Service Industriesp. 279
Agriculturep. 283
Summaryp. 285
Key Termsp. 285
Geography in Action
Counterurbanizationp. 276
"Technopoles"p. 279
Europe: Political Geographyp. 286
Separatismp. 287
Germanyp. 289
Francep. 291
Switzerland and Belgiump. 292
Yugoslavia: A Balkan Tragedyp. 295
The United Kingdomp. 296
Italyp. 297
Spainp. 298
Polandp. 299
Romaniap. 300
The European Unionp. 301
Summaryp. 305
Key Termsp. 305
Review Questionsp. 305
Geographer's Craftp. 305
Geography in Action
Liechtenstein: A European Ministatep. 289
Turkey in the EU? Cultural Regions in Conflictp. 304
Russia and Central Eurasiap. 306
The In-Between Countries of Eurasia: Physical Geography and Historical Contextp. 308
Physical Geographyp. 309
Historical Overviewp. 314
Summaryp. 323
Key Termsp. 323
Geography in Action
Russia's Natural Resources: Are They Worth It?p. 313
Environmental Problems and Prospectsp. 321
War in Chechnyap. 322
The In-Between Countries of Eurasia: The Geography of Their Political Economiesp. 324
The Russian Federation: Economic Policy and Societyp. 325
Ukraine: A New Startp. 336
Belarus: Stuck in Transitionp. 337
Summaryp. 338
Key Termsp. 339
Geography in Action
Moscow: Emerging Global City?p. 330
The Caspian Sea: Geopolitics of Oilp. 334
Central Asia and Afghanistan: Historical and Geographical Context of Economy and Environmentp. 340
Natural Regionsp. 341
Central Asian Heritagep. 343
Society and Culturep. 345
"De-Modernization"p. 347
Modern Afghanistanp. 350
Post 9/11 Impacts in Central Asia and Afghanistanp. 353
Summaryp. 354
Key Termsp. 355
Review Questionsp. 355
Geographer's Craftp. 355
Geography in Action
The Aral Seap. 348
Warlords and Opiump. 351
Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islandsp. 356
Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands: Isolation and Spacep. 358
Australiap. 359
New Zealandp. 370
The Pacific Islandsp. 371
Summaryp. 376
Key Termsp. 377
Review Questionsp. 377
Geographer's Craftp. 377
Geography in Action
Frontiers: Australia's Northwestp. 362
Asiap. 378
Asia: A Physical and Human Overviewp. 380
The Monsoon Climate: Wet and Dry Seasonsp. 381
Population and Favored Environmentsp. 383
Cultural Diversity: Past and Presentp. 385
Colonial and Modern Economiesp. 386
Development Indicatorsp. 391
Summaryp. 393
Key Termsp. 393
Geography in Action
The Economy and Culture of Ricep. 386
Asian Values, Development, and Globalizationp. 392
Japanp. 394
Resources: Compensating for Scarcityp. 396
Human Resources: The Hybrid Culturep. 401
The Japan Modelp. 403
The Consequences of the Japan Modelp. 412
Japan's Third Transformation: Charting a New Coursep. 417
Summaryp. 419
Key Termsp. 419
Geography in Action
The Outsiders: Minorities in Japanp. 402
From Dattogo to Toyotap. 408
China and Its Pacific Rim Neighborsp. 420
Environmental Diversityp. 421
Spatial Evolution of Chinese Culturep. 426
East Meets Westp. 430
Transformation Under Communismp. 433
Transformation of Agricultural Productionp. 433
Industry and Regional Economic Growthp. 435
Urbanization and Migrationp. 443
Population Contoursp. 446
Environmental Sustainabilityp. 449
Challenges to China's Futurep. 450
China's Pacific Rim Neighborsp. 450
Summaryp. 454
Key Termsp. 455
Geography in Action
The Three Gorges Project: Dams and Developmentp. 425
Language and Developmentp. 427
Confucianism and Local-Global Processesp. 429
Chinese Apple Exports and Globalizationp. 436
Hong Kong's Past, Present, and Futurep. 441
Southeast Asia: Development Diversityp. 456
Areal Organization and Environmental Patternsp. 457
Pre-European Culture and Economyp. 459
Colonialism and Developmentp. 460
Modern Economic Growth and Stagnationp. 465
Summaryp. 481
Key Termsp. 481
Geography in Action
The Asian Tsunamip. 460
Islam in Insular Southeast Asiap. 463
Overseas Chinesep. 465
Forest Clearance and Underdevelopmentp. 470
Migrant Labor and Economic Developmentp. 476
The Golden Triangle, Drugs, and AIDSp. 481
South Asia: India and Its Neighborsp. 482
Environmental Contrastsp. 483
The Precolonial Heritagep. 485
Colonial Transformationp. 489
Independence and Nation-State Buildingp. 491
Population Contours of Indiap. 494
Agricultural Development in Indiap. 500
India's Industrial Economyp. 503
Urban Indiap. 506
Pakistanp. 509
Nepalp. 511
Bangladeshp. 512
Sri Lankap. 515
Summaryp. 516
Key Termsp. 516
Review Questionsp. 517
Geographer's Craftp. 517
Geography in Action
Being Poor and Female in South Asiap. 499
Peasant Farmers Contest the Global Economyp. 503
"IT for All" and the Digital Dividep. 506
Globalization and India's Diasporap. 507
Water Resource Security and Developmentp. 514
The Middle East and North Africap. 518
The Middle East and North Africa: Physical and Cultural Environmentsp. 520
Physical Geography of the Regionp. 521
Land-use Patternsp. 526
Historical Overviewp. 532
Summaryp. 539
Key Termsp. 539
Geography in Action
Land Degradation in North Africa and the Middle Eastp. 528
Cairo: Dryland Metropolis in Distressp. 532
The Reassertion of Islamic Valuesp. 536
The Mediterranean Crescent: Maximizing Limited Resourcesp. 540
Large States, Integrated Economiesp. 541
Small States, Unique Economiesp. 552
Summaryp. 559
Key Termsp. 559
Geography in Action
Tourism in the Middle East and North Africap. 550
The Gulf States: Living on Oilp. 560
Regional Characteristicsp. 561
Development and the Petroleum Economyp. 571
The Impact of Oilp. 573
Petroleum Powerhouses: Isolation and Globalizationp. 576
Summaryp. 585
Key Termsp. 585
Review Questionsp. 585
Geographer's Craftp. 585
Geography in Action
Jeddah's Urban Environmental Crisisp. 564
Overcoming North African and Middle Eastern Women's Opportunity Constraintsp. 567
Conflict in the Gulfp. 568
Africa South of the Saharap. 586
Africa South of the Sahara: Legacy of Continuity and Changep. 588
Environmental Diversityp. 589
Precolonial Africap. 593
European Colonialismp. 596
Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africap. 599
Development Trends in Sub-Saharan Africap. 610
Summaryp. 620
Key Termsp. 621
Geography in Action
Africa's Limited Green Revolutionp. 609
Gender Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africap. 613
West, Central, and East Africa: Diversity in Developmentp. 622
The Physical Environmentp. 623
West Africap. 629
Central Africap. 636
East Africap. 639
Summaryp. 643
Key Termsp. 643
Geography in Action
Deforestation in West and Central Africap. 628
Tragedy in Sudan's Darfur Regionp. 631
The Ebola Virusp. 637
Southern Africa: Development in Transitionp. 644
Physical-Environmental Characteristics of the Regionp. 645
Countries of Southern Africap. 647
South Africa: Country in Transitionp. 652
Summaryp. 661
Key Termsp. 661
Review Questionsp. 661
Geographer's Craftp. 661
Geography in Action
Chronology of Apartheid Legislation and Related Events in South Africap. 654
Further Readingsp. FR-1
Glossaryp. G-1
Creditsp. C-1
Indexp. I-1
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