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Why Buy Used Books Online

  1. Compare textbook prices easily via ISBN lookup tools.
  2. A used textbook website has more options than traditional book stores.
  3. Online bookstores let you rent textbooks online so you don't have to wait in long lines.
  4. Buying used textbooks online saves the environment. Here is how:
    1. Urban freight traffic from shipping emits disproportionate amounts of carbon emissions.
    2. Cardboard boxes impact the environment in relation to declining cardboard recycling rates.
    3. Decreasing the production of new books helps to reduce industry-wide emissions on the environment.
  5. To help the environment more, consider going 100% paperless by renting or buying eTextbooks online.

Are Used Cheap Textbooks Worth It?

Yes, buying used textbooks can be especially worth it when trying to save money. For one, buying older editions is usually a cheaper option, as long as your professor allows older versions to be used. Another reason purchasing a used book from an online book store could be beneficial is the previous student's highlighting. They may have left notes for difficult sections that could help you understand the content better. Cheap books are usually worth investing in, just make sure the quality is still there and that your curriculum allows them.

Used Textbooks vs New Textbooks vs eTextbooks

Online textbooks can be purchased in new or used condition, or as an eBook. There are also cheap textbook rentals which may suit your needs more. Online textbook rentals are a lot cheaper than purchasing a book outright, and you typically have three rental term options (short term, quarter, or semester).

eTextbooks are also a popular choice amongst students - here are a few reasons why:

  1. eTextbooks have search features, so you can quickly search for key terms or topics.
  2. You can navigate pages easily.
  3. There are usually unique learning solutions and assignments that only eBooks have access to.
  4. You can access your eBook anywhere at any time.

Can You Sell Used Textbooks?

Yes, selling used college textbooks is certainly an option available to you. There are several reputable resources to sell textbooks that are used. Selling them on the internet is typically the better option, as your local university bookstore will have lower buyback pricing on your textbooks. For instance, an online new and used textbook store like has our own service to sell your textbooks here. If you're wondering where to sell textbooks that are used, instead of tossing them and getting nothing back, know that eCampus has your back.

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